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La Sagesse de la mer: Wer im Dunkeln bleibt Released by Andy in Germany. At Large and At Small: This delightful litle book was a Christmas present for me in !!

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Cannot imagine why it has been lying in wait for me. I had opened it and was delighted when I saw what it was as I'd been enthusiastic to my sister-in-law about my pleasure in Anne's "Ex Libris" and was certainly not dropping hints. I'm pleased to have a nice book like this to be my registration. This is not original but covers the book so well I decided to use these words cribbed from "Time Out - New York" n At Large and At Small, Anne Fadiman returns to one of her favorite genres, the familiar essay—a beloved and hallowed literary tradition recognized for both its intellectual breadth and its miniaturist focus on everyday experiences.

With the combination of humor and erudition that has distinguished her as one of our finest essayists, Fadiman draws us into twelve of her personal obsessions: She also writes about her favourite essayist Charles Lamb and on how his life was not really quiet and peaceful as one assumes after seeing her second name.

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Each essay is a gem and the book is vintage Fadiman. I have tried to include my favourite passages from these essays in the excerpts given below. Fadiman gives affectionate portraits and descriptions of her favourite writers and sometimes of her family members in the book. Here is one on her brother.

My brother and his scoop now reside in Jackson, Wyoming. A dream that many people would like to lead!

At Large and at Small: Confessions of a Literary Hedonist - Anne Fadiman - Google Книги

Here is a description of the poet Coleridge one of my favourite passages from the book. None of us knows anyone even remotely like Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Nabokov collected rare words, just as he collected rare butterflies, and when he netted one, especially in the exotic landscape of his second language, his satisfaction is as palpable as if he had finally captured the brown and white hairstreak that once eluded him when he was a boy.

When I first read Lamb, I imagined his life as an essayist to have been a pleasant stroll along a level, well-trod path. Now I see it as a technical climb along a knife edged ridge, with a thousand foot drop on either side. When Fadiman writes about owls and larks people who sleep late and people who get up early she has this to say about owls.

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Who gets up early? Who stays up late?

James Wood, "The Nearest Thing to Life"

Muggers, streetwalkers, cat burglars. In the fall of I finally gave in and signed up for e-mail. I had resisted for a long time. Many of these essays were composed "under the influence" of the subject at hand. At Large and At Small is a brilliant and delightful collection of essays that harkens a revival of a long-cherished genre.

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This is a nice set of essays penned by the author of Ex Libris another collection of essays. While I enjoyed Fadiman's essays -- all excellently written -- I feel that Ex Libris is more endearing.