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Even when he tries to suddenly change to be more empathetic, it turns out he is just trying to get on Jake's side to give him more power.

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He even was going to go to earth to consume the power and strength of his grandkids. Jake threw him in a black hole to protect his kids even if it meant he would be kept in space. Warren is shown to have much more advanced stretching abilities compared to Jake, being able to construct entire planets and beings without being physically connected to them. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video?

Warren Ampersand

Warren Ampersand , also known as the Shape-shifter , is a creature seen in " Joshua and Margaret Investigations. Tree Trunks mentioned to Joshua and Margaret that the creature had touched her and several other citizens of Ooo on the shoulder, and it cackled knowingly before opening a portal and returning to its home world, suggesting that it might have been seeking to create some sort of hybrid offspring on this world, the result of which was Jake.

Contents [ show ]. Warren then shows Jake a museum he made in his honor. On the walls were pictured of many events in Jake's life, with Warren in the background, revealing that he has been watching him from afar.

Warren Ampersand

Jake does not remember one pictured he sees, Warren then tells him that the last picture is a prophecy, in which Jake will battle a monster known as Ishcano. Warren then shows Jake a bedroom he made for him.

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In order to prepare for the battle and collect a weapon, Warren tells Jake to stretch himself throughout a door's pipe to unlock it. However, Jake just barely unlocks it, and becomes weak from stretching too much. Afterward, Jake felt old and wrinkly, like he was dying. He then peaks in the next room only to see that Warren appears young and healthy. Jake questions his father the next morning, but Ishcano comes before he can explain himself.

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  • Adventure Time: Shocking Connection Between Jake and Orgalorg?.
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Warren tells his son that he must stretchy through the weapon, as he did with the door, to defeat Ishcano. After supposdely defeating him, Warren reveals to Jake that Ishcano and all the other inhabitants of the planet, are not real, and was just him stretching, and that he only made Jake do all those tasks so he can take his stretchy powers, as his "Proud Pop" belt enables him to do so.

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  5. Warren reveals that he has done this hundreds of times with many previous offspring, but does say that he feels guilty this time, as he sees Jake as cooler than his other kids. Despite what Warren told his son, Jake was crying as he couldn't defeat Ishcano. After stretching too much, Warren grows old and weak.

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    Jake then reveals that when they hugged Jake switched around the "Proud Pop" and "Galaxy Savior" belts, giving Jake the ability to take back his powers. Jake then tells Warren, that the belt also applies to him, and stretches a picture of his five children.