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He is one of the greatest poets of our time in that I want to both have a beer with him and bow down to him. He is like a car crash on stage in that you can't help for looking, and sometimes you just want to pull over and crawl inside the burning shell.

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This is my favorite collection of his work, because even though the poems are not necessarily up to the artistic quality of Scandalabra, there are so many more poems I will read times in a row. It is honest trunk text love, and it tackles the forces of the universe in a way that is mystifying and satisfying. Well let me tell you. There are poems in here that will have you questioning life and death, dogs and rain, lust and hunger, and most importantly, why they don't teach you this stuff in school. I love the little descriptions before each poem not only because they are funny or insightful, but because they evoke the feeling of being at a poetry revival show, where you get the ramblings of a madman before some other ramblings are read to you.

Even the dedication is something you will show to your friends.

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Open Bookstore, among others, is thanked. He is actually a drinking buddy of mine, that old Open Bookstore. Owes me five bucks Although the kindle version is a little awkward in between chapters when the art not black in white in the actual book and the titles don't agree to sit on the same page, to say that the poetry stands on its own would be an understatement. Great live, but lines about drunken slobber and dance moves are still funny on the page. In fact, one line from this inspired the poem of mine that has been published multiple places-"I watched black ropes and tears ramble down your face.

Buy this book to thank your teacher, perhaps. Tip your waitresses please. Mommy can we keep him?

Born In The Year Of The Butterfly Knife

I want drums in my chest. In fact go buy that too. I think this might be my second favorite poem of all time. Seriously one of Derrick Brown's most famous works, it tackles death in a beautiful way. There is a video out for it that just came out recently It's a bit dramatic and blowhardy. At a show, the poem is read with much more lightheartedness, and that is the version I like best.

Derrick Brown is a great poet when he doesn't take things too seriously-like in this book. This poem is beautiful on the page. Buy it, by the way. A beautiful poem, the man himself would like it I think. Eerie "Quarter Slotrock"--A much underrated poem, it should be more famous than "A finger I have it nearly memorized from reading it so much.

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  • Born in the Year of the Butterfly Knife by Derrick Brown.

I think Derrick Brown said it when he was looking for the page it was on to read it in a show. Seriously, this needs to be on a T-shirt. Put your eyeballs on it! I really could go on. Just know that if you have ever been to any type of poetry reading, if you've ever had a beer, if you've ever wondered about death, if you have ever had a laugh, if you have ever formulated an elaborate scheme to try to take over the world using laboratory mice, if you've ever written a poem, if you've never done anything with poetry, if you have ever been really attracted to a man with a funny mustache, an if you've ever wondered about the dash between the dates on a tombstone, then this book is for you.

If none of the above is true, buy it anyway. Seriously, I want another Derrick Brown Book to pour over, and I get the feeling that if he gets a boatload haha of money, then he will write another. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. To say this book is my most treasured possession would not be an untrue statement. Bought it on a whim a few years ago, and have read it dozens of times since.

The poetry, prose, and anecdotes contained in this volume are luminous, strange, brave, and true of heart. There are portions of this book that made me laugh until I cried and also portions that made me cry until I laughed, and then there are some that just made me do one of either, really, really hard. I felt in reading this book like I was talking to some genius, witty, incorrigible friend of mine who was telling me all of his most bald faced feelings without any fear of being judged for them.

It is probably the most exposed writing I've ever experienced. The central gift of a really brilliant writer has always seemed to me to decrease, however slightly, the perverse and constant feeling of aloneness that being a person of this earth sometimes brings. That is what this book did for me the first time I read it, and has done it every time since.

It is coming home to something I kept at arm's length my whole life, and not shying away from it. This is raw and powerful and I have given so many copies to my friends I have run out of people to give it to, so now I have to review it instead in the hopes some stranger will buy it on my word. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. One person found this helpful.

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I purchased this books as a gift; Derrick Brown is my niece's new favorite poet. This book is so incredible! If you haven't read any work by Brown, this is a treat. He really is one of the best writers I have ever read. Moving, funny, and clever are not nearly strong enough words to describe him.

Derrick Brown is a hidden American gem. These poems moved me in a way others never have.

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I beg of you. You won't feel the same way about poetry after this. Derrick Brown is my new favorite poet. I put him up there with the beatnik poets; Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Keroak. See all 13 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive?

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