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It is in these moments that we see His greatness and feel His presence.

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Sometimes this happens on the mountainsides of joy, in the green valleys of peace, beside the still waters of rest - But more so they also happen in the throes of the storm, in the wrecking winds of destruction, in the devastating breaking of heartache and loss. It is then that God "pulls back the veil" and allows us a glimpse of His eternal love, grace, power and peace.

Filled with short stories followed by scripture and poetry this book is sure to be an encouragement to those who read it. More over it stands as a testament of God's working in the author's life and those that she knows. I found this especially neat after studying the book of Joshua. In it Joshua commands a man from each of the 12 tribes to place a rock on their shoulder from the river Jordon to carry it over.

This meant these men were not picking up mere pebbles, but were reaching down to place the largest boulders they could shoulder to carry across.

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These boulders came not from either shore but more specifically from the bed of the River Jordon - the place God had cleared for them. On the other side they were instructed to build an alter to the Lord - a monument. It's purpose - to serve as a visual reminder of ALL the Lord had done. And when the children Israel passed that way they were to recount the story of God's working to their children and grand-children. This book is just such a memorial.

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It is written accounts of the "thin places" - divine and life changing moments with God. Read this and be encouraged to open your eyes to the "thin places" in your life. Eagerly seek out the moments when God is pulling back the veil so that you can have a glimpse of His eternal greatness.

Let the weaver move the threads of your life in such a way that the tapestry is brilliant and the glory of the thin places serves as a glowing light for the lost of this world. Our thin places may be the evidence of God's power, His enduring love, His forever strength that someone else needs to see.

I highly recommend this book. Jul 14, Janette Fuller rated it it was amazing Shelves: Margaret Harrell Wills defines a "thin place" as the place where the veil that separates heaven and earth is nearly transparent. It is a place where we experience a deep sense of God's presence in our everyday world. Wills encourages readers to have eyes to see the gifts of thin places through their own experiences. This book tel Dr.

This book tells personal stories of pain and heartache where great truths have emerged. Wills opens her heart and shares some of the most difficult times in her life. In verse 6, it says, "And David strengthened himself in the Lord. We can go into His presence and let Him guide our thinking.

Pressing into Thin Places

It is wonderful to know that the Lord can take our wrong thoughts and make them right. A change of thinking can make all the difference in the world. Wills also shares the difficulty of watching her parents growing old and dying. This is something that most of us will have to deal with.

Pressing Into Thin Places: Encouraging the Heart Toward God

She shares the poignant story of the things that daughters remember about their father. It is the little things. Life is made up of the little things within the pleasures and challenges of our daily living. This book is a source of hope during difficult times. It is a real treasure and I will certainly be going back to read treasured passages over and over again. Jun 26, Josh Morgan rated it it was amazing. Over the years, explicit doctrine, firm belief, and absolute proof from the Bible and science have become rather unimportant in my faith.

In many ways, they provided the early foundation of my faith, with the experiential elements of faith being central now. In Pressing Into Thin Places, Margaret Harrell Wills explores the powerful idea of being grounded in the knowledge of faith later being augmented by the powerful experience of thin places.

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The concept of thin places is rooted in Celtic Christianity, but has since expanded through many traditions. It explains a location or experience where the boundary between heaven and earth is virtually nonexistent, or thin. This idea fits very nicely within the incarnational tradition I so love. Wills does a beautiful job demonstrating the power and diversity of thin place experiences.

It helped me note how many such experiences I've had that I never recognized as such. She also explains how these experiences can help create and maintain hope through challenging, dark times of both faith and life. It's also helpful to see how we can encounter God in thin places even during dark nights. You can read more about Dr. Tips to Help You Find Happiness.

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Are Emotions Ruling Your Life? Max Lucado on How to Overcome Fear. Get Advice from Joyce Meyer. Oh Serena - where have you gone - what depths have you Consider the possibility there is another way to look at Pressing into Thin Places: Sunday, June 12, Pressing into Thin Places and interview with author.

One is that once they become a Christian that nothing bad will ever happen to them. They are both lies, because the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Wills illustrates that point with poignant stories about the thin places, where life is not simple and we all need encouraging words and reasons to hang onto hope. The book, in places, is deeply personal, and causes us to consider the thoughtful words that she wrote in the pages of this book.

Wills draws from her own personal experiences to write the book, punctuated by poetry and Bible verses and quotations. Wills answers questions like: How do we keep from falling into despair when pain and suffering weigh heavily upon us? Your book is titled Pressing into Thin Places. A thin place is where, for a moment, the spiritual world and natural world intersect. It can be a sudden momentary awareness or profound unexplainable experience. Pressing into Thin Places is a collection of stories, experiences, and learned truths expressed through poetry and prose.

There are moments when we do feel the divine breaking through into our world. We feel unified and connected with God. It is not an intellectual knowing; it is felt in the spirit. Every once in a while, God draws the curtain and lets us see. He gives us reminders that, though we are tethered to this earth, there is another realm of reality just as real. Every once in a while, He lifts the veil. He thins the space between heaven and earth.