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Pages liked by this Page. A message from the Princess: I have decided to post a video of Savannah. I was asked to earlier but couldn't bring myself to do it. With in days of being admitted Savannah would have reminded people of all the horror movies that have somebody possessed by the devil. Her body would contort into such impossible positions I was sure she would break bones, she could do this for hours at a time.

Now though she is showing signs of trying to control her own body so the movements are a lot calmer She said Mom this morning so I am praying with everything I have that she will be talking again soon I miss her voice so much. While it's a rare side effect of cancer treatment, there are other forms of encephalitis that are not so rare that affect these little warriors.

This is a MUST read awesome little children's book, with a lesson to learn!!

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I am glad to have had the opportunity to read this marvelous story!! Oct 15, Stacey Rourke rated it it was amazing. My daughters LOVE this book! Every little girl dreams of being inside her dollhouse and living in a magical land of endless play and in this whimsically illustrated book by Jodi Stone kids can do just that! The poetry of the story only adds to the charm. EVERY little girl needs this book!! Oct 12, Amy mccool rated it it was amazing. This is a great book. Nov 02, Michael Santolini rated it it was amazing Recommended to Michael by: Savannah is a little girl who believes in magic.

What lead her to believe in magic is partly her imagination and the fact that she was bored in her room, all alone. She was looking for someone to play with, but her sisters had "better" things to do. Savannah was upset at first, but she was soon distracted by her dollhouse and her imagination and magic wishes had taken over. Soon she wished she could play in her doll house and before she knew it her wish had come true. She was small, as small as Savannah is a little girl who believes in magic.

She was small, as small as the dolls, and finally had someone to play with that was her size. Or at least she shrunk down to their size. The story continues with Savannah's adventures. She finally was tired of being in the dollhouse and realized she wanted to get back to her family. When she finally returned to be a normal size again she was very grateful, but she will always cherish the magic that brought her to that special place inside the dollhouse.

Having kids I can say that they are probably the most imaginative and free thinking when they are alone with no distraction. They just play and make believe the greatest things, and they believe they are real.

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Sometimes it's sad to see them grow up and loose that imagination and magic that they had as small children, but I guess that is why we have books like this to remind us that our imaginations can still live on if we let them, as long as we believe in our heart. This book was given to me as a ARC by the author.

Savannah’s Story

Mar 05, Candice rated it it was amazing. This follows a little girl, Savannah, who was bored with what was going on, and just wanted to play- my youngest can relate greatly to this! Her sisters were to busy and she didn't know what to do-so she feel asleep and dreamland brought her lots of things for two! Savannah shares some wondrous, fun, and fantastical adventures while in dream land although you don't really get the feel in the book that she is dreami I LOVE that Jodi makes the book out of a rhyme- a beautiful little poetic story.

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Savannah shares some wondrous, fun, and fantastical adventures while in dream land although you don't really get the feel in the book that she is dreaming-its just a glorious adventure that Savannah happened upon once she laid her head down-its described perfectly, and makes a child think they are living the adventure too!

Savannah loved her adventure, but was glad when she was home, but the memories and special things from that day carry on! Check out all Savannah does and the illustrations that bring you in! Jodi has a magical way with art and the words she connects it to, the adventure is sure to capture anyone-including you!!!!!

My little fellas were skeptical, what was their mother up tobut let me tell you now-they LOVE this work of art too! Jodi teaches through her writing, and through her art as well, children need imagination, escape, fun, and adventures!!! What a beautiful, wonderful, fun, and loving story! My boys are 6, 9, and Oct 12, Emily Fogle rated it it was amazing. Because she has no one to play with, Savannah finds herself magically transported into her dollhouse.

There, she plays with her teddy bears and her fairy doll! She has an amazing time, but at the end of the day she begins to miss her family. She longs to hear her sisters sing her a bedtime song and read her a story. She cries herself to sleep, unable to figure out how to get back home. Happily, when she wakes the next morning, she finds herself in her own bed. She rushes to her sisters and hugs them tightly, so thankful to be with them once more.

Savannah thinks that she must have dreamt her dollhouse adventure, but she soon finds that it was real and will always be real so long as she believes in magic. It is a heartwarming story about the power of family and the existence of magic. The story teaches children the importance of family and being with those they love, but also keeps the innocence alive within their hearts by telling them that magic can always exist so long as we believe it can!

Oct 12, Julie rated it it was amazing. Jodi Stone Fiction, Childrens I was given this by the author for an honest review This review may contain spoilers Summary: Follow along with Savannah as she realiz Ebook: Oct 12, Peggy Martinez rated it really liked it Shelves: They loved Savannah's Story and loved all of the drawing as well. The story is super sweet and I am going to make sure each of my daughters end up with a copy of this lovely book under the tree for Christmas.

The story follows a little girl, Savannah, as she wishes she had someone to play with, when her sisters seem too busy. She ends up magically inside of her doll house with a beautiful fairy doll just her size now to play with. Savannah spends an enchanted day of fun inside her doll house Savannah wakes up back in her own bed- regular sized and thankful to be back with her family.

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The story was beautifully written and will be cherished by that special little girl in your life. Oct 12, Heather Alexander rated it really liked it. I was given this book in return for an honest review. Savannah is frustrated when her sisters don't want to play with her. She has a beautiful pink dollhouse and finds herself wishing she could go inside and play. She gets her wish. She gets to play all day with her fairy friend, she is having so much fun that she doesn't think about her family or sisters. That all changes when bedtime rolls around. That is when she really misses her sisters and the things that they usually do together.

She tell I was given this book in return for an honest review. She tells the fairy that she had fun but she really wants to go home. Savannah wakes in her own bed and tells her sisters about her wonderful dream, and that's what it was, a dream. Cute book, both of my daughters loved the thought of shrinking down and being able to play inside a dollhouse. I liked that the story showed how much she missed and appreciated her family after being separated from them.

Cute story that most little girls would enjoy. Oct 12, Lisa Markson rated it it was amazing. This is such a well illustrated book all done by the author herself. It is such a cute story that is good to read to your little girls curled up in bed with the comfy jammies and favorite stuffed friend. Now I only have a 6 year old little boy and he wasn't entirely thrilled when I first started to read it cause his response was "Awe mom girls are YUCKY". Out of the mouths of babes huh. But Jodi helped me engage him without even knowing she was doing that. This is a book that rhymes how cool is that!

We made it sort of a game by singing the book and he then thoroughly enjoyed at that point and even request to read it again. Thank you Jodi for making bedtime fun. Apr 03, Lee rated it it was amazing. My daughter loved this book we would read it again and again! We read this book at least 3 times while visiting my parents. My 11 year old daughter just loved the story. The pictures brought to it a child like quality that made it easy for her relate to.

She thought it was awesome that Savannah could play with her friends in the dollhouse and learned that even though you make a wish it might not always be good if it were to come true! She also learned growing up isn't always easy and sometimes y My daughter loved this book we would read it again and again! She also learned growing up isn't always easy and sometimes you need to change but you can always be young at heart.

This is a fabulous book for the young and young at heart I really enjoyed it too it took me back to when I was child when my brothers and sisters were growing up. I made wishes like she did. What a fabulous read! Oct 12, Crystal Clifton rated it it was amazing.

As a child I often had my day dreams and a great imagination when it came to stories. Savannahs Story reminded me a lot of me when I was young. This new diagnosis sent Savannah into a six-week hospital stay in Atlanta, where she endured daily treatments and scans. She also had to cope with new aspects of her disease like IV chemo, hair loss, trouble walking, and even a bout with pneumonia. Savannah is glad to be back home in Macon, where she is currently undergoing maintenance chemo. Doctors are preparing her body for a bone marrow transplant within the next two to three months.

She has a long road ahead of her. We would have done it, but my biggest relief was knowing that there were people who understood what we were going through and could help.