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Paul Simon Art Garfunkel. Wednesday Morning, 3 A. Live on Stage Live The Complete Albums Collection. Retrieved from " https: Lists of songs by American recording artists Paul Simon songs. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 3 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Indicates single release with Art Garfunkel. There are a multitude of characters in 'Song Of Simon'.

From Simon himself to Ilyana and Teretha, the two females fighting over the Stag. From the Oren to Ratlings to the Brotherhood of Wolves. From Generals to kitchen boys. There is a big cast in this story and each prominent character really stands out in their own way. Throughout the story he grows from a "ghost" who wishes to just blend into the background into a man who battles with his inner rage to become the hero that he is needed to be. A beautiful young girl who hides with her people in caverns, trying to stay out of the clutches of the Queen of Love and Beauty. A servant of the Stag, Ilyana uses gem stones referred to as Sacred Stones to cast her magic.

For me, Simon, Ilyana and Teretha are the more prominent characters with Simon being the major main character. There are a few secondary characters who are quite prominent in their own way and for different reasons. Oh and there's the Old Ones. Now these guys can be friend or foe and you'd better pray they become your friend: You'll also meet a couple of Voden and they are majorly not happy if you upset them.

I couldn't get enough of this book. Filled with music and magic, bloodshed and friendships, emotion and power, this story is pure Fantasy and it rocks. I don't want to give any spoilers but as you follow Simon on the path he's been forced to take, you'll see how much he changes and grows. Most will be able to relate to the feelings and emotions the poor guy goes through.

I found myself cheering, scowling, feeling slightly ill, aghast and so much more with each chapter. Who would I recommend this to: I got totally engrossed in it and was quite surprised at how some things turned out. There was parts that made my stomach churn and there was parts that brought a huge grin to my face.

A Sanders' writing makes you feel like you are watching a very well made movie on a big screen, he draws you into Algavar and Gil that much with his descriptions. There is no way I can give this book any less than 5 Shamrocks. It has the whole package and I well and truly loved it: If you're a fan of high fantasy, then raise my score by one star. But, given that I can't even finish reading the second Lord of the Rings book, it's safe to say that I'm not a fan of the genre. In fact, I hate it. Which says a lot for C.

Sanders' book, Song of Simon, because I did finish it. So, uh, take that, Tolkein! But I do have an issue with the protagonist, and it's a major one. I didn't like him. And I mean, like, throughout the entire book. I never found him likeable and was never If you're a fan of high fantasy, then raise my score by one star. I never found him likeable and was never truly interested in his storyline.

He does have growth, though, so I will give the author credit for that. Another issue I had with the book is the tone. As a writer friend of mine told me, it's like Harry Potter in the beginning and it turns into Game of Thrones, which is absolutely the case. The violence in this book is so vividly described, that you feel like you're actually right there on the battlefield. I'm most certainly not saying that's a bad thing, but it kind of throws off whatever tone this book is trying to go for. In the end, it left me a little lost.

All the same, if you like high fantasy, you'll love Song of Simon. Personally, I don't love high fantasy, hence my "it's just okay" score. A shy teenage boy with nothing to recommend him to you is transported to an alternate universe where he matures into a young man anyone would be proud of.

Whilst he is maturing he has a series of adventures, one after another and you are privy to all his decision making, though there are times when you want to shout at him or shake him. For example he is so obviously able to be manipulated by any teenage girl with a good body and fails to realise that she may have an ulterior motive. Fortunately the girl he falls for you will approve of. There are enough mythical creatures to fight and battle scenes to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty reader — and they are very well written: Whilst you are not left with a cliff hanger and the novel is complete in itself, it would obviously be possible for this talented author to write more for the same universe.

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For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: I was familiar with the author's work on "The Watchmage of New York", and received an e-copy of "Song of Simon" from the author in exchange for an honest review. There are just a few books that I can say grabbed a hold of me and didn't let go.

I started and finished this book in just a couple of days. Every time that I put my phone down which I use as an e-reader , I felt compelled to pick it back up and keep reading. The detail that the author puts into this new world is deep and thorough. The I was familiar with the author's work on "The Watchmage of New York", and received an e-copy of "Song of Simon" from the author in exchange for an honest review. The main characters are well developed, and some of the minor characters are better developed than what is seen in most novels.

The story is well written and the end leaves plenty of ideas for potential sequels, which I will look forward to reading. Feb 22, Simon Lindley rated it liked it. This is a tough one for me. I pick up a fantasy book with over a dozen five-star ratings and an average over 4. The book has a great description and I was drawn to it because 1 my name is Simon, 2 I'm a musician, 3 I'm a prolific fantasy reader, and 4 I write fantasy. I had high hopes and opened up the book to take me on a new adventure. The premise and plot are grand and well thought out.

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A lot of research went into this work and it shows. Ba This is a tough one for me. Basically, a New York teen with problems of his own is thrust into another world waging a religious war. Through the journey, Simon develops into a sort of hero. The Gore is real, the creatures vivid.

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All the action and vision is there, along with the intrigue. But now the bad: From page one, I struggled to get into it and once I forced myself forward I felt the book took some veers off-course. Firstly, it goes from a YA-type read to a violent, grotesque gore-fest with a Game of Thrones-type narrative without the depth, and it's far from smooth in transition. Then there's the telling. Rather than participating in the events I'm having them explained to me.

The worst aspect of the book was the lack of editing. I'm not a stickler for typos - every book has them, especially in a lengthy epic - but the entire book needs a purge, and I'm talking developmental editing as well as a serious grammar brow-beating. In one paragraph alone I had to bear the name 'Simon' used seven times.

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On one page all but two sentences started with either 'he' or 'Simon. That's the really tough part here. Song of Simon has so much to it, so much adventure and world-building and plot that is epic in scope but I can't agree with the other ratings on this one. Three stars is as good as it gets. Jul 18, Pamela Canepa rated it really liked it Shelves: I already have read one book by this author so far, and found it quite enjoyable.

Just as in his other book, the story in Song of Simon does not disappoint! Sanders proves he is very good at description as well as fleshing out his main characters, Simon, especially. In this book, there are a lot of characters, so I wish he had stuck with Simon's perspective and maybe one other. That would be the only concern I have with this book, and I did read that this was his first published novel.

Otherwis I already have read one book by this author so far, and found it quite enjoyable. Otherwise, it is a very suspenseful fantasy, and Simon, the main character, is quite appealing and believable. The parallel world or is it alternate world Sanders created here is very fascinating. It was easy to stay up late reading just to find out what would happen next.

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I would definitely read more of his work! Song of Simon began as a slow read for me. I could relate to Simon as an outcast sort of character with a terrible home life but I found it hard to like him much. The world Simon is delivered unto is one of impressive depth and breadth. Sanders has spent considerable time in his world building, giving us a world populated by at least four religions, human and non-human populations, as well as mythical b Song of Simon began as a slow read for me.

Sanders has spent considerable time in his world building, giving us a world populated by at least four religions, human and non-human populations, as well as mythical beings known as the Old Ones. He gives us a fully articulated world through which he puts Simon, a musically inclined young man reluctant to embrace what sets him apart, through his developmental paces.

Some positive notable mentions: The Wolfbrothers come in a close second. The text frequently changes tense. Iris returned to her bottle, leaving Simon on the bed, tears welling in his eyes. She has not spoken to him since. There are also a few places where the scene changes but there are no indicators. Page 37 into Murosa twitched her whiskers. They are ours to take. They were larger than Simon figured. Dusty books and empty pots of ink thickly lined the walls missing period He had a crudely-built desk stacked with more books and a simple bed in the corner.

For the most part, everything was up against a wall.

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There was a large amount of room in the center, carpeted with wooden lattice. Slen returned to his quarters. He hoped that the Queen of Love and Beauty contacted him soon. He finally had some good news. Murosa was ready for more blood. It was the dead of night, and the only light came from the fire barely burning in the hearth.

The trio continued to follow the River Tadish to the west. They were about four days east of the frontier town of Solitude, where they could rest, resupply, and find some Most considered Solitude the border where the civilized lands of Gil ended and the wild lands began. He landed nimbly onto the flat campsite and drew a dagger. He was all shadows and breeze, creepy closer to the furred bodies lying around the flyer.

Everywhere I go I bring destruction. I just want to be left along. Lara, the girl he gave his innocence too.

Song of Simon by C.A. Sanders

I enjoyed the book a great deal but the editing misses were enough to detract from the story. Dec 16, N. A fantasy tale unlike any other! Reads like you are watching a movie. A very exciting movie! I honestly loved this book. It took me a good two weeks to pick it back up after that. I want to say that it was life, but it was more than likely my disliking of an extremely short scene that brought everything from rage to sorrow bubbling to my surface. There are very few things that will invoke that in me.

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Outside of that there was no rea A fantasy tale unlike any other! Outside of that there was no real issues with the novel. It was gritty and real, which is a nice change of pace. All things considered it was an outstanding book. Be warned, there isn't pages of cupcakes, unicorns and worry free friendships. Its in your face and doesn't hold back. If you like your fantasy novels with a YA feel, but none of the YA content, this book is for you and worth every penny!

One it was due to constant swearing, and I'm not fond of reading books full of cursing. It's a personal preference. The other is because of the one scene. I'm sure anyone but me would have rated five stares, and I know it deserves it. But it was just my honest opinion. Some is by choice and some is not. He finds his comfort in his music—a talent he encompassed at a young age.

Simon misses his father who has been sent away. His mother punishes him with weeks of silence until an accident transforms the world around Simon. Lost in a land of swords and knights, queens and magic; Simon has no choice but to adapt—and fast. Simon fights from the moment his feet hit the ground. He runs and finds shelter. His train Vividly extraordinary! His mere presence sets forth a new history and an uprising against a tyrant that saw fit to enslave a god.

With fearsome creatures and magical entities Song of Simon was a perfect whimsical adventure. Simon is a very deep character and his evolution is a story in and of itself. The imagery is perfect: C A Sanders takes you on an exciting adventure. Simon, a teenage boy, is taken from our world and transferred to an alternate world where a religious war is in full swing. Simon is taught to use a sword and given a quest to kill the Queen of Love and Beauty. HIs adventures lead him into taking perilous paths.

Along the way, Simon learns about this new world, and the war he is now involved in. With a God helping him, through different mystical creatures, Simon still has a daunting task ahead of hi C A Sanders takes you on an exciting adventure.