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Come Together by Mary Winter. Then he resumed his sensual torture of my body. His tongue, his fingers and his glorious cock tantalized my body all over again. I was helpless to respond except with cries and sobs as each new orgasm swept through my unresisting body. Laz knew exactly what he was doing. With my thighs spread so wide, straining against the silken bonds tied so neatly about my ankles, he had easy access to my demanding cunt. His gentle fingers held open my pussy lips to give the length of his tongue the opportunity to caress every internal fold.

Oh, how he knew my body. Of course, during the last glorious month he had explored every micron of my body several times, so he knew each and every spot that sent me into paroxysms of ecstasy --inside and out. With my wrists secured all I could do was twist and turn in mindless pleasure as the point of his tongue slid from circling my sensitive clit into the cleft and reached my innermost depths.

When he began fucking me with his rigid tongue, thrusting in and out with a blistering speed, I tripped over into a cascade of multiple orgasms that left me shaken and comatose. When I came to my senses, he was lying beside me, the weight of his cock on my hip, his tireless tongue now lazily circling my right nipple. One hand still cupped my throbbing pussy, a finger sitting comfortably inside. I closed my eyes and lost myself in an ocean of bliss.

When the kiss was over, I drifted for awhile. Eventually I opened my eyes to find that he was standing by the door of my cabin, dressed and solemn. My wrists and ankles were still bound to my bed. Duty is my bane. I struggled uselessly against my bonds. He had been begging for it for ages. The list went on, but his real agenda was quite selfish.

He, Fyche, an artificial intelligence, had fallen in lust with me. He openly admitted it, though was at a loss to explain it. I, and my body, had become an obsession with him. He wanted, he said, to taste my bodily delights after witnessing so many of my sexual adventures. What finally swayed me was the prospect that the month it took to grow a synthetic organic body around his positronic brain presented me with a too good to miss opportunity to linger at the capital and spend some extra bed time with Laz.

The thought of my lost lover sent me into another bout of sobbing. Phong knows what I must have looked like. The eyes grabbed me first, like they always had. I always hated those eyes. They were too blue to be real, but were, in fact, her own. Her face was framed by a halo of jet curls. Her face was animated, full of life and energy. I was surprised that even now I still resented her. Call it petty but I was never one for sisterly affection. I have attached the coordinates. Men want to protect her, and she lets them.

I glanced at Fyche. He was watching me closely, his dark eyes attentive and kind. He always knew the right thing to say. Though I called him a simple AI and treated him abysmally, he was not a simple piece of furniture. He was, in all things where it counts, a good friend, probably my only one. However, pupil dilation, non-verbal behavior and phase variations in her voice suggest she is in a state of some anxiety.

Is she susceptible to pressure? A lifetime, maybe two. She seemed to have an affinity with degradation. I need to think. After all these years my sister still had power over me. Though only Phong knows how. I chose some of the premium options and added a few custom modifications of my own.

He turned out quite yummy. Muscular without being overdeveloped, a golden tan, a kind and determined face, a dimpled chin, dark gray eyes, and an impressive member. I was keenly aware of that male appendage now. Fyche had sensed, when he returned from the bridge, that I needed a cuddle and was quick to oblige. I guess my proximity and his long-held desire to make love to me had finally got the better of him, because I could feel the hard erection pressing against my buttocks.

A wave of sultry heat washed over me. I cleared my throat. I twisted around so I could face him. So, when I was reactivated -- when I woke up -- I was inside this bizarre casing. Sensations flooded my Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 13 - buffer, a kaleidoscope of chaotic input as a billion nerves simultaneously projected their electrochemical signals into my brain.

A bipedal gait is inherently unstable, and not knowing how to work the leg muscles in unison, I fell over with my first step. It was quite an experience. At first it was impossible to comprehend. He leaned backwards so he could point to his temple. Could you still function? I can function by myself. In fact, you could say I could be in two places at once. That is an easy process. I went to the Central City Botanic Gardens. To smell the roses, you could say. The Adana Affair - 14 - I had a feeling of dim disquiet. The smelling of the roses? The poets have not adequately described the sensation of the scent and color of a perfect flower.

I have some adjusting to do too, you know. We have to set some ground rules. You only smell them with me. That has always been my most fervent desire. You can get yourself into serious trouble without even trying, and I should know. He gazed back at me, his condescending gray eyes telling me that he knew more about how the universe works than I ever would.

But I can be useful. Getting him a body was not the problem. It was true, he would be useful. Every female who laid eyes on him would fall at his feet as soon as they saw him. Who knew what getting dumped could do to a positronic brain? Smart Guy, what am I worried about? He took my hand and gave it a squeeze. I am your AI. I always will be. No power in the universe can change that. Serve him right to learn the hard way.

Is that summary about Spaceport Adana ready? After a moment he gave a smile of discovery. I Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 16 - am ambidextrous.

Series: Spaceport

I shook my head in despair. He was way too attractive. Chapter Two I sniffed the air. I much preferred planets. The freely circulating air tended to be more pleasantly scented and the stench of civilization diluted. I was still concerned about Fyche, and I watched him closely as we left the ship.

His eyes darted left and right as he took everything in. I could only imagine what he made of all the sights and sounds he was experiencing for the first time. I chided myself for being silly. He already knew more about how things worked here than I ever would. The customs official gave me a startled look of recognition when I slid my ID across the counter. Confusion crossed his face. Holly was clearly more famous than I thought possible.

He then quoted some outrageous visa application fee and added, almost as an afterthought, several taxes and surcharges; one of them was actually for the air we Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 18 - breathed. I rolled my eyes. What sort of hick station had I come to?

The official eyed his ID readout on the screen. That meant he had to have at least two names. He needed a surname and the bureaucratic red tape had taken me a full day to sort out. It had proved easier in the end to adopt him into the family. The officious little prick had assumed that Fyche was my sex toy.

The official shrugged and his fingers danced again. The Adana Affair - 19 - Fyche completed the necessaries, and we exited the customs area with my bank account quite a few credits down. Lucky the advance royalties for the book and holovid script of The Cannis Affair had started to roll in. I had considered sending him off to get us settled in our hotel room but had thought better of it at the customs counter.

Spaceport Adana is a maze of narrow corridors, elevator banks and long express travelators, even more corridors, inconvenient and dangerous-looking construction work, blaster scorch marks on the walls, and the visible presence of armed security. The horde of people, both alien and human, streaming through the corridors was a surprise to me. They looked so busy! Whatever they did here on Adana, it was certainly successful. The place was a cacophonous hive of activity. I took a deep breath. The fact that no one responded to our calls advising of our arrival tells me something is amiss.

Open the fucking door. Platinum blonde hair framed a perfectly oval face which possessed a beautifully proportioned nose and bow- Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 20 - shaped lips. I gritted my teeth. I understand she works here. We have been expecting you. I noted Fyche paying obvious attention to her seemingly oversized breasts, narrow waist and the shadow at the juncture of her thighs. Mostoloff, a balding, round little man with a bushy mono-brow and a pair of watery gray eyes, wore a deep frown that from the depth of the furrows looked permanent. He was buried behind a mound of files and papers.

He looked up at our intrusion, and after a moment of surprise during which he carefully studied my face, his thick fleshy lips parted in a wet smile. Yes, well, she left something for you. I need all the help I can get. From Holly, that is. She gave us strict orders to wait till you physically walked in the door before we spoke to you. I took a deep breath and unclenched my fists.

Fyche gripped my arm to restrain me. I shook him off. I took two deep breaths. That was wrong of her. I had hoped she had. You see, Holly is very popular here on Adana. It will ruin us. I suddenly regretted my anger. I refocused my attention to Mostoloff. We tackle the big issues of the times. Holly left something for me to give you. Barely containing my irritation, I opened it and pulled out a photograph. It was of an old man, taken from afar. The arched eyebrows and hooked nose stirred a distant memory.

I turned the picture over. I held up the photograph so Mostoloff could see. I was in a strange place and knew no one here. It was undeniable that the resources of a news service could be useful to me. Thinking quick, however, came natural to me, and so I did the obvious. The Adana Affair - 23 - Fyche was quick on the uptake as well. I can emulate it, with a male perspective, of course.

Are you familiar with the type of holo-cam Holly uses? He looked to his pretty receptionist with panic written all over his face. He was very helpful during the last little crisis. How do I find him? Her expression, I thought, appeared both quizzical and knowing at the same time. As he turned to follow the receptionist, I grasped his elbow. The Adana Affair - 24 - He smiled and gave me a conspiratorial wink. Or maybe it was amusement. A frown crossed his face. I can handle it. No sooner was I in the teeming corridor than I forgot about him.

Bik Jyker had taken over my thoughts. He was tall and good looking. Untidy straw-colored hair fell over his forehead, obscuring intelligent dark brown eyes. He had nicely shaped lips which were smiling at me in a smug sort of way. You know very well. What are you playing at? No doubt about it.

It is Silas Archimedes, as you well know. I need a private detective and I find one. She -- you, I mean -- never mentioned a sister. You want to test my investigative capacity, do you?

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Right here, right now. I doubted even Holly would fall for this. And every girl on Adana falls for this, do they?

What the hell are you up to? I considered turning round and storming off with a suitable degree of indignation, but I am Peri Barberossa, remember, award-winning sex reporter for the Galactic Tourist. Holly and I do share a superficial likeness. It seemed there was nothing else for it but to call his bluff. I stood on tiptoe and planted a big wet one on his surprised lips. They parted and our tongues met. Then suddenly his arms were around me, pulling me close. The kiss was not a nothing. It was a something. I needed someone to get him out of my mind.

I returned the kiss with interest.

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We must have made a sight, there in the middle of a bustling corridor, our faces mashed together Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 27 - as our lips devoured each other. He gripped my shoulders and pushed me away. He tasted of licorice. Tapping a finger on his chin he frowned. He seemed to ponder the question again. It was time to let him off the hook. I had things to do. He must have noted my curt tone for the smug expression turned serious. Do you know where I might find one?

He stepped in and I waited in the corridor. The Adana Affair - 28 - He pointed behind him into the rather small office which contained two chairs, a desk and a com unit. He watched me closely as I crossed my legs and settled myself into the chair. He cleared his throat. Now, what can I do for you? He studied the picture for a moment, turned it over and read the name. How much do I charge? The degree of difficulty, for a start. Some tasks are simple, requiring little thought, whereas some can be very difficult, causing me many sleepless nights. The second thing is the amount of risk.

Some cases, you understand, might get me killed. The third is whether or not I accrue any benefit from taking on the case. For example, one job last year I gained information that allowed me to make some timely investments. He was in his element, and I imagined him to be very successful at conning women out of their fortunes and their underwear with his show of relaxed authority and competence.

I held his gaze though I wanted to look away. Why do you want to find him? He knew my father before he died. The Adana Affair - 30 - He put his hands to his chest to simulate an arrow piercing his heart. I can do more, though. Can I get you a drink? This is the titrated essence of one of the indigenous life forms. It is an old ritual. I took a cautious breath. The scent was heavenly, a gentle sweetness that filled my senses and reminded me of the most expensive perfumes from Lyseria.

I shut my eyes and did the same. The warm, oily liquid took my breath clean away. I coughed and spluttered and drew a deep breath. It brought an instant smile to my face. Silas was grinning at me. I have my PI license to protect. Just a sip to take the edge off. He held the bottle in front of my face.

He wore his casual slacks and opennecked shirt well. I like men to be a little understated. Nothing puts me off more than men who flaunt their masculinity. Give me understated every time. The Adana Affair - 32 - on. I took his head between my hands and kissed him like we had outside in the corridor. He returned the kiss with enthusiasm. In a moment his hands were cradling my breasts.

Then, smoothly and effortlessly, he slid one hand to my ass, picked me up and deposited me on the side of his desk. There was a mechanical sound and I opened my eyes to see the wall slide to one side to reveal an apartment with a bedroom visible in the distance. I clung to his neck as he deposited me onto the soft bed. He knelt beside me and, without disengaging his lips from mine, undid my blouse. The warmth of his fingers on my delicate flesh sent tingling signals directly to my pussy. Instinctively, I opened my legs and his fingers were quickly in attendance.

Though lust was quickly overcoming me, I was fully aware of why I was doing this. I needed to expunge the memory of Laz from my body and my soul. Scarcely a moment after he had pressed his fingers against my pussy he began to quickly undress me. The Adana Affair - 33 - dispensed with. I was not passive during this process. It amuses me, when I think about it, how quickly two people can undress each other and still keep their mouths locked in tight embrace.

We quickly achieved our goal of mutual nakedness and I surrendered to his warm hard body. Goodbye, Laz, I thought determinedly as I sank into the mindless sea of sensation. Silas eventually left my lips and was caressing my body with butterfly kisses while his hands worked some magic on my breasts.

I grasped his hips and pulled him around so that my lips were not left uninvolved. His cock was long, thick and heavy, and when it bounced on my chin and then into my mouth, I had to stretch my lips wide to accommodate him. The head of his cock was swollen, and I teased the tip with the point of my tongue before taking more of his shaft into my mouth. In contrast to the spongy flesh of the head, the skin of the shaft was like silk, it was so soft and delicate, and I swirled my tongue around it while I fondled his balls with my fingers.

With infinite slowness, he trailed his tongue down my belly till he came to my clit. Instead he licked my pussy lips, up and down the length of my slit, keeping me in glorious suspense.

spaceport jaguara Manual

But usually such exploration is not done in the first lusty coupling, which is the province of mindless thrusting and grunting. Silas and I were currently engaged in the first. When my tongue found his ball sac, Silas gave a deep and lusty growl and flipped around, settled himself between my spread thighs and, without warning, drove Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 34 - his cock into me.

I grunted in welcome and, grasping his firm buttocks in my hands, drove him on, deeper and faster. Some men close their eyes as they thrust, fantasizing about who knows what while they drive into me. The ones who gaze into my eyes are the ones I remember. They are with me, they are fucking me, and I can see their reactions when I adjust the angle of my pelvis and clench my pussy walls around their shaft.

Silas was a gazer, and I loved it when he smiled as I tightened my pussy around him. In response, he drove deep and held himself there, letting me massage his cock with my satin sheath. He kissed me, and once again began his pounding rhythm. The ridge at the head of his cock was touching just the right spot, one of my alpha erogenous zones as Fyche would call it, and the pre-climactic sensations were building up inside my whole body, not just my lusty pussy. His body tensed, the muscles of his back stretched like steel wire beneath my fingers. He was close and that knowledge brought me on and my orgasm preceded his by only a moment.

It overwhelmed me like a crashing wave on the beach at Popatelee and swept me along its swirling chaos. My pussy gave a violent pulse, squeezing his cock just as he exploded inside me. He groaned and collapsed over me, his breath hot and fast against my neck. I clung to him as my rapture ebbed and flowed and finally subsided. We lay quiet for a few minutes before he rolled off me with a reluctant sigh. The Adana Affair - 35 - I laughed. That was remiss of me. Did I satisfy your fantasy of fucking my sister? Roberta is a rather interesting entity.

She had identified me as an artificial intelligence immediately as you and I entered the Observer office. She too has been getting used to an organic body much as I have, and she promised to compare notes with me when I have some time available. I am looking forward to speaking with her about the oddities of the human body, though of course I will be speaking from a male viewpoint and she from the female. As we parted she gave me a number of potential stories that I might like to follow up. Her day is mostly spent organizing interviews and following up on old stories so that our viewers have a continuous stream of stories with an Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 37 - evolving thread that hook the viewers into staying tuned.

She has been very successful with this approach. Since Holly arrived, ratings for the Observer have soared. It was, in fact, unfolding at that precise moment. After checking my corridor map, I set off on my first adventure as a reporter. It is ironic that this first story also touches on the very subject that most interests you, Peri. I have beside me Yannis Tocca, proprietor of the Homage to Priapis, one of the newest pleasure houses on Adana.

Yannis, thank you for speaking with me at this most terrible time. Can you tell me what has happened? Who was Nova Meridian?

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She was kind-hearted, a quiet soul. I never heard a bad word from her lips. She came to me on the very day she arrived on Adana. She said at her interview that she was from nowhere, yet everywhere. It was such a good line I put it on her profile for our customers to read. Of course I could not divulge that knowledge to my listeners. Oh, it was terrible. Someone had done… done terrible things to her. Our clientele is very select. We had six gentlemen. They were all accounted for. I know that for a fact. We had a complete electronic blackout at the time. I checked all the girls. A complete electronic blackout, you say?

It was a professional job. And her door, I had to manually open it. Has anything peculiar happened during that time that might have something to do with this terrible crime? Friendly people, generous clients. How long has she been in this line of work? She was a dancer before coming to Adana, and a holo-vid actress.

She was such a happy girl. I plan to hold a Remembrance ceremony tomorrow morning, and a halfprice day to follow so we and her clients can celebrate her life. During that time I received a call from inside the bagnio. I also received several calls from people wanting to get on the air. Apparently there is much cachet in speaking to Holly Barberossa, or at least her brother-in-law.

The advantage of being an AI means I can record dozens of electronic conversations at the same time. Urlich, many thanks for joining me. It is an extremely uncommon event. Our performance KPIs are very strict and over the last twelve months we have had a zero point two failure rate, and nothing on the same scale as the one that happened this morning. This does not have the characteristics of a normal outage. There you have it, viewers. There is a distinct possibility that the murder of Nova Meridian was well planned and deliberate, suggesting it is not the work of a crazed psychopath.

This is Fyche Barberossa reporting for the Adana Observer. Be straight with me. Holly is a force to be reckoned with, but she is, if I had to find fault with her, a bit fragile, brittle even. You, on the other hand, are more complex. The compliment so deftly put, defusing what would usually be an untenable position. To desire one sister yet fuck the other is not an unknown situation in the universe of sex, but few would agree that it is the ideal.

I let him get away with it though. I truly was unconcerned what his fantasies were. Most lovers act on fantasies. They see their partners the way they want to see them, not as the world Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 42 - does. His next move earned him a few more. He grasped my hand and took it to his groin where I found a rod of hot, hard flesh. As he buried his length so deep inside me his balls slapped against my ass cheeks, I crossed my ankles behind his back and drove him on. Silas dominated me, his large muscular body enveloping me with his urgent need to prove that he was fucking me and not Holly.

He grabbed my hands and held them above my head as he thrust deep and hard. With each rapid push, he drove me into the bed.


The pleasures of being restrained during sex are not unknown to me. Sometimes, it is quite enjoyable, but now, this minute, I wanted to dominate. I nuzzled the hot salty flesh of his throat and trailed my tongue to his earlobe which I nibbled -hard. He yelped, and in his moment of surprise, I twisted from underneath him, turned him over and straddled his cock. It slid right in and Silas laughed.

He gripped my hips and lifted his pelvis to meet my downward plunge. That glorious length filled me completely, and with my head thrown back, I ground down on his cock, rotating my hips to ensure his shaft hit every internal nerve my pussy possessed. Silas lifted his torso and kissed my throat and then my breasts, finally focusing on my nipples. He tongued and nipped at them, sending me into a paroxysm of pleasure.

I came quickly, my pussy throbbing and squeezing his rod. I came again as I sensed the flood of his come spurting inside me. Gasping for breath, I collapsed over him. The Adana Affair - 43 - I find post-coital languor so enjoyable. The way the body slowly falls from the heights of passion to this comfortable state of empty bliss.

What really brings you to Adana? We were separated when young. Mother took me and Father took Holly. He was an obsessive reporter and we were both trained at his knee. He had us write news reports about our school day. He uncovered things he could have left hidden and exposed us all to danger. He sent Mother away for our protection. His decision to stay reveals his true character. Work was more important than family.

Mother disguised us as refugees, and we hid on a shuttle waiting to leave Nova Town. Holly ran away just before we departed. Mother left me in the ship while she went to find her. She came back with a minute to spare, and told me that Father decided to keep her with him. The Adana Affair - 44 - He was visibly startled.

You mean during the rebellion? He discovered a plot, reported it, caused problems for the rebels and bogged down their takeover for years. Eventually they took their revenge during the massacre. She was adamant that we should stay and help Father. She wanted me to stay too. I was stretched between two conflicting options.

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Father, for some unfathomable reason, wanted to stay. Mother wanted to take Holly and me to safety. Holly wanted me to stay with her. That was the last I ever saw of her, until recently. Led me to believe she was in trouble, yet I find she had left Adana to go on vacation and needed someone to fill her reporter shoes while she was gone. They say that sleeping dogs are better left undisturbed.

But like a tongue exploring a broken tooth, my thoughts kept returning to the fact that Bik Jyker had known my father and my mother, and that was important in its own right. It was so long ago, I barely remembered my life on Nova Town. My memories had a cold and dark quality about them. For a moment I wanted to abandon the whole idea of finding him. Silas gazed into my face for a moment.

Being able to clandestinely access restricted databases, a skill I developed when getting you out of trouble with various government authorities in the past, enabled me to cross-reference dates and times and payments as well as security camera footage. Holly, I noticed, conducted most of her interviews over the net, contacting her informants and recording their vid-phone responses. This has allowed me some free time to indulge my fascination in being human.

I found an empty booth at the Adana Bar and Grill and ordered a small meal and a beer from a pleasant arthropod waitress named Dala. She recommended a salad, grown especially for the Haze by the hydroponics farm on Adana, and one of the local boutique ales. I am still getting used to the organic needs of this new body and the salad adequately met my nutritional requirements, though I found the intoxicating effect of alcohol on my positronic brain disappointing.

San Yung was an attractive young human of twenty-three years. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, barely covering the ample breasts visible through her diaphanous blouse. The Adana Affair - 47 - Her large green eyes were alert and inquisitive, and I was very aware of her intense scrutiny. She declined a meal and ordered a beer from the arthropod waitress. Over the rim of her glass she gazed at me through long eyelashes. I recognized the signal she meant to convey and I adopted a caring and protective tone. Peri, her vital signs, heart rate and blood pressure indicated she was afraid, but what of, I could not yet say.

My response had the desired effect and she visibly relaxed. She leaned back in her seat in a manner that emphasized the curve of her breasts. What if he figured out I knew something? I was with a client. I understand she had not been long in Adana. He owns brothels on fifteen different planets and is suspected of operating a slaving operation under the auspices of a known pirate, Mischa.

He is currently on trial on Kelicon IV for the murder of a business rival. My research also showed that no one in the brothel had been on Adana more than a week before it opened. She said she was a porn actress and a stripper, which I believe; she was Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 49 - very sensual and graceful, if you know what I mean.

She was more a performer than a humper. How long have you been in the business? I choose where I go and for how long. When I saw the ad I applied straight away. She just asked me what the place was like, who the boss was. Just normal stuff like that. Did she get on well with Yannis?

It seemed peculiar that this establishment was so new and hired only foreigners to Adana, and the deliberate nature of the crime seemed too coincidental. The threat to San was, I believed, only moderate, but it could exist and I had promised to protect her. Of course, the opportunity to try out my new body in an inevitable carnal scenario also occurred to me. In short, I wanted to practice. San took my hand and led me through the teeming corridors to the Homage to Priapis. Her beauty and state of near undress attracted much attention as she almost dragged me to her place of work.

Yannis was surprised, yet not surprised, to see me with San. Yannis gave a great sigh. There have been gawkers by the dozen, and the girls have been run off their feet with jonnies. Your shift starts in five minutes. That, I perceived, was my cue. The Adana Affair - 51 - Peri, the expense, as you will note, was not insignificant, despite the advertising arrangement, but I was certain the Observer would pay the bill as I believed the case warranted it. It was, in fact, a tastefully furnished bedroom with spacious bathroom and spa attached.

She began to strip off her clothes but I held up my hand to stay her enthusiasm. It was clean and neat, devoid of any personal touches. No doubt the automated nano cleaning service had tidied up after the crime scene police had completed their work. Peri, I know from the police preliminary report that the killer left absolutely no trace. This suggested to me that the killer was a mechanical device, a robot, and so left no organic traces. That is, like me. The police interviews of the clients on the premises did not lead me, or the police, anywhere in this direction but I had what I believe is called a hunch.

I had San take me to the electronics junction accesses panel. I knew from the police reports how the power was interrupted, but I had a powerful, and curious, desire to see it. It is a human trait, I believe, and I was both disconcerted and buoyed by possessing the largely unnecessary desire. San also showed me the bedroom she shared with Nova.

However, the police had taken her belongings for analysis. My accessing the police record revealed nothing of interest except that Nova travelled extremely light: She performed a strip in front of the mirrors, demonstrating only a rudimentary Mikala Ash Spaceport: The Adana Affair - 52 - knowledge of the art; however, I did appreciate the sensual elements, and I noted with interest my own physiological response. Once naked, San led me into the shower and washed me thoroughly. Her attention was diligent and complete.

Her soapy fingers missed not one millimeter of my flesh, and by abandoning myself to her touch, I allowed my penis to respond to the sensuality of the situation. I was familiar, through my viewing of erotic holo-vids, with what was expected of me. I grasped her by the shoulders and drew her to me, kissing her fiercely on the lips and then directing my attention to the flesh of her neck beside her earlobes, and then the quivering flesh of her breasts.

Her nipples were hard against my tongue and I sensed her rising blood pressure and GSR as my fingers found the flesh of her sex. Penis and vagina are too clinical to capture the base exuberance of cock and cunt, pussy and schlong. San was not passive during this process. She had grasped the shaft of my cock and was stroking my length with firm and deliberate strokes. She moaned from deep inside her chest and then sank to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

Peri, the warmth of her mouth on my cock was beyond my expectations. The reaction of my organic body and the neural impulses coursing through the interface to my positronic brain were simply amazing. I threw my head back in pleasure and let the water pour down my face as she took me deep into her throat.