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Sinek does a great job of digging deep into behavioral characteristics of great leaders in a way that allows the reader to take away actionable items from this book.

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Reading this not only gives you nontraditional explanations of what great leaders do, it explores their psyche to explain biology's role in their actions--how chemicals in the body influence feelings. In today's startup-heavy, performance-driven culture, this is a great read for leaders who want to hone their ability to influence personal behavior to push others toward a common goal. The premise is about staying true to yourself and using your unique attributes to help define your role as a leader, while creating a better self.

I like it because you don't need to read front to back; you can skip around and read stories that are applicable to you for that moment. It's brought me a lot of value and is probably the most marked up book I own. Tim has a way of always bringing real value, and this book is a testament to him being able to ask the perfect questions to highly respected individuals and 'masters of their craft' and get hugely valuable answers for his audience.

Brands need to be cool, but they need to be "good" too, especially if they're going to pique consumers interest in a time where new technology makes it easier to bypass or block ads altogether. Rather than sinking more money into the 'broken system' of advertising, this book challenges marketers to create a new model where marketing is the vehicle to optimize life.

It is a great read for entrepreneurs for two reasons. It is an inspiring story of the impact someone can have who thinks differently, brings facts and data combined with conviction to their views, and is willing to challenge the status quo of large entrenched organizations.

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Boyd persevered in getting two of the most successful fighter planes in the history of the U. Air Force--the F and the Adesigned and built in the face of staunch opposition. Each was revolutionary in conception and performance, and both are still mainstays more than 40 years after they were first developed. Perhaps even more important, Boyd can be regarded as a father of agile thinking through the strategic concept he developed later in his career that originated as a fighter doctrine but eventually came to be the underpinning of the general U.

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OODA stands for observe, orient, decide, act, and it is about the notion of competing and winning not by having more resources or force but by understanding the situation and acting more quickly than your opponent--getting inside his decision cycle and disrupting his actions until he collapses. Not only is this the central doctrine of the U. In today's instant gratification world--we all get pulled in every direction seemingly every minute of the day.

The natural reaction is to try and respond as quickly as possible to everyone and everything--task-switching continuously throughout the day. Cal Newport does a great job of reminding us that we leave our best work on the table as we do that. What's more important is our ability to focus and immerse ourselves fully on the cognitively complex task.

There are only hours in a week--if you're not blocking long stretches on your calendar for deep work, you're wasting your most important asset, time. Sinek applies his understanding of human behavior and how the human brain is wired to make decisions to help any leader inspire people to act. He explains that it's natural for people to connect and respond to 'Why' you do what you do, and that 'Why' is the key driver of how people connect with other people and how they make decisions. His foundational concept is that "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"--essentially, if you can effectively explain why you do what you do, you can inspire like minded employees to follow you and like minded customers to buy from you, especially as 'What' you do or 'How' you do it changes and evolves.

It doesn't matter what you do, how big your business is or what your leadership style is, Start With Why creates a very simple and powerful framework that will improve the way you communicate and inspire action.

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It confirmed my belief of empowering staff to intuitively and authentically make decisions and lead. I liked the lack of a rigid hierarchy, which I feel can be an inhibiting management structure and the confirmation of how seeking and retaining 'Smart Creatives' is paramount to growth and stability. Chouinard took time out of a fantastically rich, fulfilling, and busy life to write it.

I read it and immediately bought eight more copies to share with my management team. It speaks to doing your own thing, following your gut and living, basically, by the golden rule: It's a simple yet critical ideology if you want, as I did, to create a happy, quality-focused corporate culture, product, and customer experience. The notion of taking charge of your own destiny and not being stuck or complacent has resonated throughout my career in the hospitality industry.

To be successful in any endeavor, you can't be afraid to go places and take risks, and I think the essence of this book can be applied to many goals in business. There are dozens of books on creativity and how to inspire it, however I've found few that are either creative or inspiring. This book is thrilling proof that no matter how competitive your world, your business or your market, great talent and creativity will always find a fresh way to triumph. Blacksad is a graphic novel that pays homage to the great noir detective stories; each character is an animal, superbly characterized in an anthropomorphic style.

It shouldn't work, but it does. Vivid proof that a picture is worth a thousand words and a creative inspiration to us all. So the next time you are in a brainstorm struggling for a fresh take on a longstanding challenge, take heart from Blacksad. For example, the bold move to have a no-tip policy against conventional wisdom now has general acceptability.

This tells you that he dared to do something nobody else would, and drew inspiration to step outside of the norm for an alternative approach to success. This alone is a 'TED Talk. Meyer, who took this concept in its full simplicity and created an IPO of sustainability and success, shares his business acumen with the public. He's applied the importance of selling people a philosophy versus telling them. This concept holds strong with me today.

His approach was based purely on instinct and unconventional research. The ability to be successful in this model conveys his impact--not only on the hospitality industry, but business in general. What I got instead was a look into the heart and mind of a gritty entrepreneur trying to survive building a business that faced adversity at every turn.

The story delved deep into the growth, obstacles, and reinvention of a brand that has become synonymous with performance and never giving up. I related to the early Nike team in a way I could never have imagined. Shoe Dog is a story many small-business owners know well; one of debt, and always selling and navigating difficult personalities in order to grow.

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Listening to one of the wealthiest people in the world reflect with passion about a period with little money as the best time in his life was inspirational to me as an entrepreneur, father, and leader. It's a short read that I finished in a couple of hours, but it has a lot of practical content you can start using right away. Mark Cuban shares his own experiences as he started out living on his friend's couch, to starting his own company and becoming a multibillion-dollar success story. This book gave me the guidance, tips, and inspiration I needed to stop making excuses and get started doing something I'm passionate about.

It was the day I read this book that my business was born. This book, which is older than I am, is a classic. What worked back then still holds true today. This book teaches that the knowledge of human nature is as important as the knowledge of your business. I have always known that treating people with respect and decency is a better way of getting them to want to work with you and do a great job for you. This book teaches how to humanize yourself by admitting that you are not superior and that you may have some flaws; that makes you approachable.

It teaches you to empower those around you so they are more productive, approaching tasks with eagerness and self-confidence.


This book is not only great for business, it's an all-around good self-improvement book. It includes lessons on the difference between good and bad debt, along with teaching you about assets and how to grow your own personal and business wealth. I come from a lineage of physicians and so I had to rely on books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad to teach me the value and strategy of growing my business and maintaining successful cash flow and having positive debt.

I truly believe this book will help anyone better their financial situations. Like our brand, the author is incredibly playful, using witty chapter titles that take you through your own transformational journey of self-reflection and greatness. I love how the book gives you permission to take a chance on yourself to create big returns in your life and business. The old fisherman was on his 85th day of a dry spell without any catch, yet he keeps going and takes his small boat out every day, where he has to overcome numerous trials.

This book taught me that the end reward doesn't always come out as planned, but you did it! Success in business is first and foremost about dedication and perseverance. We all ride the ocean and its waves but the person that stays the course when they hit dry spells and never gives up is the one that finishes with integrity and real success. Success defined by character. I try to put my all into every day of work. Through the many changing tides of my business I stay true to my values and principles. I can relate to this book in a way that touches me on many levels.

It teaches you to search for the positive in every situation and to not take things personally, empowering you to take ownership of your life. I truly believe that you get back what you put out, and this mentality has helped me develop into the businesswoman I am today. I aim to implement these four simple principles in both my personal and professional life. This book gives you all the tools you need to maximize success and delivers it in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner that's easy to relate to. There is great insight here on how to figure out your profile type and then use it to your advantage.

The part that resonates with me most is about building relationships, communicating effectively, reading the signs, and hearing what is not being said. Harris' advice has been invaluable to me in both my career and in running a small business. This book is a must for anyone at any point in their careers. This book helped me define necessary goals within the business and accomplish them through simple yet powerful techniques that transpired into a stronger team, exponential growth, and a more enjoyable working environment. This book is perfect for any entrepreneur who's looking to make positive changes within their business and accomplish goals in a more efficient manner.

Utilizing a unique storytelling ability, Branson provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of how he built Virgin into a global brand from the ground up. The book makes a compelling case for calculated risk-taking and a work hard, play hard approach to business, advice I've embraced throughout my own career as an entrepreneur. While you won't ever find me jumping out of a plane or chasing a runaway hot air balloon through the Algerian desert, I continue to find myself inspired by Branson's sense of adventure and unyielding determination.

Losing My Virginity will push you to question the standard business approach and is sure to ignite ambitions you didn't know you had. Friedman notes that after decades of technology-driven change at an extraordinary, yet manageable pace, a combination of ubiquitous internet access, big data, and open source coding has now accelerated that pace to an almost incomprehensible level. Easy access to all buttons Protect and personalize your cell phone Fashionable and beautiful It appears to protect the phone well while looking good. Special design, accurate position This Kerry Elise, at her age, is an expert about life.

Her talent for writing started at an early age; she started at 6, during which her first poem was published in their school newspaper. Transformation has been a blessing to me. Having a son transition in , the same year as SAM's son Daniel, I have been looking for answers as to where we Michael is a pharmacist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, habitual bow-tie wearer and now published author. Music and the Transformation of Russian Cultural Life explores the complex development of Russian musical life during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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