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The refusal of the central government to spend large sums on preparation also reduced the effectiveness of the plan. In the event over 3,, people were evacuated. In the first three days of official evacuation, 1. Goods as well as people were evacuated. Art treasures were sent to distant storage: Many senior Post Office staff were relocated to Harrogate.

Some private companies moved head offices or their most vital records to comparative safety away from major cities. Government functions were also evacuated. Under "Plan Yellow", [6] [7] some 23, civil servants and their paperwork were dispatched to available hotels in the better coastal resorts and spa towns.

Other hotels were requisitioned and emptied for a possible last-ditch "Black Move" [6] [7] should London be destroyed or threatened by invasion. Some strained areas took the children into local schools by adopting the First World War expedient of "double shift education"—taking twice as long but also doubling the number taught. The movement of teachers also meant that almost a million children staying home had no source of education.

In the British Government passed the Camps Act [10] which established the National Camps Corporation as a body to design and build residential camps for young people, which could provide opportunities for outdoor learning and also act as evacuation centres in the event of war. These camps were replicated in over thirty different rural locations around the country.

During the war years, they acted as safe refuges for city children. After the war the ownership of the sites was transferred to the local authorities. Over the years most of these sites have been lost, but the best preserved example today is Sayers Croft at Ewhurst, Surrey. The dining hall and kitchen complex is protected as a Grade II listed building because of the importance of Tait's work, and because of the painted murals depicting the life of the many evacuees. Between June and September , 1, children were evacuated to Canada , mainly through the Pier 21 immigration terminal; to Australia ; to South Africa and to New Zealand.

However, in and about 14, children were evacuated privately to overseas relatives or foster families, including 6, to Canada and 5, to the United States. A second evacuation effort started during and after the fall of France. From 13 to 18 June , around , children were evacuated in many cases re-evacuated. Efforts were made to remove the vulnerable from coastal towns in southern and eastern England facing German-controlled areas. Also, some 30, people arrived from continental Europe and from 20 to 24 June 25, people arrived from the Channel Islands. One of the speediest moves was accomplished by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway when it transferred its headquarters out of London.

This was made ready as offices and a number of huts built in the surrounding park. On 1 September , it was decided to move in and the transfer was completed before war was declared two days later. And changed for the better. They meet, he is angry, she is confused, they get together as she works for him. There is an attraction but they do not 4. There is an attraction but they do not act on it straight away. He feels he is not good enough for her. It is definitely not The Hampton, a place Emily would be at home in — or used to be at home in. Nix has it all, the longish hair, the tattoos, the bike, the jeans, the muscles, the tattoos — did I mention tattoos already?

Great to catch up with Danny and Ryan from Book One. Definitely recommend this one. Wonder how many of you guys remember MacGyver, the original, not the re-runs! He is the exact opposite of any man I have ever thought of dating and my mother would consider him the Anti-Christ on just his dark looks.

View all 30 comments. I don't know why this one touched me so deeply I had a good cry near the end but it did. I guess it was the characters--I just fell in love with them! Emily was in a previous book in this series Off Sides , which I have not read--yet! So, a little about Emily How to dress, how to act, who to socialize with, what to major in And it is starting to suffocate Emily. Em used to adore her life as a socialite, but lately she just wishes she could be a normal college student and fade into obscurity if she so desires. Emily is trying to make a change in her life--she doesn't like how she has acted in the past and is trying to be a better person and to live her life on her own terms.

For one thing, she wants to be a sports journalist, not a doctor or lawyer as mom expects. For one of her college journalism courses, she will be interviewing NY Rangers goalie Lincoln Caldwell who just happens to be a teammate of her brother Ryan Burnham Off Sides. After she interviews Linc she gets distracted while driving, has a minor accident, and backs into our hero Nix Caldwell, Linc's brother--but Em doesn't know that yet on his motorcycle.

And she can't draw on her trust fund just yet Against his better judgment, Nix proposes that Emily work for him as an administrative assistant. So maybe Em can work for him to pay off her debt. Content to be alone and isolated, just working with metals and restoring motorcycles. Doesn't want a relationship. Doesn't really want to associate with people. Doesn't like to talk to people. And some unresolved feelings of guilt about what happened in Afghanistan.

To help him cope with his feelings he has a therapy dog, a friendly golden retriever named Harley. So Em comes to work for Nix, and slowly but surely, Nix finds that he likes her company. She doesn't push him to reveal things about himself. But he finds her intriguing, beautiful, and easy to talk to, and he starts to look forward to seeing her. And he opens up a little to her and they become friends. He finds himself feeling protective of her, especially when she reveals that an ex-boyfriend is stalking her. They have a mutual physical attraction, but what can he offer this beautiful socialite?

He can't do a 'relationship'--he doesn't want to risk caring for another person, but maybe she'd consent to some no-strings sex? Ah yes, we've seen this plot device before, and we know how it will work out. This was so well done, and the characters were so developed and complete, that I felt that I knew them.

I just adored Emily and Nix together. I wanted them to work! It's kind of rare for me to like the heroine as much as I like the hero, but I loved Emily! She was just what Nix needed, and I loved how she was making an effort to become a better person. She must've been a real piece of work in the previous book I loved how Nix found his walls crumbling down around Emily.

I loved how he stared to feel again. I love how he recognized that she brightened his world. I loved the romance that was blooming between them, and how it wasn't all about the sex although that was verrry hot! These two fit together like a couple of missing puzzle pieces! The only hurdle they had to get past was something that Nix struggled with for years--his guilt over what happened in Afghanistan.

And if Nix couldn't resolve that, there would be no future for him and Em.

From the Editor

This is where the crying jag started for me So people, you have to try this book. If you like a scarred hero dealing with emotional issues, this is the book for you. If you like a plucky heroine who is trying to improve herself, this is the book for you. If you like a hero and heroine who not only have tons of sexual chemistry but really get each other, then this is the book for you. Hey, this was definitely the book for me, and I'm happy to recommend it. View all 5 comments. Emily has decided to turn over a new leaf after seeing the love that her brother found and just how empty her life was.

When a fender bender puts her in the debt of the bruiting Nix Caldwell, former solider — she is finding that her new outlook on life has much better scenery. Unable to cope with the guilt of what he went through, he seems to take it out on everyone around him. But once Emily has decided to turn over a new leaf after seeing the love that her brother found and just how empty her life was. I absolutely adored Nix. I loved that he thought about fighting what he felt towards Emily, but never really could go through with it.

I loved seeing him give into it. And although some pain had to be felt for everything to come out, there was never a doubt about the way this story was going to end. I love a good ex-military hero, and Nix was everything and more. The dynamic, the way they met — the way they began their relationship and then the way they ultimately fell.

Another stellar job well done by Sawyer Bennett! A great story started nice and slow before the hot stuff which I liked, loved Emily and Nix the changes they went through in their relationship. Can't wait for book 3 in this series. View all 4 comments. Nix is quiet, menacing and sexy. He's got baggage and struggling. A former member of the Marine Corps having served two tours in Afghanistan will do things to a man's mind. Not liking the person she was, decides to make some changes in her life. She stood up to her parents and her stalker ex-boyfriend.

A feeling he very definitely hates. The chemistry between Nix and Emily begins to bu Nix is quiet, menacing and sexy. The chemistry between Nix and Emily begins to build and it is thoroughly enjoyable to read. There is enough "Down and dirty" and "Oh, we're compatible. Your working parts and mine were in perfect alignment just a few seconds ago. I felt the book dealt with the issues that Nix was coming to terms with, in a sensitive way.

There was a moment in the book when you get that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing what is about to happen. Can Emily show Nix the path to his own salvation and finally be strong enough to face his demons.

It flowed really well had steam, emotion, heart ache and so much more. Five stars for me! View all 8 comments. Sep 15, Syndi rated it really liked it. Minimum angst, insta love and that smooth story telling. There is not much character development. Minimum conflict from outside and just focus on the main characters. But then here and there, i enjoy the push and pull, the banter between emily and nix. I feel nix character can be darker. I enjoy it at the end.

Carl von Clausewitz

And gobes this book 4 stars. I love the nix's scroll. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I received a beta copy of this fabulous book. I absolutely love this book! I loved the first installment so I always hope the second can live up to it, and it definitely was able to! This is an absolute must read! If you liked Off Sides then read this because Danny and Ryan make some appearances!

Nix and Emily's story is very beautiful and by the end you'll love them as much as you loved Ryan and Danny! Off course you still want to punch Ryan and Emily's mom in the face for the first half of the I received a beta copy of this fabulous book. Off course you still want to punch Ryan and Emily's mom in the face for the first half of the book but you grow to be okay with her thankfully for their dad! Which I loved him by the way! I really enjoyed this book and hope when it comes out all of you do too! It was amazing but when isn't one of your books?!

Dec 24, Heroesinbooks rated it really liked it. Emily is a reformed character,a better person and a budding journalist. Nix is dark,withdrawn and gorgeous. Can they really make something of their attraction to each other? Or is Nix past too dark? I really enjoyed this book. Jun 28, Tzelina rated it really liked it. I really loved it!! First I have to thank the author for the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. She's away at college pursuing her dreams and doing things she's never done before - and loving every minute.

She's such a strong character that I adored her from the beginning and admired her for the courage to start her own First I have to thank the author for the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. She's such a strong character that I adored her from the beginning and admired her for the courage to start her own life. Then an accident will have her literally running into Nix Caldwell. Nix is a former Marine, who's extremely closed off from everyone but his dad and brother. He's suffered some traumatic injuries when serving in Afghanistan and is living with a horrible guilt regarding one of his best friends.

Because of this - he refuses to have relationships with anyone and comes off as an asshole. Making personal connections is easy. Losing them is what's hard. It's easier to avoid. Until he meets Emily. The Outer Limits episodes. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 31 August , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Based on the work by: Simon Kress's Beau Bridges research for the government on Martian life is aborted because one of his specimens almost escapes into the natural environment.

However, Kress doesn't agree with the abandonment of the project and decides to continue his experiments in his barn. He strongly believes that the insect-like species is actually sentient. He steals some sand containing Martian eggs from his lab and creates a makeshift incubator to hatch more of the Martian lifeforms. In the meantime, Kress deals with growing discord with his wife Helen Shaver over financial troubles and his obsession with work and the stress of concealing the stolen Martian lifeforms from his former supervisors at the government lab.

Kress comes to believe that he is a god to his sandkings when they build sand structures that resemble his face the face is looking across, unlike the Face on Mars , which is looking up. Bitten by one of the sandkings, his obsession peaks as he alienates his wife, son, father Lloyd Bridges , and kills his former supervisor by throwing him in the sandking incubator, where the creatures—already starved by Kress as an experiment—quickly devour him. In the end, Kress attempts to destroy all the sandkings but fails.

In the epilogue of the episode, a colony of sandkings is shown surviving in the wilderness. Valerie 23 Sofia Shinas is the latest development from the Innobotics Corporation. She is designed to be attractive, helpful and a perfect companion for a disabled man. Although he is the ideal test candidate, due to his condition and qualifications, Frank Hellner William Sadler is extremely reluctant to take part and wants nothing to do with Valerie.

Nevertheless he eventually agrees to a one-week test period. Valerie proves to be an excellent caregiver, and more. Over the course of the test, Valerie becomes increasingly affectionate and Frank eventually gives in. After the sexual encounter, Frank explains to Valerie that he thinks it was a mistake. Frank begins to grow closer to his physiotherapist Rachel Nancy Allen , and she invites him to a bar. Valerie responds by displaying more human traits such as anger and envy. After following Frank and Rachel on a rock climbing outing, Valerie attempts to dispose of her rival Rachel and is shut down before being returned to Innobotics.

Frank decides that he must speak to Valerie before she is dismantled and asks for her to be reactivated.

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While restrained at Innobotics, Valerie tries to explain her feelings for Frank and rekindle the relationship, but to no avail. Valerie escapes, follows Frank and again tries to kill Rachel. Frank is forced to destroy Valerie with an electric shock. As she lies dying, she tells him that she is afraid to die. Earlier Frank had been told by Rachel that anything that fears its death is alive.

Spencer decides not to be tested. Michael claims to have been tested and pronounced clear. Spencer spends his time working on cures for serious illnesses, while Michael pushes for the development of more lucrative drugs—such as Jericho, a drug used to calm rioting crowds. Spencer begins a romantic relationship with a reporter, Tricia Kate Vernon. Spencer makes a breakthrough and finds what appears to be a wonder drug, Deighton C , capable of curing virtually any disease. He decides to announce his breakthrough and make the research available to the world for further research and development.

Michael disagrees and sees the opportunity to keep it secret and limit the use of Deighton C to the rich and powerful. When Carl Tom Cavanagh , Spencer's research assistant, attempts to smuggle the drug out of the laboratory, Michael uses the laboratory's fire cleansing system to kill him and dispose of the body. Assuming that Spencer must have told Tricia about the drug he attempts to kill her too, but fails. Michael uses the drug on himself and attempts to kill both Spencer and Tricia the same way he killed Carl.

Spencer disables the lab's fire system and escapes. He questions Michael about why he would take a virtually untested drug—Michael lied about his Huntington's test. He does have the gene. For Michael, Deighton C is not the wonder drug he had hoped for—and its side effects are disastrous. A dying race of aliens has come to Earth to stop its own extinction The N'Tal do not have bodies of their own, instead they require hosts to live — but they have the technology to reanimate, cure and occupy the bodies of the recently dead. Harlan Hawkes' William Hickey heart fails again and he sees himself moving down a tunnel of light.

His personal physician, Dr. McEnerney Bruce Davison , rushes to the scene and resuscitates him just in time. A mysterious blue energy appears near Hawkes' body and moves into the electrical systems of the room. Although Hawkes is still alive, his heart is badly damaged, and the artificial heart being developed by McEnerney will not be ready in time.

Hawkes threatens to pull funding from the artificial heart project unless he is moved to the front of the queue for the next available donor heart. McEnerney in a difficult moral situation. Losing funding for the artificial heart project could mean the loss of a system that could save thousands of lives. To keep the funding he must give priority to a ruthless, cold elderly man who has already had a full life.

The situation is even more difficult because the future sister-in-law of his friend, Dr. Anne Crain, is only eighteen and needs a heart transplant. She will not survive beyond a couple of weeks. The blue energy release during Hawkes' last resuscitation begins to try to kill Hawkes.

McEnerney realizes that keeping Hawkes alive beyond his time has serious consequences and refuses Hawkes' request to be given priority. Both of the prospective heart recipients—Hawkes and the young girl—die. Hawkes sees the girl inside the tunnel of light, and realizes that their future paths are very different. The girl comments that it is so warm and that she expected it not to be.

It is implied that she goes to Heaven while he descends into the depths of Hell. A young girl, Aggie Travers Thora Birch , is an outcast at her elementary school, and mysterious things happen to people when she doesn't get along with them. Since it appears that she is responsible for these strange things, she is suspended from school. Her parents Page Fletcher and Sandra Nelson are at their wits end, so they decide to look for a nanny for their troubled child. Karen Ross Megan Follows , their first candidate, seems perfect; she bonds with Aggie from the start, and seems to understand her special needs.

Despite his breakthrough, Jack Josh Brolin finally loses his funding. He takes his research to Bill Trenton David Warner , billionaire owner of a successful research company. Trenton offers Jack a lucrative contract and a well-equipped laboratory to continue his work. Jack takes the job, and eventually Trenton convinces Jack to allow him to try his virtual reality suit. Trenton "jumps" a few hours into the future and sees a newspaper headline about a woman killed at an ATM.

Upon returning to the present, Trenton saves the life of the woman whose death he saw reported—proving that it is possible to alter the future as well as see it. Trenton begins secretly making plans to profit from the device by using it to win a United States Senate election. He sneaks into the laboratory and "jumps" into the future again. He sees himself losing the election and ending up subpoenaed. Jack continues working on his suit and extends the range, allowing him to "jump" even further into the future.

He sees his own murdered body floating in the ocean. Jack tells his wife, Isabelle Kelly Rowan , about the suit, its capabilities and what he's seen. At Isabelle's suggestion, Jack takes another trip into the future to find out more about the circumstances of his death, and sees Bill Trenton about to murder him.

Meanwhile, Trenton breaks into the lab and Jack is forced to flee. He runs out onto the waterfront and along a pier. Trenton follows him and just as he is about to shoot Jack, Isabelle shoots Trenton instead. The final scene is Bill Trenton's dead body floating in the ocean, in the same manner that Jack foresaw his own death. Pen Densham and Melinda Snodgrass Teleplay by: Brought to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, Ben Kohler's only chance according to Dr.

A month later Kohler experiences a horrible vision. In the vision, he is chasing a woman in the forest and reaches out to attack her. Later Kohler has another vision in which the woman from the forest is now dead; this time the killer speaks to Kohler, taunting him. Kohler calls the police, and is transferred to a detective who tells Kohler such a murder has actually occurred. Kohler hangs up without giving his name when he realizes that the police will just convict him based on his knowledge of the crimes.

Kohler turns to Dr. Martinez, and witnesses another murder where the killer speaks to him. At Haas' house they find another body, and as Kohler collapses in another vision, Haas kidnaps Dr. The police storm Haas' house and arrest Kohler, after some interrogation it is discovered that hospital records show that Kohler could not be the killer, because he was in surgery and recovery for the first two killings. Another vision leads the police and Kohler to a low-rent motel, where Kohler sacrifices himself to capture Haas and save Martinez.

A priest begins to see horrific demon creatures among the ordinary population. They are aliens that have the powers to alter their appearance and to heal the sick. When a little boy is abducted, the only witness, his sister, claims that someone or something under the bed took him.

A commercial transport vessel on a routine mission is suddenly forced out of hyperspace into a black and starless void. The crew begin to see strange creatures inside their ship. After scanning the local space they find a huge chunk of dark matter and two spaceships: After moving closer to the alien craft they begin to see more and more alien creatures appear on board their ship. Suspecting that the aliens may have attacked and killed the crew of the Slayton , they panic and begin shooting at them, to no effect. The pilot of the Nestor , Paul Stein, suddenly sees an apparition of his older brother Kevin one of the crew of the ill-fated Slayton , who explains that they are all dead and disappears.

Commander Manning orders the Nestor moved away from the alien craft and towards the derelict Slayton. As they get closer, John Owens, captain of the Slayton appears. He explains that he cannot touch or feel them because he is no longer alive If they die here, as he and his crew did, their "essence" or "souls" will be trapped too. After analyzing the records of the Slayton , they realize that the aliens did not attack. They were attempting to dock with the Slayton in order to escape. They make contact with the alien "ghosts" and use their plan. The dark matter is made up of high frequency superstring particles which are immensely heavy, add energy and the frequency lowers as does its mass therefore releasing the pocket in space that is holding everyone prisoner.

The crew release the "ghosts" and escape themselves by turning the engines of the Nestor and the Slayton on the dark matter. Paul confronts Kevin's ghost over an old secret shame and gains confidence from the resolution to trust his own judgment. Based on the short story "Two Strangers" by: Henry Marshall participates in a real estate scam and is caught.

After a long stretch in prison he still hasn't learned to value people more than money. Major John Skokes and a young female cadet are taken prisoner during an interstellar war and thrown into a dark cell. The story concludes in episode 18 of season 2, " The Light Brigade ". Stephen Ledbetter Richard Thomas makes a technological and medical breakthrough when he creates a type of tiny machine, known as nanobots , capable of curing any disease or imperfections in the human body.

They don't know when to stop The Mars III manned expedition to Mars is in its th and final day when the crew discover a cave containing strange alien writing and a capsule. The capsule suddenly opens and the crew is knocked unconscious. Jay Jason London and Hannah Alyssa Milano are madly in love, so much so that he respects her chaste request to wait until marriage to make love. But one night, a strange object falls into Hannah's room, and emits a mysterious green glow.

Possessed, Hannah craves sex, and to feed the alien presence within her, she must prey upon willing males who morph into her body while making love. Hannah first approaches Jay. When Hannah seduces the star quarterback, Jay follows them in disbelief. He finds Hannah alone and notices the hole in the ceiling where the alien object entered her room. Realizing that Jay is in danger while in her presence, Hannah forces him to leave, but Jay steals back to her room later and discovers the remains of the object and the quarterback's jacket.

Investigating the disappearance of the quarterback, the police trace Jay to the scene, and he becomes the prime suspect. Jay turns the object over to his professor, who determines its origin, and researches similar occurrences. As more men vanish, the police pursue Hannah, who is then "caught in the act" devouring a convenience store clerk. A cop shoots Hannah, and to his utter horror, the undevoured top half of the clerk drops to the ground to die.

He then watches as the green light emanates from the bullet hole in her stomach. Hannah is rushed to the hospital and doctors watch in awe as the wound heals itself. The professor is able to substantiate Jay's outrageous claims, and when the police release him, he rushes to the hospital to be with Hannah. Desperate for fresh victims, Hannah attacks her doctor, who refuses to give in to her obsession.

Certain that his love is more powerful than the force within her, Jay risks his life to try to cure Hannah. Fearing for Jay's safety, Hannah tries to resist him and the craving within her, and ultimately, the purity and power of their love forces the alien presence from her system. Jennifer Winter Marlee Matlin , deaf since birth, has had a revolutionary implant placed in her ear, to help her hear for the first time. The device doesn't help her to hear normal conversation and sounds, but she does hear something, and no one believes her. While on a routine visit to the hospital to check on the implant, Jennifer befriends the janitor, Robert Larry Drake who empathizes with her.

Suddenly, Jennifer is plagued by nightmares and searing pain in her head, all at 3: Once the pain starts she begins furiously writing in binary code. It's Robert who suggests that perhaps the binary code's 0's and 1's might be able to be translated. As a former astrophysicist who had mental problems that forced him to work as a janitor, Robert enters the code into his computer to try to translate it. Meanwhile, Jennifer's husband Sam, concerned for his wife and their young baby, is convinced that Jennifer is going crazy.

But as the sounds and dreams become more pronounced Jennifer and Robert are determined to break the code. What they discover is an alien force, trying to communicate a cry for help through Jennifer's implant. The aliens are in a ship hurtling toward the sun and they need help from Earth to save their ship. The message sent was really instructions for a high energy laser designed to push the ship out of a terminal path.

They build and activate it just in time to see the ship pushed away from the sun and towards safety. Based on the short story by: Eando Binder Teleplay by: Link is working on the central memory of a robot, Adam, when it suddenly activates and attacks him. A lab assistant enters the room in time to see Adam smashing up the laboratory before crashing through a window and escaping.

Link is left dead. Some time later, a police officer finds Adam in a back alley. It asks the officer to contact Dr. Link and it apparently remembers nothing of the incident. Adam is taken to a cell and preparations are made to disassemble it. Link's daughter, contacts a lawyer, Thurman Cutler.

Cutler pushes for a murder trial, insisting that Adam is his client and not simply a machine. A court hearing begins, and the prosecutor pushes for dismissal of the case and immediate disassembly on the grounds that Adam is just a machine. Cutler argues that, although Adam is clearly not human, it possesses intelligence and will, and on that basis, deserves a trial. During the hearing, one of Dr. Link's colleagues reveals that he had lost his funding.

Cutler begins to look into Dr. Link's financial records and finds that he was working for a defense contractor, and eventually discovers that he was working to turn Adam into a weapon. Cutler is threatened by a shady representative of the defense company, but brings the matter up in court anyway. He argues, with supporting evidence of financial accounts and company memos, that Dr.

Link was forced into attempting to rewrite Adam's central programming, effectively lobotomizing it. Adam reacted in the way any human might when faced with death. The court eventually finds that Adam is a person and will stand trial for the murder of Dr. As it is being led away, Adam sees the prosecuting attorney in danger of being run over and rescues her, sacrificing its own life in the process.

Leonard Nimoy , father of co-director Adam Nimoy, co-stars in both this episode and the s Outer Limits version of "I, Robot," albeit as different characters. Neither version has any connection to the famous "I, Robot" stories of Isaac Asimov. A woman asks physicist Dr. Leviticus Mitchell to investigate a haunted house where her son and his girlfriend were last seen. Senator Richard Adams Perry King is at the top of his game. But after a press conference extolling the virtues of a new fuel additive BE, which is supposed to clean up the atmosphere, he and his aide, Evan Branch are in a serious auto accident.

Branch is dead, and Adams has a head injury, but his attending physician, Dr. Leslie McKenna Mimi Kuzyk , is baffled by his unusual x-rays--four frontal brain lobes and only three major organs. Before Adams can figure out what happened, a large security detail whisks him and his files away to the Sendrax Corporation, the home of BE It turns out that Adams is an alien and his "kind" are trying to keep their presence a secret. And because their body make up is different, BE, with long term use, will reconfigure the Earth's atmosphere so it is poisonous to humans, and compatible for the aliens.

Adams realizes that he is in danger, and escapes to see McKenna, the only person he can trust. Together they unlock the secret of Adams' identity and the horror of the alien master plan, and divulge the secret of BE to Kyle Haller Scott Swanson , an aggressive young reporter. Before Haller can expose the aliens he is killed and McKenna is framed for the murder. In the end, Adams thinks he has escaped the aliens, but in reality his nightmare has only begun. Brad Wright Excerpts by: Randall Strong, a former member of Army intelligence, tries to convince the members of the committee that a number of different alien invasions of Earth are occurring, and demands an official investigation and response to the threats.

His evidence comes from incidents in previous episodes of the first season: Strong also believes that the committee itself has been infiltrated by one or more aliens posing as humans see " Birthright ". The episode " The New Breed " is also referenced, though as counter-evidence that bizarre occurrences are not necessarily a result of alien interference. During the long and stressful meeting it appears that the committee chairman, Thornwell, is an infiltrator because of his opposition to Strong's evidence and claims.

The committee adjourns for a private conference to discuss their decision. Upon returning they announce that Strong's evidence and claims of multiple alien invasions have been rejected. In response Strong grabs a gun from a guard and kills Chairmen Thornwell, believing him to be the one blocking further investigation and hoping to expose his alien nature by injuring him. However, Thornwell was privately arguing in support of Strong and was outvoted. Other committee members were the infiltrators, and the death of Thornwell has opened the way for a complete takeover of the committee's activities.

The episode ends with the infiltrators wondering if any of the other alien species will pose a threat to their plans, musing that "anything is possible". FBI agent Jamie Pratt Michelle Forbes investigates a series of murders spanning a period of forty years—all committed with the same gun. The gun is traced to Dr. Theresa Givens Amanda Plummer a former employee at a top-secret government project. Mysteriously, Givens was only five years old at the time of the first murder, and the gun hadn't even been manufactured.

Theresa Givens also appears in season 6 two-hour finale "Final Appeal". Humanity has destroyed itself in a biological war, and only a few hundred androids remain. They must decide whether to give their child all the advantages of black market genetic enhancements, which run the risk of Genetic Rejection Syndrome. After discovering that their neighbor's son didn't die years ago, but rather has been turned into a monster as a result of GRS, Howard and Joanne decide to reverse the genetic enhancement process of their unborn child. Katherine Weber Teleplay by: A reporter Ally Sheedy on her way to work overhears a cellular phone conversation about the "removal" of a controversial author.

Her investigation reveals a trail of people who disappeared leaving only a pile of ash behind After a series of chases and narrow escapes, the alien hitman finally catches up with the reporter and reveals to her that the people he's been "removing" had accidentally contracted a deadly alien virus, and that he's been hunting them down in order to prevent them from spreading the virus to the rest of humanity.

The hitman explains that the reporter has also contracted the virus through her contact with one of the targets, and the reporter ultimately decides to sacrifice herself to spare humanity from the disease. The hitman corrects the reporter, he has not been vaporizing the targets, merely teleporting them off Earth where the disease is not fatal.

The episode ends with the alien and the reporter teleporting away. Sam Stein Mark Hamill develops a machine that allows a person to connect themselves directly to the brain of another and experience their thoughts and feelings. Intended for use with coma patients, he suddenly gets the chance to use it with a colleague who is comatose after an accident. Sam Stein initially thinks that his machine's application for communicating with the comatose Dr.

Rachel Carter is a complete success. However, a mysterious pair of hands emerge to grab at Carter whenever Stein and Carter start becoming intimate. It is soon discovered that the pair of hands belongs to the machine itself; It has learned to love Stein and is jealous of Carter. Stein's only two options are to disconnect the machine or to "show" the machine that it cannot love. Stein attempts to show the machine that it cannot love by grabbing what he thinks is the virtual representation of the machine a Caucasian female in the image of a disheveled and smothering it with an equally virtual pillow with goading from Carter.

Once he does that, though, the physical body of Carter dies. At this point, the machine reveals that it has been masquerading as Carter all along; the entity he had mistakenly suffocated was apparently the real Carter. Stein, in a rage, destroys the machine. It is not known for how long the machine was mimicking the appearance of Carter, or whether the "pair of hands" were Carter's from the very start or only at the very end.

Eddie Wexler suffers from flashbacks to an alien abduction, which eventually drives him to suicidal behavior. After checking himself into a mental institution with others suffering from similar problems, he begins to suspect that there is something more sinister going on at the hospital.

Richard Matheson Teleplay by: Norman Glass celebrates his first wedding anniversary with his beautiful and talented wife, Ady. Norman's best friend, Dennis, also has a beautiful wife, Barbara. However, over the next few days, both relationships unravel rather quickly. First, Dennis walks out on Barbara; Norman goes to talk to Dennis in a city park and is frightened by what he finds. Dennis, clearly unhinged and paranoid, claims that Barbara is not what she seems, and that she is an alien creature who can change appearance through influencing people's thoughts.

A strange woman approaches Dennis and claims to be Barbara, begging him to take her back. Norman doesn't recognize her, but Dennis does—whereupon he runs into traffic and is killed. Later, after Dennis' funeral, Norman experiences the same effects: Ady attempts to bluff her way out of the situation but is forced to admit the truth: They are repulsive creatures in their natural form apparently, of aquatic origin , but since they are stranded on Earth with no way to leave, they decided to try to blend in and live out the rest of their lives as human women.

Their ability to trick someone's senses wears off, as the victim grows a resistance, after a year or so. Norman becomes unhinged at this knowledge and is taken away by paramedics. A mother sends her recalcitrant son, Rusty Dobson, to a military academy. The administrators are actually controlling the students through a chip inserted into their heads.

They want to create a group of business executives who are willing to commit murder in order to make more money for their companies. Rusty and one other student are immune to the chip because of a medicine they are taking for ulcers. The other student wants to wait to graduate, and then expose the place to the outside world. Rusty is convinced that this is a bad idea, and wants to escape. However, as soon as he approaches the boundary of the academy, the chip in his head gives him severe migraine. At the end of the episode, Rusty manages to escape by stealing the security clearance cards out of the administrator's office and disabling the boundary control system.

His fellow students chase after him, but he re-activates the system and they are unable to follow him past the walls of the academy. He tries to call his mother from a payphone, but she is busy in an office. He heads to site of an assassination plan he knows of, but police who show the distinctive scars from the computer chip implantation detain him. His friend from school performs the assassination. The president is taken to an underground bunker on his way to his inauguration. He is told that an object is quickly approaching the Earth.

It turns out that this object is from an alien spaceship. After this, a fleet of alien spaceships heads towards the Earth. The aliens in these ships live in a liquid environment.

The president is given as much information as possible, but usually in scientific or technical language. He demands that everything be told to him in plain English. The Russians are very afraid of these ships. As the fleet grows nearer to Earth, the aliens try using Earth's artificial satellites to communicate. The president asks his general what to expect if the aliens were attacking the Earth. The general tells him that the aliens would send a scout down to test the Earth's defenses. The aliens send one ship towards the Pacific Ocean, and it looks like they are attacking.

The president orders a nuclear submarine to fire a nuclear missile at the ships. The Russians also fire missiles.

Carl von Clausewitz: ON WAR. Book 1, Chapter 1

The aliens destroy the missiles, the submarine, and send weapons bound for Moscow and Washington, DC. Computers manage to decode the message sent by the aliens by removing the interference of a liquid environment. The message said, "Let us be your friends. An astronaut crashes on an alien planet, but by some miracle he is quickly able to contact Earth and speak directly to the space agency behind his mission. Twenty years have passed for them and his former lover is now married and the director of the agency. Raymond Dalton stumbles through a forest in a vicious snow blizzard before finally collapsing.

He wakes in a warm and comfortable mansion with a group of people, only to be told that the entire world is blanketed by an enormous storm, and he has found the only safe place. Larry Niven Teleplay by: Stan Hurst Michael Gross notices that the moon is extremely bright. He realizes that the sun must have gone nova and the side of the Earth in daylight must be suffering extreme heat—and that he has only a few hours left to live.

He speaks to another academic and decides that it would be better if people did not know what had happened. For years, he has had a secret crush on Leslie Joanna Gleason , the owner of a local book shop, but he never had the courage to ask her out. In light of the pending disaster he invites her to go for a walk with him; a love story ensues where he and Leslie marry on what they assume is their last night on Earth.

Hurst is forced to admit to Leslie what is going on; she is initially extremely disconcerted and distrustful of his intentions, although he defers these misgivings by repeatedly professing his love. When they go to her apartment to eat, he begins to suspect that the Earth is merely being hit by an extreme solar flare , and he begins to plan for an extended period of survival, despite his new wife's reluctance. He turns out to be correct, and the professor and his wife are one of the few left alive despite extreme flooding , although the story is ambiguous as to the scale of the disaster.

A slightly underdeveloped boy named Howie is the last unaffected person in a small town overrun by a strange madness. Miners unearth ancient parasites, in the shape of worms, which attack the brains of their hosts. While the infected townsfolk lose all their inhibitions, Howie must save his sister Sheila, the only person who truly cares for him. Deprived of Sheila's guidance for the first time in his life, Howie struggles to evade his maddened neighbors and destroy the parasites.

In the process, he becomes a hero to the whole town. A bitter ex-soldier agrees to help a militia hijack a U. Army shipment of missiles. Instead of missiles, they find a lone guard who pleads with them not to open the shipment because it is deadly. Major Mackie demands to know what is in the shipment and believes that the Captain is lying.