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To disturb by repeated attacks: To excite another by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach: He's teasing the cat.

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His school-friends tease him about his size. This question is rather a teaser. References in classic literature? You will know, from this description, I must mean Captain Tilney, who, as you may remember, was amazingly disposed to follow and tease me, before you went away.

I slipped the book, in distracted search for which he was evidently still engaged, under the ferns, and, leisurely lighting a pipe, prepared to tease him. He laughed a negative, and it seemed a shame to tease him. When the other young ones gathered around to tease , he joined with me in attacking them; and so viciously did we behave that before long I was let alone. One morning the two big bulls, Gladstone and Brigham Young, thought spring had come, and they began to tease and butt at each other across the barbed wire that separated them.

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But she is naturally a more irritable constitution than the black horse; flies tease her more; anything wrong in the harness frets her more; and if she were ill-used or unfairly treated she would not be unlikely to give tit for tat. There really is nothing to care for much," said poor Rosamond inwardly, thinking of the family at Quallingham, who did not write to her; and that perhaps Tertius when he came home would tease her about expenses.

Supernatural' Season 10 Spoilers: I have learned this year that fourth-graders have boyfriends but you are not supposed to tease them about it; that the Spice Girls rule but Barbie is passe; and that schoolwork is second - or third - to socializing. Tease the whippet was named Best in Show in Birmingham on Sunday.

Silly activists ruined my Crufts win. The official said the accused used to continually tease the complainant on her way to school. Man arrested for armed attack on girl student. Teasing can also be regarded as educative when it is used as a way of Informal learning. Adults in some of the Indigenous American Communities often tease children to playfully illustrate and teach them how their behaviour negatively affects the community.

Children in many Indigenous American Communities also learn by observing what others do in addition to collaborating with them. Along with teasing, this form of informal learning is different from the ways that Western American children learn. Informal ways of child learning include mutual responsibility, as well as active collaboration with adults and peers.

This differentiates from the more formal way of learning because it is not adult-oriented. People may be teased on matters such as their appearance, weight, behavior, abilities, clothing, and intelligence. One may also tease an animal. Some animals, such as dogs and cats , may recognize this both as play or harassment. A common form of teasing is verbal bullying or taunting. This behavior is intended to distract, disturb, offend, sadden, anger, bother, irritate, or annoy the recipient.

Because it is hurtful, it is different from joking and is generally accompanied by some degree of social rejection. Teasing can also be taken to mean "To make fun of; mock playfully" or be sarcastic about and use sarcasm. Dacher Keltner utilizes Penelope Brown's classic study on the difference between "on-record" and "off-record" communication to illustrate how people must learn to read others' tone of voice and facial expressions in order to learn appropriate responses to teasing.

A form of teasing that is usually overlooked is educational teasing. This form is commonly used by parents and caregivers in two Indigenous American Communities and Mexican Heritage communities to guide their children into responding with more Prosocial behavior. For example, when a parent teases a child who is throwing a tantrum for a piece of candy, the parent will pretend to give the child candy but then take it away and ask the child to correct their behavior before giving the child that piece of candy.

In this way, the parent teaches the child the importance of maintaining self-control.

This type of learning is often overlooked because it is different from the way Western American Communities teach their children. Another form of teasing is to pretend to give something which the other desires, or give it very slowly.

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This is usually done by arousing curiosity or desire, and may not actually involve the intent to satisfy or disclose. This form of teasing could be called "tantalizing", after the story of Tantalus. Tantalizing is generally playful among adults, although among children it can be hurtful, such as when one child acquires a possession of another's property and will not return it.

It is also common in flirting and dating. For example, a man or woman who is interested in someone might reject an advance the first time in order to arouse interest and curiosity, and give in the second or third time. Whether teasing is playful or hurtful or educative is largely subject to the interpretation of the person being teased.

If the person being teased feels harmed, then the teasing is hurtful. A difference in power between people may also make the behavior hurtful rather than playful. Ultimately though, if someone perceives him or herself as the victim of teasing, and experiences the teasing as unpleasant, then it is considered hurtful. If parents' intentions are positive, as in many Indigenous American Communities , then teasing to the community can be seen as an educational tool.

The child may or may not understand that in the moment. If the other person continues to do it after being asked to stop then it is a form of bullying or abuse. Another way to look at teasing is as an honest reflection on differences, expressed in a joking fashion with the goal of "clearing the air".

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It can express a comfort with the other which can be comforting. As opposed to being nice to someone's face while making disparaging remarks behind their back, teasing can be a way to express differences in a direct fashion rather than internalizing them. Some indigenous American communities use teasing to teach their children about the expectations and values of the community and to change negative behaviors. Teasing gives children a better understanding of how their behavior affects the people around them.

Teasing in Indigenous American communities is used to learn community acceptance, humbleness, correcting a behavior and social control. In some Mexican indigenous American communities, teasing is used in an effective educative way. Teasing is found more useful because it allows the child to feel and understand the relevant effect of their behavior instead of receiving out of context feedback.

Some parents in Indigenous American communities believe it mildly embarrasses the children in a shared reference to give them a good sense of the consequences of their behavior. This type of teasing is thought to teach children to be less egocentric, teaches autonomy and responsibility to monitor their own behavior. Some Indigenous American mothers have reported that this urges the children to understand how their behavior affects others around them.

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