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Would you like to build your intuitive skills or simply trust the wisdom and guidance of your higher self? Getting clear on your spiritual goals and what you plan to do to achieve them is foundational to overall personal development. What do you want to be, do and have in the realm of your creative self expression?

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What matters is developing your creative genius in ways that challenge and stretch you. Spouse, kids, parents, siblings, neighbors and close friends all come under the category of relationships.

What is Personal Development?

How do you want these relationships to look. What do you value most about your friendships?

What is Personal Development?

What do you want to have more or less of? What are your goals for love, friendship and family relationships? What are the qualities you want to develop in order to draw that mate? What are your career and money benchmarks for the year? What are your financial goals for 3, 5 and 10 years? What steps do you plan to reach these goals? These are the kind of questions you want to ask yourself when it comes to financial personal development.

Have you thought about your diet and exercise habits lately? Are there areas where you can improve them? Are you ready to give up potato chips or smoking? Come up with a list of 3, 6 and 12 month goals for your fitness and health development. Are there things you want to have — a home, a new car, better furnishings, an upgraded computer.

You can take a little time each day to imagine enjoying the overall improvement in your life as if the thing or stuff is already there. This area of personal development has to do with your give-back goals. It could be giving back to your local or global community. So, she's convinced that there isn't a new role that she could do well. In truth, Allison would make a spectacular project manager in a software development product design setting. But she knows nothing about that industry, so she can't picture herself there.

Allison will have to get over the sting of being wrong.

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She's simply not stuck in her job, or her industry. As soon as she wants to move on, there's plenty of other places she could go for better paying jobs. We hate when we hurt others. It feels awful to realize that you are the cause of someone else's pain. Unfortunately, the go-to solution for most people is to deny that they've hurt someone else.

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  • Denying your effect on others is detrimental to your relationships and progress in your career. Here's a common example: Roger is a senior manager at a data management company. He has 15 people who report to him. One of his team, Sarah, is having a big problem with Roger, her boss.

    What is Personal Development?

    Deeper discussion reveals that Sarah has a difficult relationship with her own father and some of Roger's behaviors remind her of her father. Roger's behaviors might be acceptable in any other setting, but in this setting, he's triggering Sarah's clinically diagnosed PTSD. Roger could deny that he's hurting Sarah but that would not be beneficial to their relationship. Sure, Roger unwittingly stepped into a touchy situation that existed long before he met Sarah, but that doesn't negate the fact that he's causing her to feel emotional pain.

    Taking responsibility in this situation will make Roger into a hero with executive management. We are often unwilling to feel our painful emotions.

    1. Your Spirit.

    We'll kick, scream, and fight before we'll address something that's deeply bothering us. Learning to address your painful emotions solves nearly all of life's unsolvable problems. Omar's wife just moved out. She says she still loves him, but that she can't live with him anymore. She took their kids. Omar is doing his best to stay strong and keep his life in order.

    A difficult time in a relationship can cause challenges in other parts of your life. Omar can't control his wife's choices.