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The Persian Gulf Crisis is a "spiritual crisis," an opportunity of the first magnitude.

We have an opportunity to graduate into higher consciousness. On a very practical level, this means becoming fully responsible for our own energy, our own consciousness. Through the process of detachment and awareness we can take a stand and demonstrate that Peace through Understanding is a real and viable option for all of us now. However, each of us must individually choose to be peaceful if peace is to occur. As we as a nation, individually and collectively, look deeply within ourselves, accept and acknowledge our humanity, and choose peace as the path for life, then peace will surely manifest.

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War will cease because the cause of war ignorance and fear will dissolve in the light of pure reason We have a golden opportunity of realizing this by accepting and acknowledging the intelligence and the goodness which is inherent within all life All the great world religions teach brotherhood, tolerance, cooperation and a profound respect for the sanctity of all life. All the world religions are based on one common idea: All agree that there is but one God, the ultimate mystery, yet undeniable reality, and that this one universal God, the Supreme Being, that which was, is , and shall be, the mighty I AM presence dwells as Love, Wisdom, and Power in the heart of all creation.

Indeed, we are all God Incarnate It is time to move away from fossil fuels and move as rapidly as possible to a hydrogen based economy. Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, burns cleanly.

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By turning to the sun and consciously using our technology to harness Nature's abundant and beneficent energy, we will take the high road of Health Peace and Freedom for All. Unbeknownst to most of our fellow Americans is the fact that there is virtually an unlimited amount of accessible free hydrogen lying beneath the earth's surface here in North America. All the power that ever was or will be is here now. It is time for a New Manhattan Project with a refocusing from fission to fusion. Psychologically, this represents the movement from separation fission into unity fusion.

Additionally, we have generated an in-depth wholistic nine-point program which will successfully resolve the current Persian Gulf Crisis. Request removal from index. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy doi.

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The Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness: Donna Spring Gulick - - World Futures 60 4: A Guide to Self-Realizati on and Spiritual. Learn more - opens in a new window or tab. A Guide to Sel One of the world's leading spiritual teachers returns with an inspiring and provocative message with solutions to our planetary crises, offering effective steps to change the world and integrate all levels of our Being. Religion is psychological entrapment promoting the controlled behavior of the herd civilization.

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