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Jordy is so excited to go to school and he wants to go to this school so badly because his dad works at the school part-time. When he grows up, he wants to be a nurse like his mom. His mom is currently studying to be a nurse. Jordy wants to tell the donors thank you for all the help!

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Dilia will be entering the 9th grade soon. She loves school and really wants to push herself towards a bright academic future in high school.

Find me a dream that don't ask no questions.

Dilia likes science, basketball, and animals. Her mother is an active member of the church and is working tirelessly on her own to offer her daughter the best life possible.

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Get in touch with the Orange Couch Foundation to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. One key furniture feature, such as an orange sofa, can hinder a design, or -- on a positive note -- set the stage for the rest of the home.

How to Decorate Your Home With an Orange Sofa

To decorate around a visually dominate couch, mull your options and consult your inner designer for color and style direction. Your living room walls, especially the one backing the couch, should obviously work with orange.

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  • Color-opposites on the color wheel are complementary; across from the multitude of oranges are an array of blues. The darker the orange, the lighter its complementary shades of blue and vice versa. By painting the walls blue, the sofa will stand out because of the strong contrast.

    To create a more mellow look, consider wallpaper with earthy fall colors, such as reds and yellows alongside orange and brown, or try muted red, soft brown or pale yellow paints. Varying the textures throughout a space is as important as your use of color. For example, stark-white wood or vinyl wide-slat blinds could offer textural balance to a reddish couch made from supple micro-suede.

    Mad Men Recap: Season 7, Episode 04 - The Monolith

    At first, we wanted to keep the couch orange. Last year, we bought wacky pillows at IKEA to kind of freshen it up and those pillows really made a big difference. It turns out that rayon and that micro-fiber stuff that it all the rage do not stay soft and smooth for a long time; they wear easily. We finally settled on gray because I like gray and Andy was tired. Gray matches nicely the blue of the reclining leather loveseat also in our living room because it was free and completely comfortable , and this color will likely match any furniture we might acquire in the future.

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    Gray is also a prominent player in the gray-and-purple palette I have going in the bedroom. Someone keep an eye on me, please. Anyway, at long last, our newly recovered couch was delivered on Saturday morning. Luckily, the wacky IKEA pillows still match.