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Cancer: The mysterious miracle cases inspiring doctors

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I also used to go to bed at night wishing I wouldn't wake up. I have tried several times in the last years to turn my life over to God and let him take control. After reading the book, I decided I needed to make a change in my life. If God has touched this lady and pointed her down the right path to recovery, if I turn my life around, maybe he will point me the the right direction. I know the path is not an easy one, but I know it is going to be the right path for me to follow.

I pray that I have the strength and courage to make a change in my life and God creates a miracle in my life. Nannette, thanks for sharing a part of your life Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book?

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Not Enabled Word Wise: Enabled Average Customer Review: Whatever the change is, it might mean that the cells can no longer survive without the essential nutrient. If so, a drug that targets those receptors could kick-start recovery in other patients.

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Brodeur says that two drug companies already have some candidates, and he hopes trials will begin soon. Unfortunately, unexpected recoveries from other kinds of cancer have been less well studied, perhaps because of their rarity. But there are some clues, and they could come from the pioneering work of a little-known American doctor more than years ago.

It was the late 19th Century, and William Bradley Coley was struggling to save a patient with a large tumour in his neck. Five operations had failed to eradicate the cancer.

A History of Miracles

Then the patient caught a nasty skin infection with a scorching fever. Testing the principle on a small number of other patients, Coley found that deliberately infecting them with bacteria, or treating them with toxins harvested from microbes, destroyed otherwise inoperable tumours. View image of SPL Credit: Could infection be the key to stimulating spontaneous remission more generally? Analyses of the recent evidence certainly make a compelling case for exploring the idea.

Other papers have noted tumours vanishing after diphtheria, gonorrhoea, hepatitis, influenza, malaria, measles, smallpox and syphilis. The heat of the fever, for instance, may itself render the tumour cells more vulnerable, and trigger cell suicide. That, in turn, may also stimulate other parts of the immune system — such as our dendritic cells and T-cells — to learn to recognise the tumorous cells, so that they can attack the cancer again should it return.

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There could be many other simple but powerful steps to improve cancer treatment inspired by these insights. One man experienced spontaneous remission after a tetanus and diphtheria vaccination , for instance — perhaps because vaccines also act as a call to arms for the immune system.

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Along these lines, Rashidi points out that a receiving standard vaccine booster — such as the BCG jab against tuberculosis — seems to reduce the chance of melanoma relapse after chemotherapy. Catching a cure Others are considering a far more radical line of attack. For instance, one approach aims to deliberately infect cancer patients with a tropical disease. View image of Should we infect cancer patients with tropical diseases?

The technique, developed by American start-up PrimeVax, involves a two-pronged approach.

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Meanwhile, the patient is given a dose of dengue fever, a disease normally carried by mosquitoes, before they are injected with the newly trained dendritic cells. Under the supervision of doctors in a hospital, the patient would begin to develop a Where the tumour was once able to lurk under the radar, it should now become a prime target for an intense attack from the immune cells, led by the programmed dendritic cells. Infecting vulnerable patients with a tropical illness may sound foolhardy, but dengue fever is less likely to kill the average adult than the common cold — making it the safest choice of infection.

Importantly, once the fever has subsided, the programmed immune cells will remain on the lookout for the tumour, should it reappear. No one could fault the ambition behind this kind of therapy.

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Even so, they are keen to emphasise that their idea is still at a very early stage of development — and they cannot know how it will play out until they begin a clinical trial. The first tests, they hope, will begin with advanced melanoma patients, perhaps by the end of the year. Clearly, caution is necessary. As Irvine points out: A rapid, relatively painless recovery from cancer is now considered a miracle. The dream is that it might just become the norm.

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