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And I called B. All of this—all of these little wins, no matter how small—made me feel really good because I was taking back power. Here are the guidelines he goes by:.

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One other thing my little experiment revealed is it made me much more conscious of my own bullshit. I started to examine what I was saying to other people with a more critical eye and began to notice I seemed to bullshit just as much as I encountered it. This made me wonder if these kinds of white lies are just part of human nature, or if we have all just become morally corrupt. I think a lot of B. It provides us with the amazing power of sharing ideas and helping people work together. That being said, Bergstrom notes that all B.

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I Felt Powerful Needless to say, this event spurred me on, and I started calling out bullshit wherever I went. Here are the guidelines he goes by: Call bullshit on a claim, not a person.

Learn to call bullshit without disrespecting someone, and learn to accept bullshit being called out on you without feeling disrespected. Call bullshit with humility. Design This noise-canceling dog house is perfect for pups who hate thunder Innovation By Design Why so many brands on Instagram look the same Most Innovative Companies Fitter, healthier, happier?

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How wellness drinks took over Instagram. For instance, this Reddit thread has several interpretations. Ristin's response is basically the same as Urban Dictionary's, but his answer was downvoted.

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Another different definition appears on wikipedia. If you meet the stated requirements, I will let you proceed.

money talks, bullshit walks

If you clearly do not meet the stated requirements and are attempting to convince me that I should let you proceed anyway, I will force you to leave. Most commonly, the "stated requirements" are "can you pay the amount I am demanding", i. If they show up without enough money, and instead of paying they attempt to convince the gatekeeper that they are friends of the band, he might well tell them "Money talks, BS walks" as he refuses them entry.

When you talk about someone or something "walking", it can mean and in this does does mean that that someone or something has to leave, has to walk away.

So "Money talks, BS walks" means that only money will do. Any attempt to get around the money requirement is just BS, and will not work, and you will have to walk away without what you are trying to get. Money talks, bullshit walks , in a nutshell, means that actions are more important than words.

Wiktionary marks it as a rhyming elaboration of the idiom "money talks" , US and provides a more extended explanation:. This proverbial idiomatic expression is "especially useful when real money is involved: This is is a very rude and aggressive way to express this idea. A milder equivalent for it is "Put your money where your mouth is". By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

What Happened When I Spent A Week Calling People Out On Their B.S.

What does the phrase, "Money talks, BS walks" mean? I replaced a bad word with "BS". Rompey 6, 2 23 I think this could be a good question, but did you try to look it up? The Urban Dictionary explains it fairly well.