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There is more to come with this story. Britta is the engine of conversation in the group. With her gone an odd discomfort sets in as everyone waits for someone to talk. Part of what defines Troy is his wonderful innocence.

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Remove Troy from the group and bad things begin to happen. Annie trips getting up from the table and the gun in her purse goes off striking Pierce in the leg. When Britta runs out of the bathroom with her lit joint still between her lips it falls to the ground starting a fire. In this timeline Jeff and Annie kiss before recognizing some of the deeper issues that have kept them apart. This is our actual timeline as Abed prevented the roll of the dice and we find the study group dynamic with Jeff out of the way for the moment to be fun, loving and goofy.

Chaos Theory Documentary

What does that mean? Quantum chaos follows the same principle, but it aims to explain the strangeness that occurs within an atom, where protons and neutrons behave like waves rather than particles. This can also apply to the behaviour of waves on a larger scale, such as irregular movements of both electrons and nuclei, as well as things like sound waves in a furnished room, or rays of light in optical instruments.

And it introduces another level of complexity on top of regular chaos theory. Researchers have long tried to make predictions about how quantum chaos would behave, but it's challenging as chaotic systems are so sensitive to the initial numbers entered in calculations. Finally, t he M iller and A lvarado s tated t hat b efore. Actas 15 June In the subsequent governmental neg otiations, the Company sold h ectareas of l and. Also, the Gove rnment. In accordance w ith the c ontract of 1 , t he Co mpany h anded. The Compan y donat ed to C osta R ica the use of a ll water and se wer.

In return, however, the Company. In regards to the. A closer examination of the facts reveals that the Compan y h ad perhaps exaggerated the. Even after drastic ally reducing lands. In , the Zona Sur proved to be the s econd most. Combined wit h all. In that y ear, there. The p receding was found in a docu ment entitled El Fin iquito in the M unicipalit y of Golfit o.

By t he year , only. Evi dence in s upport of this hy pothesis comes from t he. Palma Tica, then a subsidiary of t he Compan y, continued with the production of the. In , P alma Rica maint ained 7, hectares devoted to the cultivation. This important fact looms large over the su bsequent years of povert y in.

T he negative i mpact on r egion cannot b e understated,. Company was able to leave on its o wn terms, keeping and s elling what it wanted. Evaluating Golfito after the Company moved: The s ituation in Golfito as the banana ope rations wound down was n othing short of. In complianc e w ith t he g overnmental agreement of 1 , t he C ompany f inally. I n the z ona gris , workers. According to various interviews a nd.

Groups of squatte rs came and took over.

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  4. This housin g situation fueled the chaotic fires spreadin g. People who had worked f or the Company for as m any as thirty y e ars were suddenl y left. To make matters worse, the. B ecause salaries had b een at a su bsistence. In response to this situation, most former employ ees and their families left Golfito and.

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    Some w ent San Jose or G uanacaste, and still. In April of , the council of Golfito. To say those who stayed in the Zona Sur and Golfito found themselves in economic. However, thi s proved to be an. For the w omen in the a rea, some f elt. Actas , 15 April Actas , 18 July Alcoholis m and d rug use also.

    A s man y citizens. These e vents gra phicall y. After fifty y e ars of Compan y. However, since no k ind of internal e conomic or social. Initial interactions between Municipal and National Governments. The local econom y and inhabit ants were not the o nly ones left d ependent. So too was t he. A s a r esult, t he local g overnment t urned t o the n ational g overnment for h elp. What followed was a c lassic stor y of. Once stripped of the f oreign resources, t he r egion pr oved u nable to.

    As it soon b ecame obvious t hat the Company p lanned to a bandon banana ope rations in.

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    Government o f Costa Ri ca f or h elp. Throu ghout the turbulent years o f 1 a nd ,. Finall y, late in the frustrations of t he Council reached a boiling point, and. President of t he Republic, d ue to a la ck of r esponsibilit y towards th e probl ems faced by.

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    Golfito, has thirt y da ys in which to conduct a forum concerning the Zona Sur. The na tional government finally responded when on January 26, t he F irst Vice-. However, this meeting was fruitless as it. It was n ot until N ovember 27, 4, that th e Council of Golfito. Once ag ain, the y impl ored the national government of. Costa Rica for help in the region. In earl y December of , the national gove rnment. House in San Jose to discuss the state of negotiations betwe en the Company and the. May 7 , 1 the Company of ficiall y hand ed over r esponsibility f or trash c ollection a nd.

    As a pr actical consequence, all. It is important to keep in mind that this state ment is indeed true, as Costa Rica, alon g with nearl y every. In , Costa Rica earned the dubio us distinction o f being the fir st of many Latin Americ an countries to. This m ove al so posed a numb er of p roblems for the Muni cipal Government,. It became evident that t he magnitude of the ch allenges far outstripped the r esources or. In J uly, the Council, frustrated with the lack of help received form. The C ouncil s tressed t hat t he p romises of h elp.

    Finall y, the council members once a gain demanded that the. Throughout the course of , the Council repeatedly discussed potential. However, li ttle r eal progress was made, and the e conomic. The inability of the na tional government to hel p the local m unicipality and pe ople of. Golfito should not be viewe d as intrinsic n ational problems, but r ather as re flecting the.

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    Company, could n ot afford to s pend more m oney to help t he region. In fact, a fter the. This will be discusses lat er on in the paper. Thus, even t hough the. Actas, 7 May Actas, 18 June T he dep endenc y of the Zona Sur not only a ffected. It was now apparent that ne ither the Company nor the national g overnment would. In January of , the Muni cipal C ouncil. A representative from the Empresa de.

    Oleoductos Costarricenses explained that such a pipeline would provide an estimated. A f ew weeks later t he C ouncil r eceived a. T hus, the f irst atte mpt t o solve t he job c rises in G olfito. Golfito, explaining that the infrast ructure left behind by the Compan y proved an excellent. T hroughout the c ourse of t he y ea r, the.

    Council believed the creation of a dut y free zone in Golfit o t o be the most viable opti on,.

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    8. T he Council also att empted t o promote. However, a lack of resources, boats and inexperience. Also, for the next four years the municipalit y asked for. It is interesting to not e that not once did the lo cal m unicipality propose ba nanas as a. Another reason was t hat sim ply the local g overnment and its inhabitants d id not poss ess. The C ompany controlled all the railroads, and the rails t hat were not taken up. Thus, ev en if the region solv ed th e problems of transporting bananas to the. T he i nabilit y of any local.

      Wi th the help of the N ational B ank o f Costa Rica the national. However, this particular venture. In P alma Sur and surrounding regions, the government set up no. As a result, the National Bank, which had financed th e project with. In the national government helped fund the l atest agricultural project in the Zona.