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Crucible Summary

Should he tell the doctor? More importantly, is the mission real or imagined? The psychiatrist gives Joe several prescriptions that he regrettably rips to shreds upon leaving the medical center. After a brief interlude in Harlem, Joe makes the decision to accompany Harry to the Middle East where they will attempt to disrupt the imaginary government of the imaginary country of Hajikistan. At the same time, it is a discussion of political actions that governments have taken, the toll those actions have had on the citizens of said countries, and the devastating effects the quest for power and money has had on the world.

DESTINY: THE TAKEN KING - Veteran's Quest! ★ "The TROLL Green Engram!" Let's Play / Walkthrough

Discussions include the manipulation of religion, how to get rid of a dictator, and the long and at times violent history Muslims and Christians have shared. One of those meanings just so happens to be someone with experience in a specific field. Take you for instance. You may be a veteran of a war but you're also a veteran of lodging your head so far up your rectal cavity that you can see the flag you lodged up in there when you decided you needed to post this on an Internet forum because people don't consider you important enough to take you seriously anymore.

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I respect war heroes. I respect people who respect others and don't act like an entitled fresh out of the army 20 something with the brain of a 14 year old. There's definitely a difference.

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  • You can guess where you fall. It's the last one.

    Xxx WAR VET xxX - Destiny Profile Overview

    Not soldiers in general. I'm an Iraq war vet. I admit that there is a part of me that laughs when some gamer thinks that he's some kind of grizzled vet that's gone through "the shit" because he sat on his couch for months playing a video game. Like it was a hardship or trial of some kind.


    But honestly, I don't mind it. Let them feel that way. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of camaraderie. There's nothing wrong with that. As long as they aren't douchey about it, then I don't care. I serve in the Military as well. Not a veteran but one day will. This post is stupid and a waste of space here.

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    Veteran can refer to anything.. First I want to say, thank you for serving for our country, now I'm sure us gamers do not mean "War Veterans" but "destiny veterans" because we they have been playing for a long time. I'm a veteran usmc and this post is stupid.

    Working Out Her Destiny - Where are the Women: Examples from the LVA Collections

    Actually we are veterans. During the PlayStation Twitch Stream, Community Manager DeeJ, when asked whether long-time players would have their hundreds of hours in Destiny 1 recognized in Destiny 2, had this to say: This is a brand new adventure. Though nothing is confirmed yet, players in the community have already begun speculating what the Veteran Reward might be. Some users on Reddit have suggested that instead of an Emblem, Bungie could perhaps reward Year 1 Guardians with some form of insignia beside their name, such as a star.