Manual Graduating from Hack to Architected Development

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Game Over for Architects?

Yeti works with companies from large enterprises to startups on building innovative products that blend the physical and digital world. The terms hacker, programmer, engineer and computer scientist get thrown around a lot, and they're all too frequently mixed up as a broad definition of anybody who's working on software. But if you want to effectively clarify business needs and project goals, it's important to understand that these are not all the same thing though someone who can program a computer can utilize different skills to achieve different outcomes.

Gamespace Urbanism: City-Building Games and Radical Simulations

At Yeti, we try to make a clear distinction from when we're hacking, programming, engineering and applying computer science to our development process. If you also work with software development teams, it's important to know the difference between these terms, and that they are not interchangeable.

Protecting the enterprise with cybersecure IT architecture

The Hacker Hackers build things quickly to try to get them off the whiteboard and into your hands. It's more about proving a concept than caring about long-term quality. So while hackers often have to be able to conceptualize how a product will eventually get built while furiously writing code, this role is all about speed. Hackers and "hacking it together" are mostly valuable when prototyping a product or dealing with an emergency situation. Hacking is not concerned about the long term effects of the code.

For us, hacking is mostly used in the prototyping phase. For instance, when connecting a home appliance to a mobile phone. In the early stages we will rapidly prototype a couple of educated guesses on how we can make them connect -- the goal is to just see if the pieces will fit together. We know later we will make the solution much more robust. AWS is leading the pack in almost every aspect. This is bad news for the folks at Azure and Google Cloud Platform but it is great news for you. Their offerings touch almost every aspect of technology, and discussing them would be outside the scope of this article.

The Difference Between Hackers, Programmers, Engineers and Computer Scientists | HuffPost

They are constantly adding more offerings and innovating in a way that is leaving the competition in the dust. Unlike other vendors, Amazon offers a realistic certification path that does not require highly specialized and expensive training to start. As of early , AWS offers 3 tiers:. The most common approach is to start with the Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

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It is a great way to get familiar with the AWS ecosystem and core services. You are required to have an associate certificate before you can sit for the professional or specialty exams. Furthermore, AWS requires that you have your Solutions Architect associate certificate before you can take the Solutions Architect professional test, or that you have your Developer or SysOps Associate certificate before you can sit for the DevOps Professional test. As far as training, the best resource by far is A Cloud Guru.

"The Makings of a Modern Application Architecture" - Sam Ramji Keynote

I passed all three associate certificates by relying mainly on their excellent courses. To me one of the biggest things that has yet to gain the same notoriety outside of marketing circles as growth hacking is the concept of the Marketing Stack. But the reality is it forces you to think about growth like we think about product. You architect it rather than hack it. I want to champion the creation of the Growth Architect. Who is the growth architect?

Limits of existing architecture

The person who knows you need to build a growth system rather than hunting for a singular hack. And frankly the hacking came back to bite us in the ass. I think relying on the hack has made people vulnerable to the bigger risk of architecting a system that can drive repeatable growth. Sign in Get started.

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