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App gratuita su raccolta differenziata nei comuni liguri 24 July Il biodigestore anaerobico di Rimini 18 July Oxygen-free, zero-emissions recycling breakthrough 3 July EU meets most international air pollutant emissions limits, further cuts possible 2 July Green from the heart: Meinhardt chooses Sennebogen 27 June Guidetti Recycling lands in Japan 10 June The digester in Novi Ligure 29 May Ecomondo sviluppa il business internazionale delle imprese 22 May Start-Stop for construction machines 14 May On the other, the Paris Agreement has brought as many as countries, including China and the United States, to adopt plans of national measures to mitigate the climate crisis.

The purpose of the agreement is to ratify their will to work deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality by and to try not to exceed the increase of 1. Although things are taking a turn in the green direction there is still much to be done, since the pace of change continues to be inadequate.

In the first eight years, our organisation has grown and the staff has tripled. The General States of the Green Economy have the purpose to develop proposals and recommendations for policy makers in order to affirm a new Italian economy trend towards the development of a green economy with the broad involvement of companies and business organizations. Promoted by the National Council of the Green Economy — which gathers 66 business organizations — in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, the States General are a multi-stakeholder participatory process based on a bottom-up consultation approach of the main Italian green economy actors.

The participatory process and stakeholders involvement take place through: For more information on the issue in The aim of sustainable mobility is to promote social inclusion, the efficient use of resources and the continuous reduction of mobility impacts on human well-being and the environment. The intervention strategy to achieve this goal lays on three integrated lines of action: Using this approach, the Foundation develops strategies for action, writes research reports for evaluation of policies and, organizes events and meetings for the dissemination and diffusion of good practices.

The fight against climate change represents a major challenge, not only of environmental nature, but also of our age. The world of energy, in its broadest sense, is changing rapidly. It is necessary to accelerate this process in order to achieve full decarbonisation of the economy by It is a challenge that we can win, thanks to the growth of renewable sources of energy, to the increase of clean energy savings and to the promotion of efficiency in all areas.

On these issues, the Foundation has conducted many studies and research, analyzing different subjects ranging from national energy scenarios to the costs of energy; it supports companies and public bodies in planning and programming like in the European initiative of the Covenant of Mayors. Moreover, the Foundation organizes conferences and workshops on relevant issues and it produces periodic insights, such as the Climate Dossier and the Italy climate report, taking stock of current policies and of updated national and international data.

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To succeed, a green economy needs innovative instruments and approaches which apply to the business world and beyond. There is need for new reporting tools, able to grasp and transparently communicate the real contribution made to the green transition. The ability to develop eco-innovation both in processes and in products, pursuing continuous improvement, is also essential.

The Foundation supports businesses and public administrations in the definition of advanced green strategies, in the search for new business models oriented towards sustainability, in environmental certification paths and in the assessment and reporting of their performance. For this purpose, it has also developed an original product, the Green Economy report, which is specifically designed for those enterprises active in the transition to a green economy. Intelligent use of materials is one of the pillars of sustainable development.

The philosophy of the Foundation is to always look ahead to stimulate, support, and facilitate the change of the current production and consumption model s.

In order to achieve the green economy objectives and, with them, to accomplish circularity, the instruments chosen to do so are consensus-building, development of proposals and cognitive support. To fulfill such a commitment, the Foundation has established a structure for the development of studies, analysis and proposals in the field of efficient use of materials within production, distribution and consumption processes, as well as in the area of waste management.

The activities are varied since they target both the private and the public sector. The need to develop new business models which really take into account the services provided by natural systems, has been promoted with ever greater commitment by the most important international organizations. In this context, companies will need to be able to play an active role in the enhancement of the Natural Capital , in order to seize the opportunities arising from a market that looks at these issues with growing interest.

The Foundation promotes activities aimed at the environmental rehabilitation of territories, at the creation of green infrastructure, at the recognition and valuation of ecosystem services towards business involvement in conservation initiatives and, at the enhancement of the Natural Capital.

In support of the Ministry of Environment, the Foundation is involved in the initiating actions to implement the Charter of Rome that aims to optimize synergies between the Cultural Capital and the Natural Capital as well as to develop virtuous experiences of green economy in National Parks.

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