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And to lend support to closeted clowns everywhere. Delfini says her comedic show, subtitled because of her diminuitive size, is about a recovery program designed by a mad scientist. The three-week festival has something for everyone, including a kid-friendly pie fight to kick off the fun on Sept. But never more than 20 times. Comment on this story. UnaWhite posted a photo:. It was a populist message that resonated strongly with voters, giving the dark horse candidate a boost among concerned progressives and independents during a tooth and nail primary battle. Earlier today, Sanders tweeted out a link asking employees of the online retail giant to share their experiences working for the company.

The form allows current and former Amazon employees to share their stories either on the record or anonymously. Are you a current or former Amazon employee? Please share your experiences with Sen. Amazon has not been very forthcoming. They are receiving either Medicaid, food stamps or public housing.

But the discrepancy between its highest and lowest wage earners is enough for him to call into question why government subsidies are required to buoy those on the bottom rung. This is precisely what the proposed legislation aims to address. Put simply, Sanders says we have every reason to believe that the richest man in the world can afford to pay employees more. He has enough money to pay his workers a living wage. He does not need corporate welfare.

And our goal is to see that Bezos pays his workers a living wage. These are good jobs with highly competitive pay and full benefits. General view of the Amazon warehouse in San Fernando de Henares. A protestor cited by The Guardian in said it was better to be homeless than work for the retailer. Amazon has since been on something of a charm offensive in response to those PR headaches.

Last week, there was the odd phenomenon of an army of Twitter accounts claiming to be warehouse workers who were serving up similar talking points. And Sanders notes that his office is casting the net wider than just Amazon. Disney and Walmart have also been targeted by the senator. Tell me how that is right. I will improve conditions. With Democrats in the minority in the U. The Bank of Spain revealed that bad actors used a denial-of-service DoS attack to temporarily disrupt access to its website.

With Stoke City leading in stoppage time, Huddersfield was desperate to find the back of the net in the game's closing seconds and stave off elimination. Midfielder Juninho Bacuna did just that — unfortunately in the form of an own goal. With the ball bouncing close to midfield, the year-old making his first ever appearance for Huddersfield struck the ball in an attempt to send it back into the scoring area, but instead sliced the ball up and around his own keeper to score on his own net from an astounding 40 yards out.

World class own goal in Stoke v Huddersfield pic. Outside of that competition, things aren't much brighter for the squad — the Terriers are winless through three games in their Premier League campaign, and will travel to Everton on Saturday in search of their first victory.

An underwater sculpture garden in Bali is helping to restore coral reefs — and you can snorkel through it. The post Golla on brink of international breakthrough appeared first on Good News from Finland. Get Report Sample and Customization: The regional scope of the study is as follows: The study objectives of this report are: To analyze and study the global Consumer Skin Care Devices sales, value, status and forecast Focuses on the key Consumer Skin Care Devices manufacturers, to study the sales, value, market share and development plans in future.

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Norway continues to lead the European rankings with the highest number of plug-in sales. As always, we offer our VPS on SSDs, so we guarantee the best possible performance for your VPS server, you can finally compress or make a backup and to keep working on your VPS as if nothing was happening, and of course ensuring the best possible price.

Dual Xeon L 2. More info Looking Glass: Interxion Madrid Spain Virtualization: I remain at your disposal to answer your questions in this thread or you can contact the support service to clear any questions you have. I invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news. It's good to have something you love to do — something that brings zest and joy to your life. When he wasn't committing murder, Muhammed was talking about murder or threatening to murder.

Nor, to be sure, was it just ordinary murder. It was jihad — murder for the purpose of expanding the reach of Islam, which, by the time he died in , had been spread by the sword to the whole Arabian peninsula. Indeed, the reason why the House of Islam continued to expand so fast after Muhammed's death was that he taught his disciples well.

The love of murder proved infectious, especially after he informed them — as Allah had informed him — that anyone who died in the act of jihad would go straight to Paradise. That was just the beginning. They subdued Spain al-Andalus. Everywhere they went, they razed houses of worship and destroyed religious art, and, as their Prophet had taught them, offered their Christian and Jewish victims three choices: If in some times and places Muslims placed less emphasis on jihad than in others, it was, Spencer notes, not because their doctrine had altered but because of infighting.

In , Muslims from al-Andalus moved northward into France and were repelled at Tours by Charles Martel — who thereby likely saved all of Europe from imminent Islamization. But the next few centuries saw an almost unbroken record of Islamic triumph — in response to which, in , Pope Urban II called on Europeans to reclaim formerly Christian parts of the Holy Land.

This was the First Crusade. In , the Crusaders won Jerusalem. But the Second Crusade, ordered in , was a bust. In , Jerusalem was lost to Saladin, the most celebrated jihadist of his time. The Third Crusade saw some gains, but the Fourth failed. There were further efforts, also in vain. By the late thirteenth century, the Crusader era was over, its conquests undone.

To buy this lie is, among other things, to wilfully forget how those territories fell under Muslim control in the first place. In any event, the Holy Land was only one of many fronts in the centuries-long clash between jihadists and infidels. In the east, Tamerlane secured India and Georgia for Islam and, in , perished in present-day Kazakhstan on his way to Islamize China. On September 12, , came another decisive Christian victory when the Ottomans were turned back at the gates of Vienna. After Vienna, jihad against the West went small-scale. For generations, the Barbary pirates raided coastal cities and enslaved infidels.

Then, as Western power advanced, Islam fell into decline. Britain annexed the subcontinent. The Ottoman Empire crumbled and gave way to a secular-run Turkey under Kemal Ataturk — but not before committing the massive act of jihad that is now known as the Armenian genocide. But these changes were largely cosmetic. So did the jihadist imperative. In came the biggest act of jihad ever. But this time it was different. For one thing, the enemy was not a government.

For another, this time the West didn't get it — or didn't want to. Bush went to a mosque and, reciting what would become the West's new mantra, made the stupefying claim that Al-Qaeda had violated the tenets of Islam. Under both Bush and his successor, questioning this preposterous assertion became an act of bigotry. Even as the jihadist massacres multiplied, Western governments continued to welcome Muslim migrants by the million. For centuries, Europeans might not have known much, but they knew the reality of Islam.

It was an ever-present existential peril. They certainly had no romantic illusions about it — the very idea would have seemed a grotesque joke. Alas, our generation of Westerners is suffering from a perfect storm of afflictions. We're ignorant of our own history, and what we do know of it we've been encouraged to feel guilty about.

We've been taught that other civilizations are and always have been our victims. We've been trained to see them as having no agency, so that whatever they do to us must be a reaction to something we've done to them. We also live in a secular society in which most of us — our political leaders and mainstream media in particular — are utterly incapable of imagining anyone taking his religion so seriously as to be willing to kill or die for it.

Hence, even though jihadists have repeatedly made clear their motives, our elites tell us repeatedly that the real motives lie elsewhere. And this is why we're in big trouble. If we aren't familiar with the story told in this book, we're screwed. The good news is that Robert Spencer tells it in a way no one else could.

He not only knows all this stuff cold — he knows just how to tell it. Chapter by chapter, anecdote by anecdote, he makes the most of this macabre material. He makes it gripping, and he keeps things moving; he's eminently lucid, vivid, economical. Even if you already know a good deal about the history recounted here, and already grasp its import — which, if you're reading this review, is not unlikely — Spencer recounts it in such a way as to make that last chapter hit home with the power of fresh revelation.

The question is, how to get this book into the hands of the smug and ignorant fools who need it the most? Perhaps the best advice is this: LycaMobile se lanza oficialmente como OMV dirigido a inmigrantes. O mercado continua funcionando - afirmou Oddone. Give us a call! The food and beverage industry is a hard-hitting, fast-paced environment that demands food safe, hygiene awareness no matter Which is needed for what. When Manchester City lifted the English Premier League EPL trophy last season, they became the first side in the history to record points in a single league season. The documentary All or Nothing: Manchester City has been released this month on Amazon Prime.

The eight episodes bring to light the efforts, pain, injuries, drama and setbacks that were shadowed by the relentless Man City , who appeared at total ease, trouncing almost every opponent, dismantling records and easing their way to the top. What appeared a walk in the park was, in reality, a meticulously crafted endeavour that included intricate planning, arduous schedule and chronic injuries.

In the documentary, impassioned Guardiola can be seen slapping his hands, stomach, chest and forehead to make his point which always comes down to goals, goals and goals. He impelled the players with his vigour and occasional curses. He explained to every single player what to do, how to create space and he made sure that his players played exactly the way he wanted and that was shown in a match against Leicester City, when Kevin De Bruyne scored a goal exactly as Guardiola envisaged.

Guardiola also stood behind his players even when their performances dipped. Raheem Sterling bungled a clear scoring chance against Burnley that caused Man City to share the points. Dejected Sterling bore the mea culpa and apologised to Guardiola. However, Guardiola was seen talking with Mikel Arteta and having nothing but praises for Sterling. The documentary depicted the affable environment of the locker room and the relationship that the players had with each other. The friendships also helped players who were compelled to live away from their families like Sergio Aguero, whose son lives in Argentina and visits him once every month.

There was banter between players like one in which Oleksandr Zinchenko had to bark after losing a bet to Sterling.

1pc Creative Stainless Steel Shredded Coconut Scrape Coconut Meat Home Fish Scale Planer - us

Man City has always remained under the shadow of their juggernaut rivals Manchester United. For fans, the elation of seeing their team being bereft of accolades for so long and then clinching three titles in a decade was really a sight to behold. Fans have only imagined the Blues to be this belligerent, and to see their team perform the way they did was an exhilarating experience. The documentary captured the catharsis of Manchester City fans, who have been following this club for ages.

If there has to be one taking from this documentary, it ascertained what a tactical genius Guardiola is. Assessing variability in compliance with recommendations given by the International Diabetes Federation IDF for patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care using electronic records. Assess compliance with the IDF recommendations for patients with Diabetes Type2 DM2 , and its variability, by groups of doctors and nurses who provide primary care services in Navarre Spain. Clinical data were collected retrospectively through electronic records. Using cluster analysis, we identified two groups of units according to the score for each indicator.

We calculated the Odds Ratio, adjusted for age sex, BMI, socioeconomic status and smoking, for complying with each recommendation whether a patient was treated by one of the quota from the highest score to the lowest. An important variability was identified according to the doctor treating patients.

El trazado de Recas, de 1. Each time he orders two espressos — not a double espresso, but two espressos in separate cups. Each time his contact arrives and asks, in Spanish, whether […]. While most of the attention on the upcoming votes around the EU Copyright Directive is on the mandatory filters found in Article 13 , we should be just as concerned about the link tax in Article European publishers have been flat out lying about the proposal, which is little more than an attempt to just demand cash from Google and Facebook.

We've already explained why this is a bad idea. And it's not a theoretical issue either. This very same proposal has been tried in Germany and Spain and it failed miserably in both places, to the point of doing serious damage to traffic to news sites, without increasing revenue. Sigue estos consejos para evitarlo. Virginia here from Spain. This is my first post to Copic Marker Europe and I have to say that it's really exciting for me. I was a child when my aunt took me to the cinema to see the Star Wars premiere.

Princess Leia was, and still she is, my heroine. At that time, women were princesses, not warriors, and Leia was the first one. So I've decided to do my first post with her. Today I'm going to show you how I'm used to colouring a galaxy background. I know there are many tutorials on the Internet but this is my way.

I hope this tutorial encourages you to try it. Here you have a little step by step video tutorial:. The Copic colours I've used:. Stars are done with Uniball white pencil. And this is the finished project. I hope you like my project. See you next month with a new one. Retail Automation in North America Of these two regions, North America is the current market leader, holding the greater pie of retail automation market share. Factors Benefiting the Growth of Retail Automation Market North America and Europe, collectively, will continue their prominence in the global market, with respect to the market size, revenue share, and overall demand.

Proliferation of Shopping Centres and Supermarkets Consumers in the US and European countries prefer buying from hypermarket and malls, which is great platform for automated retail kiosks. Challenges in the Global Retail Automation Market The retail automation market in North America and Europe is growing steadily, but there are a handful of factors that may restrain or slow down its growth. And here are the bounderies of the land that Israel will inherit either through war or peace or God in the future.

God says its Israels land and only Israels land. They will have every inch God promised them of this land in the future. The move has exacerbated a financial crisis in Iran that has sent its currency tumbling. Netanyahu was apparently referring to a suspected bomb plot against an Iranian opposition rally in France in late June that was thwarted by authorities.

An Iranian diplomat is suspected of involvement. For missiles, and to the Revolutionary Guard. Netanyahu arrived Thursday in Vilnius on a four-day visit, the first to Lithuania by an Israeli prime minister. But in response, the European Commission said Friday that it will follow migration law rather than bowing to threats. We also believe unconstructive comments, let alone threats, are not helpful and will not get us any closer to a solution.

The migrants have been blocked at the Sicilian port of Catania on the Diciotti vessel since Monday night as the Italian government refuses to allow them to disembark without commitments from the EU to take a portion of them in. On Thursday Winterstein told reporters that a meeting of high-level representatives from around a dozen member states would be held on Friday to discuss the issue.

Each country funds the bloc as a proportion of its wealth and receives a part in return. Migration is an important issue in Italy, where hundreds of thousands of people have arrived since In West Bank settlements, the housing market is booming-Many settlers are ideologically committed to the principle of Jews living in Judea and Samaria, the biblical name for the area. It made little difference to him that those houses were in Israeli West Bank settlements. A religious Zionist, he sees no problem living in the territory that the international community views as occupied.

A generation later, Lipkin is facing the same problem. His kids want to move back to Ofra — but now it, too, is unaffordable. Now he sees houses the same size in Ofra sell for at least 1. In fewer than 20 years, in other words, the price of housing in the settlement has doubled. We have five kids and we have no idea how our kids will buy their own house without becoming enslaved to a crazy mortgage. In , there were fewer than , settlers living in the West Bank, excluding eastern Jerusalem, according to Btselem, a left-wing Israeli organization.

Now the number is closer to , And home prices are rising accordingly. Many of the settlers are ideological — committed to the principle of Jews living in what they call Judea and Samaria and Israel retaining control of the area. But others were drawn by the quality of life offered by settlements — larger houses, more green space and intimate communities. The Israeli government has also facilitated that comfort, building access roads that avoid Palestinian areas and increasing the number of bus lines that go directly to the settlements.

The changes mean that many settlers can live their lives, if they choose, largely avoiding contact with the Palestinian villages around them. Even relatively distant settlements like Ofra have the feel of a suburb. But now the settlements are becoming more like Israel in yet another way: The safer settlements feel, the more their home prices rise to meet the national average.

According to a November paper by the Shoresh Institute, a research group in Israel, housing construction in the settlements did not keep up with population growth. Now the same houses are selling for 1. Right-wing politicians like Naftali Bennett, the minister of education, have pushed annexation of so-called consensus settlements like Efrat — those that most Israelis assume will remain part of the country under any future scenario — for years.

As he walked through an empty corner townhouse for sale in Efrat, real estate agent Yaniv Gabbay said as the prospect of a Palestinian state — and corresponding settlement evacuation — becomes more and more distant, Israelis feel increasingly comfortable investing in West Bank property. This five-bedroom unit on the corner was going for 2. According to Peace Now, a left-wing Israeli NGO that monitors settlement activity, the number of construction starts in the settlements was 17 percent above the annual average in On Wednesday, Israel announced the advancement of construction plans for 1, more housing units in the West Bank.

She is less worried about Israelis who move to the West Bank for quality-of-life reasons than the tens of thousands of ideological settlers who are committed to living deep in the West Bank. When Miriam Shatsky and her husband were looking to buy a home recently, a mortgage agent laughed at them after they revealed their salaries and said they wanted to live in the central Israeli city of Modiin.

That definitely [was] a significant factor in ending up here. With right-wing politicians frequently calling for some form of settlement annexation, Israel is doing more to absorb the settlements than to leave them. And in the meantime, more Israelis keep moving in. I see that Judea and Samaria is part of the State of Israel. The comments by Pierre Kraehenbuehl came amid signs that the US, with Israeli support, is aiming to abolish UNRWA in an apparent attempt to remove one of the most contentious issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the negotiating agenda.

It recently laid off over people in the Gaza Strip and cut back the hours of other employees. The upcoming school year for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children across the Middle East has been threatened. He said he still has not gotten a straight answer from the Americans about why they made their decision. The Palestinians, who seek east Jerusalem as their capital, condemned the decision and severed nearly all ties with the Americans.

The Palestinians fear the US is putting pressure on host countries to absorb their refugee populations and eliminate the issue from future peace negotiations. The White House says it is working on a regional peace plan, though it has not said when it will be released. An estimated , Palestinians fled or were forced from their homes in the fighting. The agency now provides education, health care and social services to more than 5 million refugees and their descendants. Seen by the Palestinians and most of the international community as providing a valuable safety net, UNRWA is viewed far differently by Israel.

He rejected the Israeli claim that his agency is perpetuating the conflict, saying that it is carrying out a UN-mandated mission that reflects the will of the international community. Kraehenbuehl said that Israeli claims that the Palestinians are the only people to pass down refugee status to their children also are unfounded, saying that Afghan refugees displaced decades ago have the same status.

For now, he said there are enough funds to keep the schools running only until the end of the month. An aggressive fund-raising effort is under way to ensure the schools operate for the entire academic year. So we will knock on every door, we will leave no stone unturned until we have good news on this front. Duncan Hunter, had been indicted on corruption charges. Campa-Najjar suddenly found himself thrust in the spotlight — fielding calls from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, supporters, even some local Republican elected officials.

It was the attention, Campa-Najjar said, that his campaign deserved. The former Obama administration Labor Department official received only 17 percent of the votes in the June primary, 30 points behind Hunter, an Iraq war veteran who has represented the most Republican district in Southern California for 10 years. After months of knocking on doors, Campa-Najjar is seizing the opportunity to introduce himself to voters in the 50th District. I feel for him and his family, but I feel more for the people of our district who deserve some much-needed representation after many years of not having a real representative.

The younger Hunter has been handily re-elected each time in a district where Republicans have a point registration advantage over Democrats. Campa-Najjar, whose father is Palestinian Muslim and mother a Mexican-American Catholic, vows to reach people who had voted for President Barack Obama in and eight years later backed Donald Trump. They are ignored, by my party, their party and the country. He does not believe in abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency like some liberal candidates have advocated.

Campa-Najjar, who lives in Jamul near the US-Mexico border, says walls are not the answer when 40 percent of those entering the US illegally come by plane or overstay their visas. He supports tougher fines for employers who break immigration laws and believes that immigrants who were brought to the United States as children should be given US citizenship. Campa-Najjar said his motivation for running is personal. His mother, who divorced his father when he was 8, did not have the government support she needed to raise Campa-Najjar and his brother, he said. At 15, he worked as a janitor to help her pay the bills.

Campa-Najjar said he is proud of his heritage but is American first. He has made clear that he has no personal connection to his grandfather, Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar who was a mastermind of the terrorist murder of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes and coaches at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. Al-Najjar was assassinated a year later by Israeli commandos. The office is in a dilapidated home with yellow tape around the front porch.

It remains to be seen whether the Democratic Party will pump money into a race they had believed less winnable than other districts with vulnerable Republican incumbents. A Campa-Najjar victory would be an upset even with the allegations against Hunter, 41, and his wife Margaret. The Hunters pleaded not guilty Thursday. The quake was recorded at 4: The epicenter was kilometers 83 miles west of the Peruvian village of Inapari, and kilometers miles west of the Bolivian city of Cobija. The Geophysics Institute of Peru put the magnitude of the quake at 7.

The head of Civil Defense, Jorge Chavez, told radio station RPP that the quake was felt in various locations in southeastern Peru, but due to its depth there were no immediate reports of damage. Earthquakes are common in Peru, which falls within the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire. Japan's weather agency downgraded a separate storm from typhoon strength after it crossed a swath of the western part of the country overnight. South Korea's weather agency said Yyphoon Soulik's force has diminished as it moved northeast but was still expected to pound the country's mountainous eastern region with strong rain and winds before exiting the peninsula in the afternoon.

North Korea reported heavy rain in its east coast city of Wonsan and in neighboring Munchon, which were lashed by No details were immediately available on whether anyone had been injured. The North's capital of Pyongyang, which is also its biggest city, received only a relatively mild rainfall Friday. South Korea's government said a man in his 30s was injured and a year-old woman was missing after she was apparently swept away in southern Jeju island Wednesday night.

A year-old boy was injured in Goheung, a southern mainland county, after a wall collapsed on Thursday. About 22, power outages were reported at homes, buildings and farms in the southern regions and more than flights were canceled on Thursday. No major damages have been reported in Seoul and the surrounding metropolitan area, where about half of the country's 50 million people live. The Japan Meteorological Agency said Cimarron, now a tropical storm, was back at sea and heading for northern Japan after bringing heavy rain and high winds to the port city of Kobe and elsewhere in western Japan overnight.

The agency said Cimarron was moving north with maximum sustained winds of 90 kilometers 56 miles per hour with gusts to kph 78 mph. It was forecast to reach the northern island of Hokkaido on Friday night. The storm caused scattered damage, flooding and landslides as it swept across western Japan the previous night.

A large wind turbine toppled on Awaji island near Kobe and a worship hall collapsed at a Shinto shrine in Kyoto, leaving the roof almost on the ground. Japan's disaster agency tallied 30 people injured, two seriously. More than flights were canceled and high-speed bullet train service was suspended in the region.

Three students were believed to have been dragged into the ocean by strong waves while setting off fireworks at a beach in Shizuoka City as the typhoon approached Wednesday night. Japanese media said the search for them resumed Friday. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: Transforming the "Valley of the Fallen" site, marked by a metre foot cross on a mountainside near Madrid and criticized as Europe's only remaining monument to a fascist leader, is a longstanding ambition of the Socialist Party which returned to office in June.

The government issued a decree that reduces the risk of legal claims, including from Franco's descendants, preventing the exhumation. The Franco era remains a sensitive topic in Spain, more than 40 years after he died. During his rule, tens of thousands of his enemies were killed and imprisoned in a campaign to wipe out dissent, and as many as , combatants and civilians died in the preceding civil war, which split the nation in two.

Past political crimes were pardoned as part of Spain's transition to democracy in the late s, fostering resentment among victims' families, very few of whom have managed to start the process of unearthing the remains of soldiers from both sides from the Valley of the Fallen. Franco's exhumation should be completed by the end of this year, with a view to turning the monument into "a place of commemoration, remembrance and homage to the victims of the war," Calvo said.

Following their unexpected ouster of Mariano Rajoy's conservative People's Party PP administration, the Socialists hold just a quarter of the seats in parliament. That puts major economic and political changes out of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's reach, and he sustained a painful defeat over his budget last month.

Instead, he has bet on high-profile measures likely to appeal to left-wing voters: A man at the site on Friday morning wore a t-shirt bearing the eagle-adorned flag in use during Franco's rule, and fresh flowers lay on the dictator's tomb. Recent polls suggest the Socialists would easily win a national election now, some indicating a lead of almost 10 percentage points over the PP. Parliament passed a non-binding motion last year to remove the remains from the mausoleum despite the PP's abstention.

Sanchez resorted to passing a decree on the exhumation after failed negotiations with Franco's seven grandchildren, who reportedly engaged a notary to formalize their opposition. Carmen Martinez Bordiu, the eldest of his heirs, declined a Reuters request for comment. The abbot who runs the site and had appealed against other exhumations also declined to comment. The family will have 15 days from the end of August to decide where they want Franco's remains to be taken. If they do not make a joint decision in that time, the government will decide where the new grave will be.

AP — A lacerating grand jury report on sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania is especially difficult reading for a church where five of the accused priests served as pastor. For parishioners of St. Therese's Church, outside Wilkes-Barre in northeastern Pennsylvania, the report dredged up painful memories of broken trust and provoked disgust at church leaders who kept abusive priests on the job.

At least two instances took place at the church, according to the grand jury. Therese's lost a pastor over sexual misconduct as recently as Yet for all the heartbreak, the pews were full last weekend. And while it's too early to tell whether the bombshell revelations will affect attendance or giving at St. Therese's, a vibrant parish serving about 1, families, church members say they separate their faith from the evil acts of supposedly holy men. Do we want them in our community anymore? No, definitely not," longtime parishioner Kathie Kemmerer said after morning Mass this week.

But "inasmuch as we're upset about everything and we feel terrible for the victims, we'll keep coming. We'll keep coming because this is the place to get God's grace. The Pennsylvania report, along with recent sexual abuse allegations against the retired archbishop of Washington, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, has plunged the Catholic Church into crisis more than 15 years after the clergy abuse scandal first broke in Boston.

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In a videotaped message played at St. Therese's and throughout the Diocese of Scranton last weekend, Bishop Joseph Bambera apologized for what he called a "disturbing and painful chapter in the life of our church," adding: I am angry too. I would hope that your trust in the church can be restored at some point.

Therese's member Joann David said she's angrier with bishops and other high-ranking church officials who kept quiet about child abuse than she is with pedophile priests. The grand jury report singles out former Scranton Bishop James Timlin, who led the diocese for 19 years until his retirement, describing how he covered for abusive priests and "left children in danger. How do you do that?

But the people that cover it up and put them into another parish where they can do the same thing over again? That to me is bad," she said.

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Therese's was among the parishes where abusive priests were dumped. In , a woman caught the church's pastor, the Rev. Joseph Meighan, disrobing her year-old son in the rectory, according to the grand jury. That took place 20 years after the Scranton diocese interviewed at least four boys who said Meighan had disrobed and fondled them. The priest received psychological treatment and was swiftly returned to the pulpit. The boy's parents remain active members of the church. They thought that they had been over it 30 years ago, and it just brought it all back up for them," said the current pastor, the Rev.

Other priests named in the grand jury report served at St. Therese's in the s and '60s, from and from But several parishioners said they retain their trust in the clergy, pointing out that only a small percentage of priests have ever been accused. One parishioner delivered a pizza and two packs of Twizzlers, one of his favorites. The victims are the victims.

Victims first, but you as well because you are the church. And the church is suffering now. The church is really suffering. Growing numbers are fleeing economic meltdown and political turmoil in Venezuela, threatening to overwhelm neighboring countries. Officials from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru will meet in Bogota next week to seek a way forward. Ecuador and Peru have this month tightened entry rules for Venezuelans, requiring them to carry valid passports instead of just national ID cards. While in Brazil, rioters drove hundreds back over the border.

Describing those events as early warning signs, International Organization for Migration IOM spokesman Joel Millman said funding and means of managing the outflow must be mobilized. UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic said on Friday that governments had made "commendable" efforts despite some reception capacities and services being overwhelmed. But "some disturbing images" had emerged from the region in the past week. Reporting by Stephanie Nebehay; editing by John Stonestreet. Sierra de la Alfaguara. It's good to see Team Dimension Data finally winning their first World Tour victory of their drought filled season.

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Ali said between Monday and yesterday the hospital discharged 14 patients. Four people were charged for the robbery but the stolen cash has not been recovered. He was referring to Jews? Actually, he was referring to some pro-Israel members of the audience who came up and started arguing with the Palestinian ambassador who had presented the history of Palestine and used irony, which Corbyn thought these guys didn't get.

He specifically referred to "the Zionists in the audience. What was the cause of this rise to media prominence? At a Palestine meeting in Parliament in , which he tried to disrupt, Millett was told by Jeremy Corbyn that he should study some history and for good measure get a grip on English irony. There is nothing obvious about this at all of course. Corbyn was careful to distinguish between Jews and Zionists, unlike the Jewish Chronicle. Richard Millett is one of the best known Zionist thugs and bully boys amongst a group of Zionists whose sole purpose is to disrupt Palestinian and anti-Zionist meetings in London.

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In December I did a feature on 31 of these Zionist fascists, misfits and assorted thugs. Richard Millett was number 13 on the list and the piece on him was accompanied by a picture of him with Paul Besser, former Intelligence Officer for the neo-Nazi Britain First group. So much for his opposition to anti-Semitism! Absurdly the Times article quotes Millett as claiming that he was frightened of recriminations if Corbyn was toppled as a result of the row. I think we are all scared. It is a sign of the degeneration of the British press and the BBC that they take these claims at face value without even doing a cursory investigation into their background.

According to a witness I have spoken to the following was actually what happened: The incident happened just a few weeks after a policeman was murdered at the House of Commons. There was an increased armed police presence. Because of the increase security immediately after the murder an armed police detail was closest and first to arrive. However, and this is what is important, the armed police explained that they would not remove the disrupters and called for regular police to deal with the situation.

I was there and clearly heard all this as Millet also did. One is they don't want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don't understand English irony either. This apparently is anti-Semitic according to the paper which supported Hitler before the war! Although the Mail does not mention Millett the video link is from Millets blog where he is seen and heard shouting throughout.

Wallis-Simons is the go-to guy for Blumenthal whenever she or the misnamed Campaign Against Anti-Semitism want publicity about emigrating to Israel, anti-Semitism etc. Millett is clearly no shy and fearful Jew in these videos, rather a loud mouthed bully. Although Millett claims his concern is with anti-Semitism he has demonstrated, like most Zionists, that he has no objection whatsoever to anti-Semites who are pro-Israel and pro-Zionist.

Eight years ago there was a campaign in London against a shop Ahava in Covent Garden. It sold stolen products from the West Bank.

We picketed it every other week and eventually they were evicted from the premises because fellow shop owners were fed up with the constant pickets. Millett was active, with Jonathan Hoffman in supporting the shop. What was the reaction of Richard Millett to this vile anti-Semitic trope, an accusation that has led to thousands of Jewish dead in Easter pogroms?

An accusation which was at the heart of Christian anti-Semitism for centuries? Did Millett demand that the woman be sacked for antisemitism from what is after all an Israeli shop? Not a bit of it. In fact this like much else that Millett says was a lie. The staff were never targeted.

It was the shop which was the object of the demonstrations not the staff who worked there. Millett told his readers that: As you can see at the beginning of the video the woman is angry that the activists are now specifically targeting her! Her apparent remark about Jews killing Jesus although, no where in the footage do we actually hear her say that is a remark to a male, Jewish activist who spends large proportions of his sad life hanging around outside the Ahava shop. This is disingenuous as we can clearly hear in the video a Jewish demonstrator asking why she had called them 'Christ killers'.

Millett clearly has no problem with anti-semitism when it is directed at the 'wrong sort of Jew'. It was an ' off the cuff remark' as was Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion that he brush up on his history and English irony. However Corbyn is the worst anti-Semite since Adolf himself according to Millett and the Zionist chorus in the press. Thus we see that the only concern of Millett is to protect an Israeli shop, trading in the stolen minerals of Palestine, from being closed down.

Anti-Semitism is only a useful propaganda tool for this racist thug. Norman Cohn in Pursuit of the Millenium wrote that: Abe Foxman as ardent a Zionist as anyone was quite clear about the implications of accusing Jews of being Christ Killers. For hundreds of years those four words - acted out, spoken out, sermonized out - inspired and legitimized pogroms, inquisitions and expulsions. Hitler, in , visited the Oberammergau Passion Play, and when he left, he proclaimed and I paraphrase: Many during the Holocaust who killed Jews from Monday to Friday went to church on Sunday and there was no disconnect for them, because, after all, all they were doing was killing "Christ killers.

So when the press report that Millett was upset by Corbyn's 'antisemitism' we should take this with a very large dose of salt. The concern of the Daily Mail and The Times about anti-Semitism contrasts with their indifference to racist violence against Muslims, Gypsies and other minorities in this country. What is less well known is that The Times, throughout the period from was not only an advocate of appeasement of the Hitler regime but that its editor Geoffrey Dawson adamantly refused to cover the growing persecution of Jews in Germany.

Will Wainewright, in his book Reporting on Hitler: Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Churchill wrote in Prophet of Truth: Minerva, , p. I simply cannot understand why they should apparently be so much annoyed with The Times at this moment. I spend my nights in taking out anything which I think will hurt their susceptibilities and in dropping little things which are intended to soothe them.

Put foreign correspondents together, beer in hand, and chatter will soon shift from the news of the day towards the casual brutality of editors; their failure to spot the significance of a story, their talent for inserting precisely the wrong word in a crafted text.

In the s a remarkable bunch of aggrieved reporters met at a Berlin Stammtisch — a pub table reserved for regulars. The men from the Daily Express and Daily Mail were saddled with intrusive proprietors who thought Adolf Hitler was exactly what Germany needed. The reporter from The Times. The Manchester Guardian correspondent had no problems persuading his boss to publish accounts of Nazi persecution, but try as he might could not talk him into an editorial policy in favour of arming up for a war against the Third Reich.

The reporters saw what was going on around them in Germany — the Jews humiliated and beaten on the street, the persecuted churchmen and communists, the opening of the first concentration camps, the histrionic rallies — and choked back their frustration. It did not help that Gestapo snitches sat next to their Stammtisch. Or when the Nazi foreign ministry sent a smooth official to their table to give a positive spin on new restrictions on Jews. The Nazis could count on the likes of Lord Rothermere. By the time Hitler came to power, the Daily Mail proprietor had been running the paper for more than a decade.

One new sub-editor taken on in the late s noted: He struck up what he considered a friendship with Hitler. Will Wainewright tells his story in this fascinating book, a short study in conscience denied. Reynolds is a distant relative and Wainewright stumbled on a letter written by him after the outbreak of the Second World War, by which time he was both safely out of Nazi Germany and the Mail.

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  • The story that emerges after a bit of digging is of a devout man, an Anglo-Catholic who took Holy Orders, was sent as a young assistant chaplain to the British community in St Petersburg, and after a while chose to become a Roman Catholic. That meant leaving his job and since he was 33, good at languages and Russia in was in ferment, he decided to become a stringer for the Daily News.

    While there he befriended Hector Hugh Munro, the writer Saki. By the time he landed the job of Daily Mail reporter in Germany in the s, Reynolds had done some war work, writing propaganda fake news for MI7, the disinformation wing of the Secret Service. Reynolds arrived in Germany as a middle-aged man having, it appears, chosen to be a foreign correspondent because it suited his solitary nature. We find out almost nothing about him. There is a girl called Jane whose hand he touches, but nothing comes of it. He may or may not have had dealings with the Secret Service in Berlin.

    Faced with some of the most dramatic unfurling events in 20th-century history, he fails to find a journalistic voice. And while, in hindsight, he can blame his lame texts on the bias of Rothermere, it is also clear that he was a pretty duff reporter. When Hitler launched a bloody purge of his brown-shirted colleagues in , the Night of the Long Knives, he swallowed the official version.

    Had Reynolds been more gifted he might have been able to find himself a niche between an overbearing proprietor and an evil regime. Instead, he made some token acts of solidarity, publicly reciting the rosary in the street, for example, but he did not distinguish himself.

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    • Almost everyone seems to stand out more strongly than Reynolds By contrast Sefton Delmer, of the appeasement-supporting Daily Express, demonstrated some rat-like cunning. Delmer arrives at the Reichstag after it has been set ablaze before Reynolds, but after a reporter for The Times , Douglas Reed, who has just been kicked out of the building by Hermann Goering.

      Around the Stammtisch, almost everyone seems to stand out more strongly than Reynolds. After his expulsion from Austria he started work on a fiercely anti-appeasement book, promising the unvarnished truth.

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      The Telegraph , upset that he was going to criticise the paper though it rar ely interfered with his copy , sacked him. The paper said he had left by mutual consent. The wrestling between correspondents, Dawson and some of the leader writers about appeasement has already been well chronicled. You can also access pamphlets and periodicals. Lodge your mail at your local PostShop. Things you need to knowFor the latest updates on affected delivery times or items we temporarily cannot accept, check our international mail service announcements.

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      Protection of the radio spectrum used by space servicesfrom harmful interference, with special attention to aviationsafety services such as GPS and environmental services such asremote sensing. After space launch, communication is the mostpervasive requirement for all space systems.

      Reminiscent of a scrapbook, this extraordinary book chronicles what Michael Collins did, saw, and thought about in space. This books gives an important glimpse into the role of this unsung hero. First of all, I really appreciated the topic of this book. Intersting tidbits of information - such as the 20 pounds of checklists and the 15 miles of power cables on board - are woven throughout the book.