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She wrote Due Justice where the setting of the story was in her sunshine state of Florida. The main protagonist of her novel was Judge Willa Carson, a witty and stubborn woman who will stop at nothing to achieve true justice. Diane adds a bit of humor to her novel as well as made the story more fast-paced and thrilling.

Jenny Lane is a young lawyer while Jess Kimball is an investigative journalist.

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Both are strong willed women, who are also relentless in seeking the truth and upholding justice. Diane quickly found a publisher for her series and her fan base grew because of her catchy style of writing. Her success with the Hunt for Justice Series soon came to a standstill when she had a problem with her publisher and bankruptcy ensued.

The books she created, as well as her writing career hit rock bottom and she had to start from scratch again. She is also a member of the board of the International Thriller Writers. Since Lee and Diane are good friends, they often exchange ideas and talk about their characters.

Publication Order of Hunt For Reacher Books

In , Lee and Diane were at a cocktail party discussing where Jack Reacher is and it seems no one knows for sure. Diane was inspired by what the character Jack Reacher is doing in between books and she came up with the Hunt for Jack Reacher series. The books came with the blessing from Lee Child and it answers their question about where is Jack Reacher.

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The book was a great success and it was quickly followed up by two short story singles entitled Jack in a Box and Jack and Jill. Both stories still include the two special agents Otto and Gaspar. The second novel from the series came out in September 15, that was called Get Back Jack. The reviews were all raving for the thrilling and exciting story and many fans were excited to read about the adventures of Otto and Gaspar as well as Jack Reacher again.

Although Reacher was never seen in the series, the character was one of the driving forces of her stories. The title of the movie was Jack Reacher and it was a huge box office success. All the Jack Reacher books are now optioned for filming and the sequel is soon to be released.

Her books are widely read by people all over the world and it is translated into 20 territories. Diane Capri loves the summer season so she divides her time and migrates between Florida and Northern Michigan every year. She is happily married to her college sweetheart and has a very large extended family.

Diane is very comfortable living in Florida because she loves the warm climate and the constant sunshine. Her interest will always be writing, but she also loves dogs, gourmet food, red wine and convertible cars. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Scott Bolton is an indie author who after 14 years away, returned to his H.

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Scott Bolton has a lot of plans for new books this year and the first book in the H. Fist series is free on the Kindle. A Jess Kimball Thriller - 9. A Jess Kimball Thriller - 8. The Hunt for Jack Reacher - 8. You'll read all night. The child of billionaire tech CEO Veronica Beaumont is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. With his health rapidly declining, she hires Michael Flint, the heir hunter of last resort, to do the impossible: A Jess Kimball Thriller - 7.

A heart surgeon is in jail. A Jess Kimball Thriller - 6.

"Intricate and Ingenious. Make some coffee. You'll read all night." - Lee Child

The Hunt for Justice - The Hunt for Justice - 9. The Hunt for Justice - 8.

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A Jess Kimball Thriller - 5. Michael Flint is the heir hunter of last resort. A forensic genealogist and former clandestine agent specializing in high-end private investigations, he promises clients he can find anyone, anytime, anywhere -- dead or alive. Laura Oakwood stands to The Hunt for Jack Reacher - 7. A Jess Kimball Thriller - 3. A Jess Kimball Thriller - 4.

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