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The Warlock's Enchanted Kiss. Preternaturals Boxed Set Books How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Catalyst by Zoe Winters. The Preternaturals, Book 3 Kidnapping is not an appropriate way to acquire a babysitter. But when Z discovers a young werewolf in the forest, he takes him in, unaware of the powerful beings hunting the pup.

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Plus the little furball is driving him insane. When a wolf pup stumbles into her garden, her safe, wrapped-up world heads for a free fall, especially when a sexy panther shifter kidnaps her to his cave to help him look after the pup. Unleashed passions between unlikely lovers rage against the backdrop of a world of conflict and infighting among the secret factions of the preternatural underworld.

Tormented alphas, charismatic and ruthless leaders, and the women torn and trapped between them, forced into situations they never should have had to face. Amidst a world of ignorant humans, the demons true immortals , vampires, and therians shapeshifters fight to keep their territories. The only humans aware of this world are the magic users: If the preternatural world is discovered and war breaks out, the humans have a chance IF the magic users choose to cast their fate with their own kind.

Magic combined with technology would even the playing field more than the monsters are comfortable with. Any woman who comes to his bed is likely never to leave Cold, ruthless, undead, and hard to like.

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Yet, all it takes is one human with amnesia, to soften his heart. Meanwhile, his deepest wish is to have his lover awakened from the memory loss that took everything Alpha of one of the strongest werewolf packs in North America. Not your classic sweet werewolf love story. If you like Zoe Winters you may also enjoy H. Mallory, Larissa Ione, and J. Books in the Preternaturals Series: Cat Fight Dark Mercy To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Catalyst , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Jun 27, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: There were so many little things I liked about this book - Fiona's agoraphobia, her ineptitude in spell casting, her social awkwardness, Z and his rocking bachelor pad. Did I like the lengths Z went to to make sure Fiona would help him? Frankly, the fact that she allowed the whisperings of the birds to dictate how far she was willing to walk from her front door tells me that she desp Oh, man.

The Catalyst (Preternaturals, #3) by Zoe Winters

Frankly, the fact that she allowed the whisperings of the birds to dictate how far she was willing to walk from her front door tells me that she desperately needed a good shaking up. Now, I did have some problems remembering who Jane and Cole were and how they fit into the overall world at first. It's been a while since I read the first book and their characters didn't pop into my head right away. However, once I placed them, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting their tumultuous relationship.

As long as I'm on the subject of reoccurring characters His book is going to be so fun. I can't wait to see him fall and fall hard! His story should be very interesting. While I enjoyed the story overall, I wouldn't have minded a little more time spent with our hero and heroine. I do love the setup we're getting for the overriding arc but Fiona and Z were interesting and I felt like we spent a lot of time with Cain, the demons and the wolves when we could have been watching Fiona and Z get all tangled up emotionally in one another.

Still, I did like the book and I'm excited by the hints we got about upcoming shenanigans. Jun 08, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. June 5, Publisher: Steamy I would definitely recommend that new readers go back and pick up the earlier stories in the series before reading this one.

As someone who has read the entire series, but has forgotte This is a Quickie Review. As someone who has read the entire series, but has forgotten much of the details, I found myself struggling to follow along at times, and while I think Ms. Winters did an admirable job of making this book stand alone, I do feel like I missed out on how meaningful some of the events actually were in the context of the series.

That said, I did enjoy it. While not as heavy on the steam as many paranormal romances, there was plenty of chemistry and romance to be had in the meantime. While I did wish that Fiona had a little less hormonal reaction to Z and a little more emphasis on the agoraphobia, I enjoyed her character immensely. I also really enjoyed how Z's behavior was not typical for a jaguar shifter, since that made his reaction to Fiona quite a bit more meaningful in my mind.

Overall, while I personally think that previous fans of the series are going to benefit most from this story, I would recommend it for fans of reformed rakes, agoraphobic heroines, and reunited lovers. Jun 28, Amber I. AwesomeSauce Book Club rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked this book. Z and Fiona had great chemistry and the way the both wanted each other but didn't want each other had me glued to the pages.

Fiona has a bit of a phobia, she is scared to go out of her cottage, she even has to suck up the courage to go to her mailbox. She is kind of a weak witch but she can talk to animals. Then there is Z he is a total alpha male, love them and leave them type of guy and freaking crazy hot! Oh and a were-panther. He has found a baby werewolf and is tryi I really liked this book. He has found a baby werewolf and is trying to protect him and find his pact. Once he stumbles or should I say breaks through the window in Fiona's path he wants her to help him since the were is only in wolf form and she can communicate with him.

Fiona after being alone so long can't help but want Z. I mean the girl never leaves her house so its not like finding a guy is happening. And even though Z wants her, he really tries to not give into his urges since she is a virgin, and well virgins are complications. You get to see some old characters too. I was surprised how big in the story Cole and Jane were.

But I loved it. I mean at first when we switched stories I was like no no no, I want Z back, but I came around. I really love this series, if you haven't you need to start with the first book! Each book has a different story with different characters. They always have lots of action and lots of great steamy scenes. Plus you get a little of everything from witches, weres, vampires, humans, succubus, incubus and sorcerers! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. After reading the second book in the series and hearing that my favorite characters from that book returned in this one, I decided to read it. I adored the second book, but this one not so much. My personal tastes just didn't mesh with Fiona and Z's "relationship. I wanted her to leave him for her own good. He put down her phobia, which I found appalling because living with mental illness is hard enough, didn't seem After reading the second book in the series and hearing that my favorite characters from that book returned in this one, I decided to read it.

He put down her phobia, which I found appalling because living with mental illness is hard enough, didn't seem to show understanding of it, except for when she cried. I honestly think he just hates tears so it wasn't really HER he cared for, and for crying out loud the man kidnapped her and drugged her. Using too much could have seriously harmed her! Also, it made no sense to me why Fiona would be all hopped up and ready to go with this man just because she had been isolated so long.

Their "romance," the whole thing felt and read so forced. I mean, it made sense for his character to be the way he was as awful as he was , but not her. I don't see them lasting, and honestly I didn't like how when she told him no to having sex that he kept trying until she gave in. I mean, it could be my personal taste, but I don't find that as boyfriend material, or even roll in the sheets material, that is like abusive, date rape territory, not to mention, um, he kidnapped and drugged her! And suddenly he loves her freckles? It was never explained why he's got this weird change of heart, but even after he does, he's still an ass, and I still didn't want them together.

Despite all that, I forced myself through the book because I wanted to read book four because it focuses on some of the characters I loved from book two. I want to see what happens to Cain and Tam, so I read this for their story. One thing I did love in this book was was Cain and Tam. They cracked me up. I love how Cain was like some frustrated, disgruntled father trying to put out all these fires and save the stupid people from themselves. Tam's ability to put him in his place was also hilarious. It was nice to see Cain kinda humanized when in book two he was just so straight up evil.

I also loved seeing Luc and Anna again. Luc and Anna forever!!

The Preternaturals

Jane's side story was also interesting, but I lost interest after a while because I was not digging her with Cole again, just my personal distaste of the whole alpha trope. It seemed strange that there wasn't more fleshed out with Jane meeting Charlee again and she seemed a bit too lax on the whole kidnapping thing toward her friend. I didn't buy it as a realistic interaction. Back to Fiona, another thing that bothered me about her was that she did not feel real or believable to me. I kinda felt that the author might have been bored with writing her or didn't fully understand her because compared to all her other characters and how I saw her write in book two, Fiona was so flat.

I think her phobia needed fleshed out more to help her become believable. Her characterization and motivations were just missing too much to make me believe she really wanted Z, since what was there was so forced. I suppose compared to the other book, this felt kind of rushed since a lot of details were not fleshed out. The writing was not as clever as book two either. I would have loved to have seen the conversation where Cain told Cole again Jane, or for Luc and Anna to have spoken up more, for the Jane and Charlee thing to have been more realistic, and for the actual battle to have been shown.

I really wanted to love this book, but this one was just not my cup of tea and I wouldn't call this one a romance. Too weird Everyone has too much baggage to make this story interesting. The baby wolf pup was a great draw but he gets lost in the damaged personalities around him. Jul 09, Liz at Fictional Candy rated it really liked it Shelves: In my notes I wrote down some thoughts before I started reading The Catalyst.

Basically that I knew nothing of this story before I started reading, but I have read this authors work before and loved it. So I had high hopes for this story. Plus the main male is a panther shifter. That is completely hot in and of itself, right?!? You want her to get over her phobias and realize how much there is out there for her… Like a panther shifter in particular… Ahem. Then one day she finds a wolf pup in her yard who seems lost and hungry, so she brings him in for some food. Way to make an entrance!!

Z literally crashes through her window. Z sees an opportunity here though; nice woman, wolf pup… sounds like a great way of easing his responsibilities! What Z does to get Fiona to come back to his home is absolutely priceless, and I loved it. And I am not telling you what it is. But it is fantastic. Zoe Winters definitely injects bits of humor here and there throughout this story, and I loved it. So now Z and Fiona have a mission. Take care of the pup and find his family.

And his family are crossovers from other books of hers, so if you are a Zoe Winters fan, you will enjoy seeing Cole, Jane, and Cain. Wooohooo, gotta love a demon! Back to this story. It really was full of lots of action. And because of the whole addition of Cole, Jane and Cain, I felt like I was getting two stories in one. And even without knowing their whole backstory, I was so happy for what happened there…. Ok Liz, vague much?? If you are a fan of shifter stories, than you will really love this.

The sexual tension and chemistry between Z and Fiona is palpable.

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And this story is chock full of wonderful moments that will have you cheering in excitement. And Fiona grows quite a bit within these pages, and that was a real treat. Even though Alphas can definitely play the part of a jerk, Fiona handles Z well, and well… Z is an alpha panther shifter. Cole werewolf shifter runs a website that all kinds of paranormal and not-so-paranormal beings use to get blood!

And even better, its an actual website, so be sure to check out theriantype. This review was originally posted on my blog, Darkest Sins. Let me start pointing out that panther is my fave animal so, reading a book with that kind of shifters was more than a pleasure to me. But all truth to be told, the whole book was a great pleasure to read.

A captivating, passionate story with handsome men in it? Yes, it was definitely a real pleasure! I couldn't have loved Z more thanks to his being so caveman!

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  5. That's what made him so damn special and so-so-sexy. I loved his constant putt This review was originally posted on my blog, Darkest Sins. I loved his constant putting Fiona on the edge, and if there were moments in which I hadn't hidden a little laugh, others I was screaming to Fiona "What? Seriously girl, how much self control do you have!? In fact, I might have put my eyes even more on Cain Sorry, my mind has all censored thoughts It's a huge relief that the next book in the series is very soon to be released, especially because it's about Cain!

    If what is taking you from reading this book is not having read the previous two installments in the series yet, you might wanna reconsider that. I can understand the concern of picking a series in the middle. What if I can't follow the story properly? What if I can't really get attached to the characters? That's the main reason why I always prefer reading a series from the beginning, too.

    But believe me, "The Catalyst" is definitely a book that can be read per se. I was new to the Preternaturals world, I had just read a novella, "Dark Mercy" that I loved , but I wasn't afraid for a second not to be involved in the story because the author has a very fluid style and surely the capacity to let me dream about every man, shifter, vampire or whatever she puts on paper. This is what I loved the most. The amazing connection I had with everyone and to be able to follow everything pretty well, even if I was new to the series.

    Jun 11, Kelly at rated it really liked it. Ahhh, I love the Preternatural world that Zoe has created. In The Catalyst, book 3 in the series introduces us to a whole new set of characters. While revisiting some of our favorites from the first two books. Z is a werepanther, who loves his solitary bachelor lifestyle. Yet, Z finds a soft spot in his heart to help an abandoned werewolf pup. Only problem is that the darn pup has run away and now Z has to track him down and he is not very happy about it. W Ahhh, I love the Preternatural world that Zoe has created. When Z finally catches up with the pup he is with a witch.

    A witch that can speak to animals. He threatens the witch into helping him, then kidnaps her. Fiona has not go past her mailbox in years. You see Fiona suffers from Agoraphobia or a panic disorder that has left her home bound. So she knows it is a bad idea to go to the mailbox today. But when she hears a whining in her side yard she does the un-normal thing and detours to see what the noise is.