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Randomly pick winners from the fans who liked or commented on a post. Ask questions then pick your winners amongst the comments with correct answers. Let your fans comment photos and select winners from the comments with the most likes. Click free tools in the main menu: You can run any contest, as many times as you want, on any number of pages.

Free option includes six different apps, with no limits on fans or brand pages. Pick A Winner tool. Fans and brand pages unlimited. Paid plans include the use of all 19 apps, from Sweepstakes to Deals to Photo Contests. Easy Tab Creator has a simple interface, and a allows you to manage 3 pages for free, most other sites allow only one. Also, it has a day money back guarantee.

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Easy Tab Creator is an application that runs on Facebook. It allows you to customize your Facebook Page by adding your content text, images, embed YouTube videos, etc. The application adds a Welcome tab. Pagemodo lets you build your custom Facebook page as a welcome tab by uploading your own content. A free account enables you to try out the features that come with Premium packages. You can manage one Facebook fan page, create one custom tab for it, use Cover Photo designer, find great content with posts suggestion tool, and schedule one Facebook and one Twitter update per day. He's also writing on a personal growth website Fixwillpower.

He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of Digital Elite Camp , a leading traffic and conversion event.

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Good info, but I have to say it…not one of them, except Timeline, is free. They do have free trials, indeed,…. As you probably know some months ago FB disabled option to edit link previews.

142 Best Facebook Ad Examples (2018 Update)

So we came up with this free workaround to personalize title, description and picture of any page you wish to share on Facebook. Just go to http: Then you get a new link which you share on Facebook and this one will contain your customized title etc. Hi, brilliant information thank you. I might not have found them if not for this article. This is awesome content! And especially one app i have just learn about- Facebook timeline contest.

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Brilliant article, thanks much. You might however want to note that Wix does not support WixYourPage anymore. I found this in the Support section of the French Wix. You should check out Capzool. You can use my referral code: Its very easy to use compare to other tools…. For good pictures I recomendand fotor. This is very helpful. We were thinking about creating a timeline app that would serve as a forum environment moderated by us.

How to Download Your Facebook Data (and 6 Surprising Things I Found)

Do you have any thoughts? Thanks for the sharing. Thank you…just trying it out now…. I am using wix tool for website creation. Thanks for update more tools. Wow very useful information, I am using Pagemodo tool for create Facebook page. Its very easy to use compare to other tools. Application for determination of the most active page and group subscribers on Facebook. Rating is based on likes, comments and shares that fans do on community pages per month, year or a chosen period. Excellent list — I had no idea this type of thing existed. Such as humble bragging, or posting thousands of pictures of your kid doing inane stuff.

These are the best tools you have shared for Facebook page design. I think all are fantastic. I am using Involver and Pagemodo to design my facebook business page. I will must be try all these tools in future. Hope you will continue your great work by sharing this type of great info. Thanks so much for these resources! My personal favorite is Pagemodo, we used it in setting up our business facebook page. Great list of app builders.

Another service you may put on this list is iFrapp, a easy-to-use and affordable app builder tool for Facebook Fan Pages. I am using Pagemodo for my facebook page creation. I think it is very easy to use and also free and also lots of awesome themes available. Great list of free Facebook page creation tools for small businesses and start-up Internet marketing agencies. I have only used Wix and for website only. I am looking forward to testing out a few of the other free tools list to have in our toolkit and be able to recommend to DIY SMBs.

It often comes down to DIY vs. For those who want to engage your Facebook fans easily, check out this simple tool called Tint http: You can try our free plan , or if you are an agency you can either transfer the page to your clients or even try our reseller plan that allows you to rebrand the entire app. You can change the platform header, footer, logo, banner, colors, background and even the website url to your own brand let us know if you have any question. Thanks for sharing these valuable Facebook tools. These tools will definitely help me to manage my Facebook fan page.

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