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Depending on the number of people in a class, Phase 3 training may take up to 16 hours, or less than a day for just one IEN. Organizations interested in this educational program may choose to focus on each objective listed in the Table for hours per educational session. Phase 4 Clinical Orientation.

The CNS works with each nurse, either U. The CNS and the nurse manager of each nursing unit work collaboratively with the GNA to understand the unique transitional needs of each IEN, and work with each IEN to support successful integration by identifying and preparing preceptors to be sensitive to the orientation and transition needs of each IEN. A positive attitude is key! They do, however, qualify for Phase 3 and 4. Education in this phase will focus on how nurses This phase will focus on raising awareness of U. Education in this phase will focus on how nurses, regardless of origin, can work at effectively understanding, appreciating, and leveraging the inherent creativity that exits in diverse groups.

There is a plan to add special preceptor training as part of this phase. Initiating a national policy that would mandate healthcare organizations to have transitional programs requires an appreciation of the complexity of the problems and the answers needed to support the creation of such a program. If this is not done for any other reason, it should be done for ensuring the safety of those who receive nursing services from IENs.

Transitioning Internationally Educated Nurses for Success: A Model Program

Specific groups that need to sit at the table include: The contributions each group can make to this important discussion are noted below. The ANA, the strongest, largest voice of nursing in the US, has an important role to play in this discussion. Their presence at the table would allow the other stakeholders to learn first-hand information about IENs, thus providing more light on the issues at stake. Nurse researchers and academicians in the field of nurse migration and global health can work with the group to carry out further research.

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This research could validate the need for such programs, as well as perform follow-up studies to assess the impact of these programs on ensuring safe, quality healthcare for the public. Additionally, their participation in influencing and enacting the policies would promote commitment to and compliance with the policies. They could offer important information with regards to IENs' expectations, as well as take important information about the planned policy to the IENs in their home countries so these IENs would be aware of the policies before coming to the US.

Their participation in developing and influencing the policy could increase their commitment to ensuring that such policy is enacted.

Lastly, the most important participants to sit at this table are the IENs themselves. Building a coalition of the above stakeholders could facilitate the development of a standardized IEN transition policy. Migration is an inevitable product of the 21st century. Nurses migrate in order to meet their professional and personal goals, thus allowing nurses to respond to their changing needs and interests and those of society in general. It is a fundamental human right for anyone, including nurses, to use their professional or educational qualifications to better themselves or their families.

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It is the responsibility of a country who recruits migrating professionals to ensure that adequate resources are in place to support their transition. The authors of this article hope that we will act now on what we do know before it is too late! Effective communication including acronyms, abbreviations, idioms, gestures, slang terms, beepers, and telephone conversations.

One of her visions for the GNP is that the HUP will develop a program that will be responsive to the global nursing community. Rich is currently working with Botswana nursing leadership to further the reach of the Global Nurse Program through organized nursing exchange programs. As an educator and researcher, Dr. Gonzalez has served as mentor to internationally educated nurses who are pursuing graduate education in nursing.

INTERNATIONAL NURSES COULD BE BANNED - US Immigration and Nationality act

Her current research, funded by the National Institute in Nursing Research at National Institutes of Health, seeks to enhance resourceful skills in family caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease. Peterson has been involved in developing ANA policy related to foreign educated nurses and U. In her role, Sandra provides operational oversight for the 35 inpatient and procedural areas at HUP. Jost started her career at HUP as a clinical nurse where she worked closely with Internationally Educated Nurses IENs and also cared for the culturally diverse patients that visit the hospital.

Jost has had several years of healthcare operational and consulting experience.

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She meets regularly with IENs at HUP to learn their unique needs, and approves the necessary resources to help meet their needs. She was instrumental in helping to fine tune the TIENS program to respond to the unique needs of these nurses. Trends in international Nurse Migration Health Affairs, 23 3 , Nursing Economics, 25 1 , , Lessons from the Philippines. Policy Politics Nursing Practice, 8 1 , Nursing Economics, 25 2 , New signs of a strengthening U.

Health Affairs, 23 Supplement 2, W Migration of highly skilled Indians: Case studies of IT and Health professionals. Characteristics of the internationally educated Nurses in the US. Home-health nurses provide patient care through home-calls. They visit patients in their houses instead of in the clinic. Many of their patients may require long or short-term care, for example, when recovering from an illness or accident. Finally, hospice care nurses work with patients who are terminally ill, at home or in a hospice, supporting them throughout their illness. It is important that students who plan to study nursing have a sense of compassion, empathy and common-sense and are willing to provide mental and physical care to patients and their families.

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All nurses are expected to share information about various medical conditions to those in their care, in a compassionate, clear and professional manner. Nurses will often work more closely with individual patients than doctors and will be expected to have a good bedside-manner in all situations. Most nurses also work closely with their co-workers including doctors, administrative workers, analysts and laboratory technicians, meaning they have to establish good working relationships with different types people on a daily basis.

Critical thinking, good decision making, and problem solving are essential for any international student interested in studying nursing in the US. Communication skills such as - verbal, non-verbal and written, are expected. Studying nursing as an international student who speaks more than one language can be an asset as it could well be needed during patient-care. When treating patients, it is important that nurses are confident, communicate clearly and build a relationship of trust with their patients who are likely scared and confused.

There has been significant development in the field of nursing in recent years thanks to the advancement of new medical technology and treatments. She also creates useful educational materials for nursing students that she sells in her etsy shop. Kathy actively blogs on several sites which she owns about a variety of nursing topics.

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  7. She is also a contributing blogger at several popular websites and has authored a variety of books for nurses. Be sure and check out her websites for the latest in nursing. Coach Keith authors the award winning blog Digital Doorway. He is a writer, blogger, speaker, radio host and coach. His coaching topics include: His blog categories include topics such as technology, social media, business, and career choices. He is also a great vblogger and has a wonderful variety of videos on his YouTube channel.

    Gail is a former model who turned nurse. Her blog focuses on health topics by separating health fact from fiction on the internet. She currently has a call for submissions as her website is undergoing a makeover. The Nursing Show has great blog articles and videos hosted by Jamie on a variety of nursing topics. From childhood vaccinations to book reviews, Jamie has it covered in the nursing show. He also indexes his shows by topics for a quick reference for his viewers and readers. He is part of the ProMed Network and interviews a variety of medical professionals that are contributing to the changing healthcare environment.