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The models simply break down when they are applied outside of their realms. Obviously something is wrong with this picture, as both logically and intuitively we all know that big things are made out of small things. We should be able to explain how things works, from big to small, with one unified model. This is what Nassim Haramein has started to do, which he has demonstrated convincingly in his most recent research publications, Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass and The Electron and the Holographic Mass Solution.

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Demonstrating the Interconnected Nature of the Universe The way in which Nassim bridges general relativity and quantum field theory also unequivocally demonstrates the interconnected nature of the universe. To be more precise, he shows that the everything is a part of one quantized fabric of reality. On the contrary, it is entirely full.

In fact, it is the one thing that connects all things because all things are a part of it. Additionally, Nassim theorizes that this fundamental field is holographic in nature, meaning that the information of the whole is present in the parts, and that every proton in the universe is interconnected through a wormhole network. Unifying the Truth Claims of Science, Spirituality, and Healing Traditions Modern science seeks to understand natural phenomena based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation.

Using the scientific method of investigation, data is collected and repeatable measurements are made to test and verify hypotheses. Spirituality, on the other hand, is generally unconcerned with whether or not its truth claims can be verified scientifically. Nonetheless, spiritual teachings and practices are almost always organized around a specific concept of ultimate reality, and modern spirituality attempts to guide people into a direct experience of that ultimate reality.

Unified Physics

More often than not, those who have these kinds of direct spiritual experiences say the experience itself is a verification that needs no scientific validation. Despite their different approaches to exploring the nature of reality, both science and spirituality make truth claims. Assuming we are talking about the same reality, it seems to me at some point there has to be a congruence in these truth claims if they are indeed describing the same thing albeit in different ways.

I see this starting to happen in a more convincing way than ever before, thanks to the unified physics theory of Nassim Haramein and related research. How are we all One? What are the mechanics of this Oneness? How can we be One when it seems so obvious in our everyday experience that we are separate?

He gives a scientifically validated explanation for how and why it is true that we are all part of one fabric of reality while at the same time explaining how individuation and boundary conditions exist within that unified fabric.

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The structure and dynamics of the unified field that he describes directly correlate to the theoretical energetic anatomy and field dynamics of the modalities I practice. Furthermore, for me as a healing practitioner, this correlation is not just theoretical but is also directly experiential.

The language is a bit more flowery and symbolic in the descriptions coming from the healing traditions vs. The bathtub analogy can be helpful when trying to understand how everything is part of one field while at the same time uniqueness and individuation also exist. Imagine a bathtub with a rubber ducky in it. Now, pull the plug. As the water starts spinning to go down the drain, the water molecules in the area right over the drain are co-moving together.

They are organized and moving coherently in a little tornado going down the drain.

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It is clear that a theory will be time reversal invariant if the gradient of the temporal field appears in all formulae only as an even number of times, like. The difference between general covariance and reparametrization invariance is established and a new mathematical operation of constructing of the new fields by the reparametrization is introduced. The dynamical equations of the gravitational field and the law of energy conservation are represented. The comparison of these equations with the Hamilton equation which is the cornerstone of the solution of the Poincare conjecture given by Perelman is discussed.

The manifold M is called topologically nontrivial if it cannot to be maintained by one nonsingular coordinate system. If we insist on one coordinate system, we get into singularities. If we relax that, we have no singularity. In general, the physical manifold is topologically nontrivial. To establish exact mathematical and physical meaning of general covariance and reparametrization invariance, we suppose, for simplicity, that two systems of coordinates are sufficient.

Thus, there are two open neighborhoods U and such that and two homeomorphisms of U and onto an open sets of Rn. In the domain of overlapping U and , two systems of coordinates u 1 , u 2 , u 3 , u 4 and compete with each other and this takes the form of the functional relations. Represent correspondingly the gravitational field in the neighborhoods U and. Then, in the simplest case the following relations should be valid in the domain of overlapping W. Thus, under the consideration of the physical fields on the topologically nontrivial manifolds the principle of general covariance holds valid.

In general, the connection between can be more refined. Where The last formula describes the process of getting of the new fields by the reparametrization.

Unifying Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity & Dielectricity as ONE THING ONLY

Hence, in the most general case we instead of equation 2 have the following equation of the analitic continuation. Inversely, if equation is invariant with respect to reparametrization, it is possible to construct a set of new solutions of the same equation having a given solution. Thus, in the general case to establish connection between g and , the intermediate factor g should be taken into account.

Reparametrization invariance expresses in the exact mathematical form that in general we do not insist on one gravitational potential g ij u in the given coordinate patch. It is very important for the understanding the nature of possible singularities true or not.

From our consideration it follows that equations of the physical fields on the topologically nontrivial manifolds should be general covariant and invariant with respect to the reparametrization. The simultaneous consideration of these two things is very important since, for example, the Maxwell equations alone are generally covariant but they are not invariant with respect to the reparametrization and this is not the case if we consider the genuine Riemann metric alone.

By this the central role of the gravitational field in a unified physics is defined. Where D t is the Lie derivative along a stream of time. The stress tensor of the gravitational field can be written in the following form:. Where and for a density of kinetic and potential energy of the gravitational field we have the following expressions:.

We pay attention to that the heat equation of Hamilton tightly connected with the solution of the Poincare conjecture can be written in our notation as follows:.

Thus, we have there very interesting physical and mathematical problem to consider connection between gravity and topology in the new framework. Since the scalar temporal field enters into the Lagrangians of the physical fields in the form of the gradient of the scalar field. Where a is a constant, this is internal symmetry that defines the law of energy conservation as a fundamental physical law of the universe which is true in all cases.

Here we establish dynamical equations of the generalized electromagnetic field shortly gef which are defined by gef symmetry and describe a new form of matter which interacts only gravitationally dark matter [ 12 - 14 ]. The problem of invisible mass is acknowledged to be among the greatest puzzles of modern cosmology and field theory. The most direct evidence for the existence of large quantities of dark matter in the Universe comes from the astronomical observation of the motion of visible matter in galaxies.

One neither knows the identity of dark matter nor whether there are one or more types of its structure elements. The most commonly discussed theoretical elementary particle candidates are a massive neutrino, a syper symmetric neutralino, and the axion.

Receive. Give. Be Still.

So, at the present time there is a good probability that the set of known fields is by no means limited to those fields. Moreover, we are free to look for deeper reasons for the existence of a new form of energy unusual in many respects. The parallel displacement of vector fields and V with bilateral symmetry can be produced only by a pair of connections and P jk i with bilateral symmetry.

From the law of parallel displacement we have. Being generalized the bilateral symmetry takes status of gef symmetry GL n, R with the law of transformation.

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Where V i j is the component of the operator U-1 inverse to the operatorU, For brevity, we use the matrix notation. We give general solution of this equation. Setting where get general solution of the equation in question. Let us introduce a tensor field but in what follows we shall consider the irreducible deviation tensor. Let us introduce electric and magnetic strength of the generalized electromagnetic field by the direct and inverse mapping. The system of equations in question is simultaneous. This system of equations describes a new form of matter which is the structure element of the unified physics and has the characteristics of an entity known from the observations as Dark Matter.

Spin is already a great unifying principle in the theoretical physics, but its potential is far from being exhausted. In a Unified Physics the Spin dynamics includes the region of physical phenomena which are now investigated in the Standard Model. Department of Energy Office of Science, where he led the design and first stages of implementation of the Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests project and the beam delivery efforts for the linear collider.

Unifying Physics of Accelerators, Lasers and Plasma is a must-have for every student and practitioner of accelerator science. It is a quick reference guide and provides solid, intuitive discussions of what are often quite erudite concepts. I enthusiastically applaud this outstanding book. It fills a gap in the market and helps in developing a better understanding of the concepts used in the quest to build compact accelerators. It is an inspiring read that is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers in the field of plasma accelerators.

This field has become truly multidisciplinary where lasers and plasmas are featuring very prominently in new ideas for particle acceleration, focusing, and new light sources. Professor Seryi has covered the essential fundamentals of accelerators, lasers, and plasmas to prepare students for their research careers in modern science of particle accelerators.

Beside many other exciting topics, in this concise and enjoyable work, Seryi reviews the key elements of classical accelerators, beam optics, radiofrequency acceleration and technology, synchrotron radiation, beam instabilities, x-ray free-electron lasers, plasma acceleration, cancer therapy, advanced beam manipulation methods, and concepts of high-energy colliders, while frequently taking glimpses into the future.

In this gem, Seryi, for the first time, discusses the three areas of accelerators, lasers, and plasmas from a unified perspective. It is a textbook for a cross-disciplinary course, but it is also perfectly suitable for self-study. Its contents are quite unique and of interest for students preparing for research in a very promising and growing direction. This is a very future-oriented book.

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