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In this book the best developed character is Savannah. What I liked about her was her strength and her soft spots. Sometimes she underestimates her strength, and other times she is over confident. She is vulnerable to kids with crappy or neglectful parents because of her past. She thinks she is more mature than she is and makes some rash decisions that backfire on her.

She thinks she has it all figured out, and that she is over Adam's indifference to her as a woman. She thinks she has the people she interviews all sussed out, but they keep surprising her. Written in the first person, we see others through Savannah's lens. The daughter of one of the victims in this mystery, Kayla, comes across as a vulnerable Savannah-without-the-magic. Michael Kennedy, police detective brother of one of the other victims comes to her as a romantic replacement for Adam and she sizes the Michael up against him.

It is clear there are no substitutions for Adam in her heart. Savannah lives in a Savannah-centric world; super-gifted, well-off, fearless. But of course she isn't all grown-up and her foibles put her and others at risk, when the worst happens, she blames herself. Armstrong keeps the pace of the book going from the start. The action starts within the first five pages, and really keeps going except for when the girl is eating or sleeping.

The story has lots of twists and turns as well as a few red herrings. Why was the high-school teacher introduced? Could he be the perp? How about the chief of police? And, the solution to this mystery is as complex as Savannah's personality. I don't know whether I have ever read such a complex ending to a mystery.

The question is whether Savannah and her pals can survive what happens. Your will hope they do because you will want more of Savannah and Adam in future books. Not much in the way of romantic heat, but Ms. Armstrong can make necking pretty hot. The real action here is in the plot. I highly recommend Waking the Witch. Armstrong's web site offers a character guide and a guide to the demon-world.

Also, this is the first book with Savannah as the narrator, so it would naturally stand up on its own. Armstrong has three kids and lives in Ontario, Canada. She received a degree in Psychology and then studied computer programming. Having been a programmer myself before Windows was a glimmer in Bill Gates eye I can tell you that programming prepares one for endless writing and rewriting. Armstrong writes and parents full-time. Apr 07, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: The case leads her to a small town to investigate the possible supernatural connections in the deaths of three young women.

I have adored this series since I stumbled across Bitten back in So, I was incredibly sad when I heard Armstrong was going to end it at book 13 and disappointed that she planned to finish with Savannah as the main character. In her early appearances, Savannah was extremely self-involved and drove me crazy anytime she was on the page. However, by the end of the novel I was fully on-board with her as the narrator. It was nice to see how much Savannah has matured from the twelve year old we met in Stolen.

She's also given some interesting conflicts that I'm looking forward to seeing play out in the next couple of books. Aside from establishing Savannah as a main character, Waking the Witch also works to lay the foundation for the overarching plot of the last two novels.

Waking the Witch

At times, this would overshadow the main plot involving the mystery of the dead women but I still really enjoyed the story. I also kind of guessed what was happening based on how the short story Amityville Horrible had ended. Despite this, the novel was a fun ride. It acts as a nice prequel and for people who have been following the entire series it explains why Paige and Lucas are MIA in this one. Nov 02, Sandy S rated it liked it.

The final three books in the WOTO series focuses on the now adult Savannah Levine and the loss of her witch powers, the investigation into the dark arts and the rise of demons that want to take over the world. A then 12 year old orphaned witch, daughter of Dark Witch Eve Levine and Cabal Sorcerer Kristof Nash, Savannah struggled with her powers, her guardians and her attraction and love for half-demon Adam Vasic.

Now a grown woman, Savannah knows who she wants but there are too many road blocks standing in her way. Savannah is now a beautiful 21year old woman, and in this particular storyline, she agrees to investigate the mysterious deaths of two women, the only problem, the deaths are some-how supernaturally related and Savannah will suffer the consequences in more ways than one. A friend will die, another will seemingly pull away and her powers will be part of a bargain. The final three storylines follow Savannah as she must literally prevent the rise of Lucifer and the end of the world.

At one point I thought Kelley was preparing for the spin-off series featuring Savannah as the lead character when the entire focus of the last three books was Savannah. Feb 15, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed reading from Savanah's pov. I figured out the person who was doing the killing on Savanah's case.

I did not know on the little girls mom. I hope we see more of Savanah and Adam budding romance. I thoroughly enjoyed Savannah's book! I remember being unsure about her as narrator when I first learned she was getting a trilogy to end the series for now! While I don't think she's over her prejudice towards humans, I kinda feel like she taken steps towards overcoming it, thanks to Michael, Paula and Kayla. She's also learning to stop running from her problems and to accept help eventually instead of insisting on fighting her own b I thoroughly enjoyed Savannah's book!

She's also learning to stop running from her problems and to accept help eventually instead of insisting on fighting her own battles. I think towards the end something significant changes between her and Adam as well. She was actually willing to sacrifice herself for the good of total strangers, something she wouldn't have even thought of doing a few years ago. The plot was interesting too and I'd never have guessed through the book at who one of the killers were, we also seem to have stumbled across the elusive, believed to be a myth, witch hunter as well which should prove interesting as the trilogy continues.

I love how Adam doesn't give up on her and follows her even when she lashes out at him and tells him to stay away. She has a mini-meltdown at the end but I think she needed it to let out everything she's been holding in and move forward. It's also shown her she has a true friend in Adam who'll take the worst she can dish out and still stand by her, just what every girl wants! Dec 05, Siobhan rated it it was amazing. Well well well, if you are a fan of this series this will not dissappoint. I realise that some reviewers have not been as pleased with this book, it lacks one of the usual elements that accompany this series.

The relationship progression that normally occurs for the narrator, which in this case is Savannah - a character we met in the second book of the series "Stolen" she was 12 in that book and is now aged Although, she seems older than her years due to a highly volatile, supernatural life! Savannah may have fine tuned her supernatural skills early in life but this novel sees her develop maturity on other levels. It's an awakening for her that she only realises her self as she progresses through the challenges set for her by insisting on going solo, for her first case.

This book is setting the scene for Savannah's relationships to build, and bearing in mind that she is only 21, I feel it was appropriate that this element was not expoloited. Savannah grows up in the pages of book 11, this was the more important focus. Savannah is one of my favourite characters in this series, the cliff hanger definitely suggests there is more to come with her story as the focus.

I am eagerly awaiting book 12! Sep 26, Yodamom rated it really liked it Shelves: Crispy Hell, I want to know what happens and I don't have the next book yet.

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Savannah has grown up to be a big girl with big girl problems and a dark past that haunts her to this day. She gets her first case to solve on her own well kind of on her own men keep popping up. Then there is her new semi partner on this case and he's not so bad himself. Savannah does her best, she follows the leads and in this town it's not easy, small town police don't care for her much nor do several of the town folk.

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Things go from hassled to disastrous quickly, lives end and others are changed forever. What a charged read this was I was totally cheering for Savannah. On the edge of my seat. I was wrong, she's good. Now if she'd just do what want her to do Jan 28, Dawn Livingston rated it liked it. Read the book before and remember not liking it all that match because I didn't like Savannah. She was a spoiled brat when introduced in an earlier book as a 12 year old now 21 in this book. She has learned since then that her actions have consequences that she may not like and she continues to learn that lesson in this book.

The book seemed repetitive running back and forth between one place and another. It was mostly a mystery novel and a paranormal novel second.

Paperback Editions

There's still something that Read the book before and remember not liking it all that match because I didn't like Savannah. There's still something that I don't quite like about Savannah but she's a better character than she was. No, it's not perfect but it's certainly above average interesting story; some interesting characters; cool magical world of vamps, werewolves, witches, sorcerers, etc. Savannah is trying a PI case on her own.

Savannah wants to probe that she can do it on her own. I was pulled into this story.

Waking The Witch : Kelley Armstrong :

I am a little disappointed with the ending because I was left with a cliff hanger which makes me want to jump right into the next book. I know that is the point but I wanted to take a little break from Savannah is trying a PI case on her own. I know that is the point but I wanted to take a little break from this series. I have loved most of these beautiful characters that Kelley Armstrong has created.

I honestly don't remember Samantha from previous books it's been years since I read the earlier ones so I had no preconceived notions about her and therefore thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book totally departs from the whole werewolf thing and takes on witches and Savannah in particular. I liked it and Savannah, Adam and Kayla. I hope Kayla is someone we see again as I really liked her and hated the way everything ended for her in particular. I'll be hitting the next installment shortly to I honestly don't remember Samantha from previous books it's been years since I read the earlier ones so I had no preconceived notions about her and therefore thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I'll be hitting the next installment shortly to get back into Savannah's game. Waking the Witch is a mystery with human and supernatural characters. It's part of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. Savannah is the woman at the center of this book. She is the biological daughter of a powerful witch now deceased and an angel and a powerful sorcerer also deceased , and the adopted daughter of another powerful witch and sorcerer.

In previous books Savannah has mostly played the role of the smart, rebellious teenager. Now twenty-one, Savannah is all grown up Waking the Witch is a mystery with human and supernatural characters. Now twenty-one, Savannah is all grown up and running her first solo investigation. The mystery that draws Savannah in is a little convoluted. It starts with the death of three young women who might have died in some sort of cult ritual thing or maybe died in a drug deal gone wrong. Two of the girls are the type who started heading toward trouble the second puberty it so no one is terribly shocked or upset at their passing The third was a college girl and doesn't quite fit the pattern of the other two.

Still she wasn't a local girl which is perhaps people are more puzzled than upset by her death. Among the pool of suspects are a witchy wife, a cheating husband, a cult of young women who bake cookies and follow around a middle aged man, a corrupt cop, an inept sheriff, and assorted other folks. It's been awhile since I read a book in this series. I'm glad I did. Work has been super busy and a little stressful.

This is just what I needed to mellow out. Sep 13, Book Binge rated it really liked it Shelves: The blurb for this story does a very good job of telling the premise for this book. She was a cocky 21 year old but we got to see her doubts and sometimes fears and I think The blurb for this story does a very good job of telling the premise for this book. This showed me again how Armstrong can suck me into her writing.

I must warn you though, without giving anything away, that this has a cliffhanger ending which was quite frustrating, but good! You can bet I will be reading the next book in this series to find out what happens next. Savannah Levine is a powerful young witch with a rebellious past and a troublesome heritage.

But at twenty-one she knows she needs to grow up and prove to her guardians, Paige and Lucas, that she can be a responsible member of their supernatural detective agency. Savannah takes a case to solve murders of several wom Savannah Levine is a powerful young witch with a rebellious past and a troublesome heritage.

Savannah takes a case to solve murders of several women. Then Jesse shows up to help her and another detective who is half brother to one of the dead women. Then her friend Adam shows up to help her. Every ones lives are in danger.

This was a little slow for me but I liked this storyline better than the last book. Jan 05, Kathryn rated it it was amazing. Kelley Armstrong rates as one of my favourite Authors. Anything she writes I will read and not always in the accepted sequence - which drives my niece Tobey buggy but speaks to my old inner rebel. Life seldom happens in an accepted sequence so why should my book reading? Suffice to say that Waking the Witch is a great read, like all of Armstrong's books. Jun 30, Mardel rated it really liked it.

After I read that novel, the next time I went to the bookstore I looked for other novels by her. I had seen the phrase "Women of the Otherworld" on the cover, and that gave me a clue that there might be other books I found Stolen, Bitten and Industrial Magic. I believe I read them out of order, but since two out of the first four books were about Clay and Elena, and the other two were of Paige and Lucas, it didn't seem to matter too much if I read one before the other. It all seemed to work out.

Because of all of this out of order reading, I first read about Savannah, this novel's main character in Dimestore Magic. I enjoyed the rather smartassed character of the teen-aged, very powerful young witch. Throughout a lot of the coming books we get to read about Savannah, but Waking the Witch is told from Savannah's point of view. Savannah is now 21 years old, and is trying to remain a good person, but it's evident that she doesn't quite think like Paige her guardian. In fact, one of the things I like about this series is that Ms Armstrong seems to be able to write first person from a variety of character's POV, and each star of each book has her own "voice".

City of the Lost Part 5. City of the Lost Part 4. City of the Lost Part 3. City of the Lost Part 2. City of the Lost Part 1. Kelley Armstrong lives in rural Ontario, Canada, with her family and far too many pets. She is the author of the international bestselling Women of the Otherworld series, and many other highly acclaimed novels, including the Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising YA trilogies, and the Cainsville series. The World According to Anna. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories.

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