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Added more photos and plant descriptions. Identify Wildflowers and other plants that grow in Utah. Identify Wildflowers and other plants that grow in Idaho. Identify Wildflowers and other plants that grow in Minnesota.

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Simple key for flower identification. Find flower's name in 4 steps. PictureThis - Plant Identification. Linaceae - Flax family. Gentianaceae - Gentian family. Geraniaceae - Geranium family.

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Solanaceae - Potato family. Caprifoliaceae - Honeysuckle family. Equisetaceae - Horsetail family. Polemoniaceae - Phlox family.

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Lythraceae - Loosestrife family. Phrymaceae - Lopseed Family. Apocynaceae - Dogbane family.

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Saxifragaceae - Saxifrage family. Convolvulaceae - Morning-glory family.

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Scrophulariaceae - Figwort family. Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis family. Paeoniaceae - Peony family. Hydrophyllaceae - Waterleaf family. Anacardiaceae - Cashew or Sumac family. Nymphaeaceae - Water-lily family.

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Brassicaceae - Mustard family. Turkey pea, while abundant outside the park, is found within the boundaries only on the West Entrance road.

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The yellow bells and spring beauties should begin carpeting the valley floor toward the end of June. As the snow melts, the flowers will create stellar photo ops as they settle around the base of the Tetons, she said.

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Looking for forget-me-nots and other delicate yet hardy flowers that bloom at 10, feet? Grand Teton is known for its flowers. People started calling in May, asking about which flowers were blooming, Skaggs said. They thought staff was joking when told there was still snow in the park.

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Including flowering trees, there are more than 1, flower species documented in the park. You can even find an occasional cactus. The ecological recipe — soil, moisture and sunlight — allow a diverse array of flowers to thrive, Nicklas said. The flowers form something like a patchwork quilt.